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Falcon 6 Feet Yellow & Black Snake Catcher Stick, FPSC-66
4.4 (12 Reviews)
By: Falcon
₹1,99514% OFF
Upto Rs. 500 OFF with coupon
  • The Soft Catch-Grip with a Wide Jaw Allows Maximum Grip

  • The Light Weight Makes it & Easy to Use

Falcon FPSC-44 1220mm Snake Catcher
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Falcon
₹1,75014% OFF
Upto Rs. 500 OFF with coupon
  • �Soft Catch-Grips With�Zigzag Wide Jaw Allows to Get Maximum Grip

  • The�Lightweight�Makes it & Easy to Use

Falcon FSRH-136 36 inch Snake Rescue Hook
4.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Falcon
₹39528% OFF
Upto Rs. 500 OFF with coupon
  • Strong & Built to Last

  • Length of 36 Inch

Falcon FSRH-148 48 inch Snake Rescue Hook
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Falcon
₹4951% OFF
Upto Rs. 500 OFF with coupon
  • Soft Grip for Easy Control

  • Designed for Snake Rescue

Vimal 97cm Stainless Steel Reptiles Capture Hook, SH
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Vimal
₹64011% OFF
Upto Rs. 500 OFF with coupon
Mastership 4ft Stainless Steel Snake Catcher
By: Mastership
₹3,75053% OFF
Upto Rs. 500 OFF with coupon
  • Larger, Bolder Spring & Non-slip Rubber Handle for Durable Use

  • Safe & Easy to Use

Gafe 130cm 4.5ft Aluminium Snake Rescue Stick
By: Gafe
Available on Request
Gafe 160TLRC 4.5ft Telescopic Snake Rescue Stick
By: Gafe
Available on Request
Vimal 210cm Snake Catcher, SC 83
By: Vimal
Available on Request
  • The Long Pole Keeps you at a Safer Distance

  • It is Light Weighted & Easy to Use

Vimal 160cm Snake Catcher, SC 63
By: Vimal
Available on Request
  • Soft Catch-Grips do not Hurt the Snake

  • It is Light Weighted & Easy to Use

Gafe NLRCS005 6ft Aluminium Snake Rescue Stick
By: Gafe
Available on Request

Buy Snake Catcher Stick Online and Stay Safe

Snake is one of the most dangerous reptiles on the earth. They can make you dead with their single bite. People in India believe in catching the snake alive and then handing it over to the wildlife authorities at the same time. Moreover, snakes can be caught if practiced properly. We don’t recommend you get involved in this activity until and unless you are a professional.


There are various tools and techniques available to catch a snake but the most common tool is a snake stick. This snake catcher stick is way too helpful in catching a snake and keeping yourself safe at the same time. In case of dangerous snakes, you should always take safety measures before catching the snake and you should use a tool like a snake stick as well. Additionally, At Moglix, we sell high-end, useful, as well as affordable snake catcher sticks from renowned and popular brands like Falcon, Sharpex, etc.


Types of Snake Sticks Available to Buy for Catching Snakes Safely

Normal Snake Stick: A normal snake catcher stick is easily available offline as well as in the online market. These sticks are of fixed size and cannot be extended. They have a hook attached at the end of the stick and the other end has a handle. You can catch a snake easily with the help of this stick. But we never recommend this task to be done by an untrained person.


Telescopic Snake Stick: A telescopic snake stick can extend its size when you want. You just have to pull the stick and it will increase its stick size which will assist you in catching the snake while keeping yourself safe at the same time. In some places, you need longer snake catcher sticks whereas in some places you need a short one, therefore, this one solves both of your problems at once.


Factors to Consider at the Time of Buying a Snake Rescue Stick Online

Length: The length is an important factor as it helps in reaching the snake and catching it easily and being safe as well. Some snake rescue sticks are expandable in length and this makes them much more useful for all types of scenarios.


Material: Material is also an essential factor as it is responsible for the strength of the snake rescue stick. Moreover, these snakes catching tools, including the snake sticks are made with high-quality and heavy materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, etc. for providing them more durability and life.


Brand: A good brand with a good reputation and brand image always provides quality service and gets positive reviews from the customers which makes that particular brand a hit. There are various types, sizes, colours, and models available in the segment of snake sticks at Moglix from different great brands.


Warranty: Warranty is also an important factor to be considered here. Most products on Moglix are available with a warranty. These snake rescue sticks are also available with a warranty at Moglix with great offers as well.


Top Brands Available at Moglix to Pick a Perfect and Useful Snake Rescue Stick

Falcon Snake Catchers: Falcon offers a highly curated product range of professional garden maintenance tools as your garden needs the best of care and maintenance. From snake rescue sticks, lawnmowers, pruning shears, cutters, etc. Falcon has a wholesome collection of garden care equipment to help you in every situation with the right types of tools.


Vimal Snake Catchers: Vimal is a well-known and popular brand in India. Vimal offers quality and utility with its wholesome product range available online at Moglix. Moreover, the company has maintained its performance and service in the last forty years and has provided creatively designed products that are appropriate for houses, offices, and various other places. They also offer a wide range of snake sticks that helps you in catching a snake and keep yourself safe from danger.


Sharpex Snake Catchers: The products from Sharpex are available through reliable and trustworthy distributors throughout the country. At Moglix, we offer a collection of 23+ products from the house of Sharpex. These products include snake-catching tools, snake sticks, etc. These snake rescue sticks help in keeping you and your family safe from unwanted dangers every time.


Gafe Snake Catchers: Gafe products are sold through trustworthy and reliable distributors as well as dealers throughout the nation. We, at Moglix, have 9+ products offered by Gafe that are available at our online store, including snake catcher tools such as snake catcher sticks and more. Moreover, these tools are suitable for personal as well as commercial use in various types of applications in different industries.


Get All Types of Snake Catcher Sticks and Tools at Moglix with Best Prices

Snake catchers are one of the most useful and important tools that we should keep in our homes and Moglix gives plenty of options to choose from various top brands. You can search for the perfect snake rescue stick online according to your need. Moreover, you also get great discounts on bulk bookings. In addition, Moglix has a user-friendly experience on its website that lets you easily search for anything you wish to buy online. Moglix is also one of the best e-commerce businesses in India.

Frequently Asked Questions about Snake Catchers

How do you handle a snake with a snake hook?

When handling snakes, it is recommended that you use gloves and boots. Simply connect the snake slightly forward of the center with a snake hook to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly over the hook and it does not slide off.

What is the most effective tool for catching snakes?

A layman's favored tools are snake tongs, also known as a snake stick, reptile grabber, or snake grabber. This tool is simple to use, and the stick's length will assist in maintaining a safe distance.