An overview of the different uses of fogging machines

Keeping our homes and workplaces disinfected is imperative, especially during the current Covid-19 outbreak. But, cleaning and disinfecting medium to large areas with precision and killing the viruses and germs breeding in concealed places is challenging.

If you only use a spray bottle with disinfectant and a towel, you will most likely miss numerous spots where the coronavirus or other hazardous germs might be living. A sanitizing fogging machine or a portable fogging machine is one of the most effective devices to disinfect medium and large areas.

A fogging machine is a small device that sprays liquid into the air once it has been aerosolized. A ULV fogging machine becomes an effective disinfecting fogger when primed with liquid cleaning. When required, you can also use a fogger as an insect fogger. Fogging machines are characterized by two types, dry fog or wet fog devices.

Wet disinfection fogging machines often use a hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide-based solution for decontamination, while dry fog sanitizing machines employ a hydrogen peroxide-based sterilant/disinfectant. Some devices use a particular hydrogen peroxide-based product. Fogging machines are also utilized in a variety of fields, including medical, environmental, and more. Some of their uses are listed below.

What are the uses of fogging machines?

Fogging machines are extensively used across many sectors where large areas need cleaning and disinfecting. We have listed some of the main uses of fogging machines.

  • Hospitals:

The medical sector has been using disinfection fogging machines to sanitize hospitals and sterilize medical equipment for decades. Hospital fogging machines decontaminate reusable medical equipment as well as clean and disinfect the departed wards and rooms.

Sanitation has long been a vital component in medical facilities, but it has become even more important in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Thereby, sanitizing fogging machines help hospitals in cleaning and safeguarding their personnel and patients from numerous infections. Hospital fogging machines operate fast and are used frequently. The treated equipment and areas can be put back into use almost immediately.

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  • Food industry:

Foggers can be utilized both indoors and outside in many settings in agriculture and the food processing sector when sanitation is critical. The chemical-based thermal fogger machines are especially vital in places like the dairy industry, meat industry, and poultry hatcheries. In addition, fogging machines are particularly important to sanitize high-risk food processing locations that require a high level of cleanliness.

  • Insect control:

Insect management is becoming more of an issue both indoors and outside. We are battling with a broader range of unwelcome organisms today as a result of climate change. To kill these insects, cold fogging machines are used. These are portable fogging machines that use the ULV (ultra-low volume) approach to spray insecticide. The cold fogging machine releases incredibly minute droplets of concentrated insecticide to the point that they may not be visible to the human eye to ensure comprehensive coverage and effective insect control.

Environmental and mold remediators also use foggers to fight and prevent poisonous molds and other hazardous bacteria. It can be used in fields, gardens, lawns, and other places to kill several insects growing on crops, flowers, and grass. Many people use mosquito fogging machines to get rid of the mosquitos, bugs, fleas, and other insects nesting in their homes and surroundings. Mosquito fogging machines are highly effective and keep mosquitoes at bay for an extended length of time. Mosquitoes only die when they come into close contact with the fog while flying.

Other uses of fogging machines:

Fogging devices are available in different varieties, and each kind comprises its own set of technological features. Therefore, each fog machine is used differently. Fog machines are widely utilized in concerts, theatres, and for a variety of industrial applications.

  • Thermal fogging machines are used to humidify greenhouses or other spaces where high humidity is necessary.
  • Foggers are used to deodorize locations such as sewage treatment facilities.
  • Foggers are used to get rid of airborne contaminants in mining and others.
  • Aerosolized foggers are used in warehouses, which have open spaces and contain racks of products to kill bacteria, microbes, and other pathogens.
  • Disinfection fogging machines are employed to cleaning common areas in a big housing complex, flats, and condominiums, which are breeding grounds for viruses.
  • In open public places, such as worship places, disinfectant fogging devices are employed to sanitize a lot of hard-to-clean surfaces, such as pews, benches, and pathways at these places.
  • Fog machines are utilized in theatrical shows to create a distinct sensation or mood, particularly to offer a variety of visible and mid-air laser effects and keep the audience entertained.
  • Fog generators are also useful for creating a particular, magical ambiance in magic shows and performances. The fog helps conceal important elements of the show, helping the magicians with their act.
  • Haze machines are commonly used in music performances to create the appropriate mood or ambiance for musical performance.
  • Many nightclubs and other entertainment venues utilize fog machines to accentuate the effects of laser and lighting systems.
  • Fog machines are used to generate spectacular effects for large-scale productions and even homemade shows.
  • A fog machine is used to provide a creepy element to spooky or mysterious shows.
  • Fog machines are typically utilized to provide a unique atmosphere to a photograph as they make the subjects stand out even more.
  • Industries use fog machines to evaluate HVAC systems for leakage. The leaks are discovered by putting fog into the ducts and observing where the fog escapes.
  • Cleaning businesses employ ultra-low volume fog sanitizing machines for pest control.


Fogging devices have gained popularity in recent days because of the Covid-19 pandemic and are used for various purposes. They can be mobile or stationary, automated or manual, and come in various designs to suit specific purposes.

Fogging devices vary in size depending on the job. Many larger settings nowadays also use centralized, automated systems that are controlled electronically.

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