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Known as the brain of a solar power setup, solar inverters transfer the sun’s energy into a type of power you can use. One Principal function of solar inverter is to convert battery's Direct Current (DC) into pure sine wave alternative Current (AC) to provide optimum power to home appliances. Solar AC power system includes solar panels, charger controllers, solar inverters and, a couple of rechargeable batteries, whereas solar DC power system is excluded in solar inverters. The solar inverter is a power conversion device, which can be filtered into self-excited oscillation inverter and external excited oscillation inverter. Some of the main types of solar inverters are:

Stand-Along Power Inverters: These are designed for isolated solar energy systems that do not connect to a utility grid.

Grid-Tie Power Inverters: These are generally used in linking a home solar energy system with a utility grid; moreover they make use of a battery to store extra energy, which users can sell to the local utility provider.

Dual Power Inverters: These solar power inverters are comprehensive of their features, and offer high level of functionality. They store power in a backup battery, which sends electricity to the inverter when necessary.

Advantages of Solar Inverter and Solar Power


Solar inverters have not always been viably reasonable; however they are an important component in solar energy systems. In recent years, however, the cost of solar panels has declined substantially, and the price tags on solar inverters have steadily tailed. Central and String inverters have always been the most affordable, however rapidly advancing technology means micro inverters and, power optimizers are rapidly catching up in terms of price point.


All solar inverters showcase high efficiency as long as they are developed and installed in the right environment. In general, power optimizers are among the most power-efficient solutions, since they make use of the best features from other types of inverters.

Buy Solar Inverters Online

At Moglix, we have made sure that every solar inverter, which we have stocked, is of high quality and, is compliant of the high standards set by the industry. We have products from the best of the brands, such as, Exide, Microtek, Tracksun and, Su-kam. Ergo, if you looking to buy solar inverters online, do check out what Moglix has to offer.

Solar Inverter - Price Range

Solar InverterMin PriceMax Price
Smarten Solar Inverter₹2254₹93943
Microtek Solar Inverter₹2100₹116070
Luminous Solar Inverter₹636₹152537
utl Solar Inverter₹8050₹22880
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