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Smarten Superb-2500 2500VA 2.5kVA 50A White & Black MPPT Solar PCU Inverter
4.1 (9 Reviews)
By: Smarten
₹26,80044% OFF
  • Grid Charging Enable/Disable Option, LCD Display & Advanced DSP Controller

  • Charging from Mains Up to 90 V

UTL Gamma Plus 1kVA 12V Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter
4.0 (8 Reviews)
By: Utl
₹16,18930% OFF
  • Having It Mode, Dg Mode, Boost Charging Mode, Grid Charge

  • Priority Selection Pcu, Smart & Hybrid

Luminous NXG 1100 850VA Sine Wave Solar Inverter
4.4 (14 Reviews)
By: Luminous
₹10,00022% OFF
  • Intelligent logic control

  • Runs AC and DC appliances

Luminous NXG+1100 700VA Sine Wave Solar Home UPS
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Luminous
₹9,99520% OFF
  • The Main Fuse for Protection Against Excessive Current Thereby Ensuring

  • Sine Wave Output for Safety of Your Sensitive Appliances &

Microtek 2035VA 24V PWM Solar Inverter UPS 2335
4.7 (7 Reviews)
By: Microtek
₹16,99037% OFF
  • Grid Charging Enable /Disable Selection

  • Smart PWM Controlled Multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging

Solar Universe India 240W 300VA Off Grid Solar Inverter
4.4 (8 Reviews)
By: Solar Universe India
₹5,60019% OFF
  • Led Display with Multiple Parameters, Hybrid with Ac/Dc Input, Pure

  • Preference to Solar Power First, Battery Backup Second & Option

UTL Heliac 2550 2200VA 24V PWM Smart Hybrid UPS Solar Inverter
  • Extensive Electronic Protections: It Stops Reverse Current Flow from Battery...

  • Switches: Reset for System ON/OFF, UP, Down, Back, Enter(For LCD

Luminous NXG 1400 700VA Sine Wave Solar Inverter
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Luminous
₹15,50040% OFF
  • Runs Ac & Dc Appliances

  • Up to 800 W PV Module Solar Panel Compatibility

Solar Universe India 850VA 24V Solar Inverter Cum PCU for Off Grid Solar System
By: Solar Universe India
₹10,95022% OFF
  • When Batteries Are Charged to Preset Level the Solar Ups

  • Pure Sine Wave Technology

SUI Solar Inverter cum PCU for Off Grid Solar System 24V 2000VA
By: Solar Universe India
₹24,67552% OFF
  • Preference to Solar Power First, Battery Backup second & Option

  • LCD Display with multiple parameters, Hybrid with AC/DC Input, Pure

Livguard 12V 900VA Pure Sine Wave Solar UPS, LS-OG1150
  • It Also Provide Additional Safety & Protection Over Voltage/Current Protection

  • Built 50A Solar Charge Controller, Which Extracts Maximum Power from...

Microtek 935VA 12V PWM Solar Inverter UPS 1235
By: Microtek
₹9,90032% OFF
  • Dual Charging, Mains Mode & Solar Mode (Solar Panel Upto

  • Auto Reset Feature

UTL Heliac 3000 2200VA 2.2kVA 24V Hybrid Solar Inverter
  • Operating Mode Selection: PCU Mode Priority: Solar Energy → Battery...

  • Extensive Electronic Protections

Livguard 24V 2000VA Pure Sine Wave Solar UPS, LS-OG2250
  • Inbuilt PW Charge Controller Extracts More Power from Solar Po

  • It Also Has Easy to Operate, In-Built Interactive Lcd Display,...

Microtek 1135VA 12V PWM Solar Inverter UPS 1435
By: Microtek
₹11,99031% OFF
  • Grid Charging Enable /Disable Selection

  • Pv Mode On/Off Selection Switch

Enphase ENPIQ7AIND 366W 230 VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Remotely Updates to Respond to Changing Grid Requirements

  • Complies with Advanced Grid Support, Voltage & Frequency Ride-through Requirements

Smarten Shine 2500VA 1680W Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Smarten
₹18,00017% OFF
  • Easy to Use & Install

  • Display Indicator Functions: System On, Mains Status, Overload, Grid Chg.,...

Livguard 24V 1500VA Pure Sine Wave Solar UPS, LS-OG1850
  • Built 50A Highest Rating Solar Charge Controller, which Extracts Maximum...

  • Pure Sine Wave Technology

Microtek Msun 2200VA PWM 2550/24V Solar Inverter
By: Microtek
₹35,00057% OFF
  • For Charging of Battery, Intelligently Give the Priority to Solar

  • Smart Solar Selection for max. utilization of Solar Power

Solar Universe India 60W Solar DC Home Lighting System Set
By: Solar Universe India
₹5,30036% OFF
  • Plug & Play Mode

  • Easy to Use, Carry & Install

UTL Heliac-1650 50A 1500VA PWM Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter with LCD Display
  • Pure Sine Wave Output & Multi-Colour LCD Display

  • Solar Priority Selection for Load & Battery Charging & Compatible

Smarten Shine 2000VA 1480W Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter
  • Its Help the User to Set Puce with Settings as

  • Can Select the Battery Discharge Level & Solar Utilization

SUI Solar Inverter cum PCU for Off Grid Solar System 24V 850VA
By: Solar Universe India
₹10,49924% OFF
  • Solar Panels & Battery Not Included

  • Max Solar Input - 24V-800W , Max Battery Bank -

Enphase ENPIQ7PLUSIND 295W 230 VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Complex Roofs, Shading, No Risk of DC Arc Fault Fires

  • Remotely Updates to Respond to Changing Grid Requirements

Microtek HI-END SMU 18050 18V Hi-End Solar Management Unit with LCD Display, 899-200-I050
  • More Battery Life & Improved Solar System Performance

  • Mosfet Switching System

Smarten Savior 24V 50A Pwm Solar Charge Controller
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Smarten
₹4,00020% OFF
  • Low Battery Cut: 21.0V ± 0.2V

  • Bulk Absorption Voltage: 29.6V ± 0.2V

Microtek SMU4850 Solar UPS, 899-200-4850
By: Microtek
₹11,99037% OFF
  • Automatically Recognizes Day & Night

  • Its Inclusive Electronic Protection Prevents Damages Against Incorrect Wiring or

Solar Universe India 400W 12V MPPT Battery Less Solar Inverter
By: Solar Universe India
₹37,30043% OFF
  • Best Suited for Off Grid Usage : Trekking & Camping

  • MPs & Microprocessor Based : Digitally Controlled : Copper Transformer...

Solar Universe India 650VA Solar Inverter & 2 Pcs 335W Polycrystalline Solar Panel Combo
By: Solar Universe India
₹84,49950% OFF
  • PWM Inverter Technology

Solar Universe India 850VA Solar Inverter & 2 Pcs 410W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Combo
By: Solar Universe India
₹106,99949% OFF
  • PWM Inverter Technology

Solar Universe India 400VA Off Grid Solar Inverter with AC220V & DC12V Input
By: Solar Universe India
₹6,95045% OFF
  • Multiple Parameters, Hybrid with AC/DC Input, Pure Sinewave & Inbuilt

  • Renewable Energy

Luminous LPTT12165H 165Ah Solar Battery
By: Luminous
₹23,6009% OFF
  • Next generation tall tubular battery with better charge acceptance and

  • Very Low Maintenance, Long Design Life & High Temperature Performance

Solar Universe India 2000VA Solar Inverter & 6 Pcs 335W Polycrystalline Solar Panel Combo
By: Solar Universe India
₹199,99947% OFF
  • PWM Inverter Technology

Solar Universe India 1500VA Solar Inverter & 4 Pcs 410W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Combo
By: Solar Universe India
₹171,49948% OFF
  • PWM Inverter Technology

Solar Universe India 100VA Off Grid Solar Inverter
By: Solar Universe India
₹4,30033% OFF
  • When Batteries Are Charged to Preset Level the Solar Inverter

  • Ac Loads of Up to 80W Such as Table Fans,

Solar Universe India 3000VA Solar Inverter & 8 Pcs 390W Monocrystalline Solar Panel Combo
By: Solar Universe India
₹329,99943% OFF
  • PWM Inverter Technology

Smarten Saver 3500VA 48V DC Solar PCU with LCD Screen
By: Smarten
₹34,00015% OFF
  • Smart Solar Optimization Usage Settings

  • Solar Panel Capacity: Upto 500W

Luminous LPTT12135H 135Ah Solar Battery
By: Luminous
₹20,60012% OFF
  • Efficient Battery with Higher Ah Efficiency

  • Longer Life Without Discharge

Solar Universe India 200W 12V High Load Off Grid Solar Inverter with AC/DC Input
By: Solar Universe India
₹6,27538% OFF
  • Modified Sine-Wave with Inbuilt PWM Based Solar Charge Controller &

  • Multiple Parameters, Hybrid with AC/DC Input, Modified Sinewave & Inbuilt

Related Solar Inverter Article

Purchase Top-quality Solar Inverters at Affordable  Prices

People are switching to cleaner, more sustainable energy as they become more aware of how detrimental conventional energy sources are. One such innovative solution that has gained popularity among people is solar energy. The main part of the system, solar panels, may be seen on the roofs of homes and businesses. It is also known that a solar inverter is equivalent to a computer system's CPU in terms of value.


In any solar energy system, inverters are essential components.  All power plants require inverters, whether 5-MW commercial or 2-kW household systems. A solar inverter converts DC into AC. Since all industrial appliances operate on alternating current, solar inverters are considered the link between the Photovoltaic system and the energy off-taker or loads/appliances. Given the rising cost of electricity and the benefits of energy conservation, it is very popular now. 


Different Types of Solar Inverters

On-Grid Solar Inverter: Grid-tie or grid-connected inverters, sometimes referred to as on-grid solar inverters, are typically used with on-grid solar systems. Through a bi-directional meter, this inverter automatically feeds extra electricity produced by the solar system into the utility grid. The term "net-metering" refers to the complete export/import procedure. In case of a power loss, on-grid inverters also offer Anti Islanding safety feature, which can turn off the solar energy system. Users won't have access to electricity during a power outage because this system lacks a rechargeable battery. The on-grid inverter is the best solar inverter for home and commercial use in urban and industrial locations with high energy bills.


Off-Grid Solar Inverter: An off-grid solar system uses a device called an off-grid solar inverter, sometimes referred to as a stand-alone inverter or solar battery inverter. This inverter runs independently of the electrical grid and cannot supply power. It is not equipped to access electricity from the grid. If an off-grid solar inverter is incorporated into a solar system's architecture, the panels are often attached to a solar battery linked to the off-grid inverter.


Hybrid Solar Inverter: Integrating on-grid and off-grid inverters is known as a hybrid inverter. It will power your house, charge the solar battery, and feed any extra power back onto the grid. A hybrid inverter can utilise net metering and feed extra electricity to the grid. These modern inverters are all-in-one and very adaptable. A hybrid solar inverter can be employed in both locations with frequent power outages and those with infrequent or very few outages.


Factors to be Considered Before Purchasing Solar Inverters

Inverter Type: The type of solar system you want to install should be your priority when buying a solar inverter. You will need a grid-tie solar inverter if you own a grid-tie or on-grid PV system. Similarly, you will require an off-grid inverter with off-grid solar panels. However, hybrid solar panels will require a hybrid inverter. This is crucial since different solar inverters have different designs, and using one instead of the other could harm the solar (PV) system. 


Safety certification: Like any other device, solar inverters must also have their level of safety evaluated. Before buying and using the solar inverter, you must confirm that it has received safety certification from a reputable independent testing facility.


Power & Load Requirements: Power and load needs should be considered when purchasing a solar inverter. This depends on how many devices you intend to connect with the backup power, such as tvs, coolers, household appliances, and printers. The more devices you can operate, the higher the load-carrying capability (measured in Volt Ampere, or VA) of a solar inverter. But this will also have an impact on the inverter's cost.


Battery: The price of a solar inverter is largely influenced by the battery, which is its primary component. Additionally, because the battery determines how long your solar inverter operates, you must choose the battery carefully.


Solar Inverter’s Technology:  Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT) are two common technologies used in India when designing solar inverters. Therefore, before selecting either technology, evaluate each of the alternatives properly.


Top Brands Selling Solar Inverters

Microtek: Leading solar inverter maker Microtek is featured at the top of the rank list. They offer different single-phase and three-phase solar inverters options with variable capacities. Microtek also features power optimiser technology with its DC-AC inverter. It can adjust voltage and independently optimise electricity. These Microtek solar inverters for homes are more cost-effective than other types of inverters, have consistent energy sources, are simple to set up, and are convenient to use. Besides solar inverters, Microtek also sells solar stabilisers, UPS, solar batteries and solar controllers.

Luminous: Luminous, one of the pioneers in the solar industry, is well-known worldwide for its string inverters. Luminous solar inverters are compact, stylish, and effective. Luminous solar inverters are among the highest-quality inverters on the market and are renowned for their dependability. The local service and support provided by Luminous Solar are excellent. Along with the inverter lineup, there are also different solar batteries and inverter trolleys.

Smarten: Smarten is the top producer of grid solar inverters. Smarten inverters have been on the list of top inverters for many years because of their unique design. Both household and commercial Smarten solar inverters are offered on the Indian market. They are renowned for their inverter research and development. Their highly functioning solar inverters work well with all solar power systems and panels of all sizes.

Statcon: Statcon is the top manufacturer of solar inverters in India because their inverters are simple to adapt to local conditions. The inverters made by Delta are highly efficient, have a lengthy lifespan, and are very simple to install, maintain, and keep track o.  Modern high-frequency topology and MPPT-equipped inverters are available from Delta. It consists of a series of on-grid and off-grid solar inverters for commercial and high-end projects. 

Shop the Best Solar Inverters from Moglix!

Purchasing a whole solar system or just a solar inverter is a significant and long-term investment, so you should be well knowledgeable about both their general operation and the features they provide.  Moglix offers the best quality solar inverters from top brands at reasonable prices. You can choose various solar inverters for your work need. By offering solar inverters from the most well-known manufacturers, Moglix makes things very simple for you right now and whenever you need them. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Inverter

Can a solar inverter produce AC current?

In a solar energy system, an inverter is one of the most crucial components. It's a gadget that transforms direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity used by the electrical grid.

Do solar inverters store electricity?

No, there is no power or energy stored in the solar inverter. When it's not in use, it gets its energy from a storage battery. Which is now one of the most cost-effective systems on the market.

How can I charge my solar inverter without electricity?

Solar conversion kits are the answer if you already have an inverter and are looking for a way to charge an inverter battery without using power. With the addition of a solar panel, you may turn your existing system into a hybrid for a little cost.