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Solar Water Heaters – A New Approach towards Water Heating

Water heaters have been around since quite a long time across different nations. Initially, water heaters were perceived to be luxury products, however, presently, water heaters account for the largest segment of household essentials, after space heating and, cooling. The higher power consumption of water heaters was not only exerting pressure on power companies, as they sucked in most of the bands of power, and caused the power systems to trip abruptly, they even led to the soaring of electricity prices and, bills. Moreover, conventional forms of water heating processes, such as geysers and, boilers, turn out to be damaging to the environment, as they emit greenhouse gases.

On pretext of these problems, there was an elevated need of an alternative technology, in order to combat all of these problems at a single strike! Therefore, one such technology is solar water heating; which simply uses solar power to heat water.

Solar Water Heaters – Synonym to Power Efficiency

Solar water heaters is a form of renewable technology which is now proactively put to use as an alternative to conventional water heaters such as electric geysers and, fuel-fed boilers. This new technology makes use of sunlight as an energy source; Solar Water Heaters drastically reduces dependence on conventional water heating sources such as wood and many other fossil fuels. Furthermore, solar water heaters can provide financial benefits in addition to atmospheric sustainability. It reduces the carbon footprint and, is proven to cut down on electricity bill since the fuel cost is free sunlight.

Choose from Different Brands of Solar Powered Water Heaters

In our quest to build an energy friendly, sustainable environment, we have entered into tie-ups with leading brands like ORB, Tracksun, and V-Guard, Shiv power and, Stellar. Our website has a vast collection of solar power heaters of the latest designs and styles. So, to enhance the quality of your water heating solutions, try the latest range of solar power heaters offered by Moglix.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Water Heaters

Is solar water heater better than electric?

You will save money and energy for the rest of your life if you make the one-time investment in a solar water heater. So purchasing a solar water heater will be the wisest move. In many aspects, a solar water heater is more energy-efficient than an electric water heater.

Does solar hot water work in winter?

Yes, solar hot water systems are designed to withstand tough winter conditions, regardless of where you reside in a region where temperatures regularly go below zero.

Solar Water Heaters - Price Range

Solar Water HeatersMin PriceMax Price
V-Guard Solar Water Heaters₹22149₹87476
Shiv Power Solar Water Heaters₹20189₹49082
ORB Solar Water Heaters₹19824₹43470
This data was last updated on 11/26/22.