Popular Solar Inverter Brands in India for Uninterrupted Flow of Power

A solar Inverter is an electrical converter that changes a solar panel's uneven direct current output into an alternating current. Direct current flows in one direction across the circuit and provides current in the event of a power outage or lack of electricity. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which can be used for business and household purposes.Solar panels are made up of crystalline silicon semiconductor layers on which the sun's rays fall and are turned into solar energy. Sun rays strike photovoltaic cells absorbed by the upper layer, which transfers the energy to the lower layer, generating electricity by moving electrons between the positive and negative layers.There are numerous brands of solar inverters on the market that offer good technology and high quality.Among them are:

Luminous Solar Inverters:

Luminous Power Technologies is a strong and reputable brand that offers a diverse range of innovative products in the power backup, home electrical, and residential solar space, including inverters, batteries, and solar solutions, as well as home electrical offerings like fans, modular switches, and LED lighting.

Luminous is one of India's oldest inverter companies, having been founded in 1988 and now being the industry leader in inverters. It produces inverters ranging from 750 VA to 50 kW. Off grids are most popular, but generally, they use grid-tied inverters on the rooftop of the home or business hubs. PWM-based inverters are low in efficiency and even low in price, which can run 3-4 fans, 8-10 lights, 1-2 Televisions, 1 Refrigerator day and night. MPPT Based inverters are used when the purpose of investment in solar is to save electricity bills, and they hold an efficiency of up to 95%. The price of Luminous Solar Inverter ranges between INR 6- INR 12 per watt in India.

When it comes to warranty and certification, Luminous provides 5 years on Off Grid Solar Inverter, On-Site Warranty within 24 hrs. And Offsite Solar Inverter Warranty is 3 years. As the brand is popular all over India, you can buy Luminous Solar Inverters from anywhere in India, and for that, you will be charged an extra 5% transportation cost and product cost 5% GST. Customer care numbers are provided for any after-sales service required by the customer. As it is an electronic gadget, they send their technicians for any repairs needed by the customer.


  • Solar Panels can be connected with Luminous Solar Inverter up to 400 watts (12v).
  • They are best in charging which requires less time having a 15 amp charge current.
  • Luminous Solar Inverters have both direct current output and alternate current output.
  • They give priority to getting charged from solar power, which saves 30% of electricity bills.
  • They save the power of the battery and no-load shutdown at 165 milliamps current.
  • They give an option to select the switch as per your need, like a Normal flat plate battery, a Tabular battery, and a local battery.
  • Luminous Solar Inverters are Pure Sine Wave Output which is safe for electronic devices like LCD, LED, Computer, Mobile chargers, and many more.