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Pulse Oximeters

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Buy Pulse Oximeter Online

A pulse oximeter is widely used in the medical field that helps in measuring the heart rate and the oxygen level in the blood, which is expressed as the percent of oxygen saturation. The mechanism of a pulse oximeter is rather intriguing, as they operate by shining light through the skin to the blood vessels below. These devices are used daily in reputed healthcare facilities and are also available as over the counter devices. Even decoding its readings is as easy as its mechanism, to identify high oxygen saturation – close to 100% -- indicates that the RBC is filled to the brim with oxygen from the lungs, this ultimately signifies that the person has an optimum level of oxygen in his/her body, and is fit.

Who Should Use a Pulse Oximeter?

Pulse oximeter returns the best value when used medically by patients, suffering from asthma, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic obstructive airway diseases, and other respiratory diseases. Using a fingertip oximeter, won’t suffice, to run a comprehensive examination, they should seriously get their spO2 levels checked.

These pulse oxygen meters can be used to:

  • Asses the lung medication

  • Evaluate the breathing level of a patient

  • Evaluate how helpful a ventilator is

  • Monitor oxygen levels during or after surgical procedures

  • Determine the effectiveness of the supplemental oxygen

Various Kinds of Pulse Oximeters Online

While searching the online catalog at our portal, you’ll see that we have stocked various kinds of pulse oximeters, from fingerprint oximeters to handheld oximeters; you’ll find everything that can cure your ailments. Moreover, you’ll find a bunch of other diagnostic instruments, such as BP Monitors, Thermometers, Glucometers, and Respiratory Care Products. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Find the best diagnostic instruments online, and secure complete peace of mind.

Best Brand of Pulse Oximeter Available at Moglix

BPL: Pulse oximeters measure oxygen saturation. So, for this job, buy the best pulse oximeter from BPL. Their devices are one of the most reliable devices and also last longer.

Dr. Morepen offers a wide range of medical supplies. Their pediatric pulse oximeters are the perfect pick for doctors.

Hemaki pulse oximeters are the best option to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood. Find the best one from this brand.

ChoiceMMed offers a wide range of medical supplies. You can find the best pulse oximeters from ChoiceMMed. Get the best deals on these devices at Moglix.

Why Buy Pediatric Pulse Oximeters from Moglix?

Moglix offers a vast range of medical supplies. So, if you are planning to buy pulse oxygen meter online, browse through our website, and get the best deals on these products.

Along with pulse oximeter, you can also buy thermometers, glucometers, stethoscopes, electrotherapy products, heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, respiratory care products, and more at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pulse Oximeters

How does a fingertip oximeter work?

Small beams of light are made to pass through the finger. Some light is absorbed by the blood in the finger which gives the measurement of the level of oxygen in body. It does so by measuring changes of light absorption in oxygenated or deoxygenated blood. Thus, a pulse oximeter tells about oxygen saturation level in the body along with a person's heart rate.

How accurate are pulse oximeter devices?

A pulse oximeter provides reasonably accurate level of oxygen in the human body. Most oximeters give a reading of 2% over or under the saturation point if obtained by an arterial blood gas. For example, if your oxygen saturation reads 92% on the pulse oximeter, it may be actually anywhere from 90 to 94%.

How pulse oximeter can help Covid patients?

With an oximeter, COVID19 patients can be identified in time and provided hospital care before their oxygen level plummet to dangerously low levels.

Which finger do you use for pulse oximeter?

Preferably index finger should be used to check oxygen level in a pulse oximeter.

What is the best finger pulse oximeter?

BPL Oximeter is one of the most popular options in the market because of its compact design and accurate results. Besides using at home, it can even be used for clinical purposes and is suitable for both adults and children.

Pulse Oximeters - Price Range

Pulse OximetersMin PriceMax Price
ChoiceMMed Pulse Oximeters₹1818₹28113
BPL Pulse Oximeters₹1522₹4541
Electrum Pulse Oximeters₹293₹24552
Accusure Pulse Oximeters₹1332₹2275
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