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AccuSure Fetal Doppler for Doctors & Mothers Fetal Heart Rate Monitor with USB Charging & LCD Display
  • The Fetal Doppler Can be Used Above 16 Weeks of

  • The Probe Must be Contact with your Skin Via Using...

K-Life FD-101 White Heartbeat Rate Detection Monitor with In-Built Speaker Fetal Doppler
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: K-life
₹4,99960% OFF
  • Highly Sensitive Ultrasound Probe 2.5 MHz for Clear Sound, Built-In...

  • Device Brings You a Clear Sound of Your Baby's Heartbeat,...

BPL FD-01 White Ultrasound Foetal Doppler
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Bpl
₹8,10042% OFF
  • Low Battery Indication & Auto Shut Down Feature

  • 3 MHz High Sensitive Ultrasound Probe & Built in Loud

Paxmax Fetal Doppler Heart Rate Monitor, GTL4
By: Paxmax
₹2,49939% OFF
  • Fetal Doppler is a Hand-held Ultrasound Device That Uses Sound

  • Clear Sound, Built-in Speaker, Waterproof Probe, Dual Listening Mode, Radiation-free

Moglix Insights

Top 2 price range of Heart Rate Monitors

69% of users prefer Heart Rate Monitors in price range of ₹2000-₹3000

31% of users prefer Heart Rate Monitors in price range of ₹1000-₹2000

Moglix Insights

Top 3 brands of Heart Rate Monitors

69% of users prefer Heart Rate Monitors of Accusure brand

30% of users prefer Heart Rate Monitors of K-Life brand

1% of users prefer Heart Rate Monitors of other brands

Dr Odin AD51B TFT Display Fetal Doppler
By: Dr Odin
₹6,99955% OFF
  • FHR Detection, Automatic Shutdown Feature & Variable Volume Control

  • Average Heart Rate of An Unborn Baby is Approximately 102-160

ChoiceMMed MD100E Handheld ECG Monitor
By: Choicemmed
Available on Request
  • Small, Portable & Easy to Operate

  • Dual Measuring Modes

ChoiceMMed MD100B1 Handheld ECG Monitor
By: Choicemmed
Available on Request
  • Completely Cable & Electrode Free

  • Self-Evaluation Based on Detection

BPL First Beats White Foetal Doppler Heart Beat Monitor 
  • Double Socket Design for Listening & Recording Conveniently

  • 3 MHz High Sensitive Ultrasound Probe

BPL Cardiart 6208 Viewplus 3 Channel ECG Machine
  • Inbuilt Battery Back-Up & 12 Lead Simultaneous Acquisition

Nareena NLS-ECG600 6 Channel ECG Machine
By: Nareena
Available on Request
  • Built in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

  • Easy & Direct Operation

OSRMedPlus Plastic White Fetal Doppler with USB, FD-02
By: Osrmedplus
Available on Request
Nareena 3 Channel Touch Screen ECG Machine
By: Nareena
Available on Request
  • Built in Rechargeable Lion Battery

  • Support USB Flash Disk & SD Memory

Olex White Fetal Doppler for Parental Baby Heartbeat Sound Monitor
  • Waterproof Interchangeable Sample & Automatic Shutdown Without Operation After 1

  • Built-In Speaker Provides a Loud, Clear Voice & Large TFT

BPL Cardiart 108T Digi Single Channel ECG Machine
  • Enables Easy Selection of Leads & Notifies if One of

  • Real Time High Fidelity Thermal Array Recording Enables the User

BPL FD-02 Ultrasound Foetal Doppler
By: Bpl
Available on Request
  • Compact & Portable Design

  • 2.5 MHz Highly Sensitive Ultrasound Probe for Accurate Detection of...

Surgihub 800x600cm ECG Machine, 11080
By: Surgihub
Available on Request
OSRMedPlus Prenatal Plastic White Fetal Doppler with Baby Sound Heart Rate Monitor, FD-01
Smart Care FD01 White Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor
By: Smart Care
Available on Request
  • Elegant & Compact Design for Easy Use

  • High Sensitivity Wide Beam Probe for Optimum Performance from Early

BPL FD-01 Ultrasound Foetal Doppler
By: Bpl
Available on Request
  • Low Battery Indication & Auto Shut Down Feature Saves Battery

  • Audio Headphone Jack, Built-In Loud Speaker for Quality Foetal Heart...

BPL 9713N Interchangeable Handheld Fetal Doppler
  • Assures Accurate FHR Detection with Clear Sound

  • Light Weight & Portable

ChoiceMMed MD800C5 Fetal Doppler
By: Choicemmed
Available on Request
  • Power off Automatically

  • Compact Design & Easy Operation

BPL Cardiart GenX3 4.3 inch Colour TFT 3 Channel ECG Machine
  • Glasgow ECG Interpretation Algorithm

  • Full Disclosure View of ECG Analysis on Display

Gibson Fd-1001 White Fetal Doppler
By: Gibson
Available on Request
  • Fetal Heart Rate Value Configuration

  • Detection With Clear Sound

Smart Care TM-600C Fetal Doppler
By: Smart Care
Available on Request
  • Low Ultrasound Output Dosage for Ultimate Safety

  • Elegant & Compact Design for Easy Use

BPL 9714 Interchangeable Handheld Fetal Doppler
  • Light Weight & Portable

  • 2.5 MHz Waterproof Probe

ChoiceMMed MD800C5 Probe Fetal Doppler
By: Choicemmed
Available on Request
  • Compact design & Easy Operation

  • Power off Automatically

Nareena 8 inch 12 Channel TFT Display ECG Machine
By: Nareena
Available on Request
  • Multiple Switchable interface Language

  • Convenient & Quick Button Setup

Bionet Cardio Care ECG2000 60W Heart Rate Monitors Machine
  • Conformity: Ce, Csa, Fda, Kfda, Sfda & Ccc

Measure the Vitality of your Heart with Heart Rate Monitors

A Heart Rate Monitor is a device that measures and displays a person's heart rate in real time. It is used in medical applications that involve assisting doctors in diagnosing and monitoring heart issues. These sensors accurately detect electrical signals generated by heart contractions and interpret them into heartbeats per minute data. This information provides vital insights into cardiovascular health and makes individuals aware about their overall health. Moglix presents an extensive selection of heart rate monitors, including the Fetal Doppler, Patient Monitor, Handheld ECG Monitor, ECG Machine, and Single Channel ECG Machine. These offerings come from well-known brands like Schiller, Accusure, Bionet, Paxmax, and Naarena.


Discovering the variants of Heart Rate Sensors

Fetal Doppler:

  • The Fetal Doppler is designed to detect and amplify the sound of an unborn baby’s heartbeat through ultrasound technology.
  • It is radiation free, has an LCD display and comes with a micro USB cable.
  • It should make contact with your skin by applying gel, oil, or water as a medium.


Patient Monitor:

  • The Patient Monitor displays up to 7 distinct waveforms on its screen.
  • It has the capability to exhibit 6-lead ECG waveforms on a single screen.
  • It provides a trend feature spanning 168 hours, capturing data for NIBP, SpO2, HR, ST, and other data records.


Handheld ECG Monitor:

  • The Handheld ECG Monitor stands out for its compact size, portability, and user-friendly operation.
  • It is completely cable and electrode-free.
  • It offers selectable auto power-off time feature.


ECG Machine:

  • The ECG Machine offers portability and has a sleep mode.
  • It has the capability to choose from 7 levels of printing thickness.
  • It is compatible with USB flash disks and SD memory cards.


Single Channel ECG Machine:

  • The Single Channel ECG Machine offers built-in rechargeable battery.
  • It facilitates the acquisition of accurate and high-quality recordings with its real-time high-fidelity thermal array recording capability.
  • It provides alerts if any of the leads are improperly positioned and has a user friendly design.


Key Characteristics for selecting an ideal Heart Rate Monitor

Accuracy: Select a monitor with a reliable heart rate tracking to ensure accurate data for better health management.

Comfort: Choose a sensor that is comfortable and fits your space well. Regular tracking requires a better monitor.

User-Friendly Design: A clean and simple display makes it easier to read and interpret your heart rate data.

Price: Consider your budget as well as the monitor's features to guarantee you're acquiring good value for your money.

Durability: The sensor should be strong enough to withstand potential impacts while functioning.


Sync in with the rhythm of your heart through Reliable Brands

Schiller Heart Rate Monitors:

  • Schiller Heart Rate Monitors is engaged in the manufacturing of ECG machines.
  • Their monitors stand out for their detailed measurement and interpretation software.
  • These monitors incorporate a hook-up adviser featuring color-coded waveforms and an anatomical model.


Accusure Heart Rate Monitors:

  • Accusure Heart Rate Monitors produces Fetal Doppler that helps in hearing the heartbeat of unborn babies.
  • They come with an LCD display and USB charging port.
  • They provide FHR detection, automatic shutdown, and variable volume control.


Bionet Heart Rate Monitors:

  • Bionet Heart Rate Monitors manufactures Fetal Dopplers, Patient Monitors and Handheld ECG machines.
  • Their monitors have dual measuring mode and auto power off feature.
  • Their sensors have a user friendly design and hassle free operation.


Paxmax Heart Rate Monitors:

  • Paxmax Heart Rate Monitors feature a socket for earphones, enabling private listening, or the capability to export audio signals to computers or other audio devices.
  • They are designed with features like clear sound output, a built-in speaker, a waterproof probe, a radiation-free probe, and FHR calculating location.
  • They offer a LCD display and a dual listening mode.


Naarena Heart Rate Monitors:

  • Naarena Heart Rate Monitors offer easy and direct operation with four working modes.
  • They feature advanced freeze function, accurate pace pulse identification and automatic analysis function.
  • They are portable and incorporate built-in rechargeable li-ion batteries.


Explore an array of Heartbeat Sensors on Moglix at Best Price

Heart rate monitors serve as vital devices for monitoring and maintaining cardiac wellness. These gadgets efficiently track and show heart rates, providing important information about health. Moglix carries a large range of Heart Rate Monitors from reputable firms such as Schiller, Accusure, Bionet, Paxmax, and Naarena, including fetal dopplers, patient monitors, handheld ECG monitors, ECG machines, and single-channel ECG machines. These monitors provide multiple features, including precise recording, user-friendly interfaces, and advanced detection capabilities. Find these reliable Heart Rate Monitors at the best prices on Moglix.


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