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Diagnostic Instruments

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Buy Medical Diagnostic Instruments Online!

To stay in perfect shape, it is essential to have a proper checkup of one’s body. Diagnostic instruments play a major role in ensuring the accurate checkup of people’s pulse, blood pressure etc. Aware of the significance of medical diagnostic instruments in hospitals and homes, Moglix presents an exciting collection of devices that come with an exciting range of features.

These medical equipments have been sourced after a considerable amount of research to meet up with the expectations of buyers. From thermometers to respiratory care products, there are ample options for buyers to choose from. Therefore, you can rely on these medical diagnostic kits to stay healthy throughout the year.

All-Inclusive Kit of Medical Diagnostic Equipment

Health is wealth. But due to age and lifestyle related problems, people often find it tough to maintain a perfect balance in their day to day life. To ensure that they can perform check-ups on their own, Moglix has come up with a vast collection of clinical diagnostic equipment which forms a part and parcel of its diagnostic instruments. These medical equipments are highly versatile and can help users perform check-ups on their own while sitting at home without having to visit clinics.

These diagnostic tools are equipped with ultramodern features and have long term durability which makes them ideal for usage in checking blood pressure, pulse, glucose levels. The medical diagnostic instruments offered by us come from brands like Accu-Check, Dr. Morepen, ChoiceMMed, AND, Omron and Healthgenie. Ensure accurate health-checkups at home using medical diagnostic instruments.

Keeps Your Blood Pressure Under Complete Control Using the Latest Blood Pressure Monitors?

Blood pressure measurement for diabetics, heart patients and the elderly since a high blood can lead to problems in the future. If blood pressure monitors are high, it pulls extra strain on your arteries and heart. The BP monitor machine models which are available as a part of our collection are ideal for measuring blood pressure as well as pulse levels. These BP monitors are equipped with a high accuracy, digital quality, reliability and credibility.

Automatic off feature in the BP monitor enables the users to handle them smoothly. Moreover, they get an accurate diagnosis virtually at any time. These BP monitors also have a large sized LCD screen. The results appear in an hourly, minute, daily and monthly basis. It has a compact size and accuracy and ensures zero digital errors.

These BP monitors have a good storage capacity and an irregular heartbeat indicator as well. This indicator blinks once an alert is noticed. They also help diagnose the abnormal functions like hypertension followed by heart. The digital monitors are highly user friendly and easy to maintain. They are highly portable and come with cuff fit arms.

Keep a Track of Oxygen Levels with Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oximeters are highly useful for verification of oxygen & pulse levels for health problems such as asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Congestive Heart Failure(CHF). People with the issues mentioned above require substantial amount of level when they are active. Our pulse oximeters available online are of high durability and are available with a coded strip. They are suitable for collecting venous, arterial, neonatal, capillary and venous samples.

These pulse oximeters offer faultless readings of blood tests across all parts of the human body including forearms, arms, thighs and multi-site fingers. The pulse oximeter price has been kept within a wide range to fit into the budget of both home based users as well as doctors. Therefore, they can be bought without burning a hole in the pocket.

The Latest Models of Glucometers to Measure Blood Sugar Level

Glucometersare small, computerized medical equipment which are widely used for measuring blood sugar levels. These devices have no water resistance and have an accurate weight which makes them easy to handle. They have no digital display and are easy to use. These glucose meters come with strips for blood glucose monitoring systems.

Some of these models are highly effective for performing glucose tests on forearms, arms, thighs, site-fingers and multiple site-fingers. They come with a coded strip and can handle a wide range of sample types such as neo natal, venous, capillary and arterial. They require only a minute drop of blood, are easy to operate and are easy to handle.

Detect Internal Sounds with Accuracy Using Stethoscopes

Stethoscopes are one of the most common medical devices that are used by doctors to listen to the internal sounds within the patient’s human body. The latest models that we have on offer provide a quick, hassle free to locate such noises. Created from premium quality of surgical grade PVC and rubber parts, it offers enhanced sound definition. The aluminium alloy needle helps in detecting the precise location of specific noises.

The Littman stethoscopes available online as a part of our category offer a better audibility for high-frequency sounds to users. They are highly effective in detecting heart and lung sounds while examining patients and will help you test your progress.

Measure Temperatures Proficiently Using Thermometers

A thermometer is commonly used for measuring the body temperature of people. Aware of the importance of thermometers in the day to day lives of common people, we have sourced the latest range of thermometers. These devices have a quick response time and come with a display hold time range and LCD backlit display. The digital thermometer price has been kept within a reasonable range and therefore can be availed by anybody without facing a cash crunch.

The right selection of diagnostic instruments can help in detection and treatment of a wide range of health issues with proficiency. To ensure proper care and be in perfect shape, select from the newest range of diagnostic tools offered by Moglix.

Diagnostic Instruments - Price Range

Diagnostic InstrumentsMin PriceMax Price
Pulse Oximeters₹329₹29519
Electrotherapy Products₹672₹1670880
Heart Rate Monitors₹1519₹370000
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