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Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

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Blood Pressure Monitors to Keep Check on Your Blood Pressure

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure level is essential for long-term health. Long-term high blood pressure can harm your body's small veins, as well as cause your heart to thicken and stiffen. Checking your blood pressure can assist you and your doctor in determining whether you require medication or whether your current meds are effective. As a result, using a personal blood pressure monitor is always a good idea.

The Sphygmomanometer or Blood Pressure Monitor is a device that is calibrated to measure blood pressure. It consists of:

  • --> An inflated Cuff is to be wrapped around the arm, at a vertical height at the same level as the heart, to restrict blood flow when wrapped around the arm.

  • --> A mercury or mechanical manometer is characterized by a vertical glass column carrying mercury or a gauge.

  • --> To inflate the Cuff, a Rubber Ball is linked to it via a pipe.

Need For The BP Machine at Home

If any of the following apply to you, a BP monitor may be beneficial:

  • --> When you require more frequent monitoring than a few visits to the doctor can provide. Specially the aged.

  • --> If you're expecting a child.

  • --> If you have diabetes.

  • --> If you've had some high blood pressure readings at the doctor's office, but you're not sure if you actually have it. If you have white-coat hypertension, which means your blood pressure rises whenever you're in a medical setting, this could be a problem.

  • --> If you've begun taking blood pressure medicine and want to make sure it's working.

  • --> If anyone has a heart problem, regular monitoring will be needed.

  • --> Even if your blood pressure is normal, it's never a bad idea to check it from time to time.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Digital BP Apparatus

When determining which blood pressure monitors to include, we took into account the following factors:

Location: Since blood pressure trackers that measure blood pressure in the upper arm are thought to be the most accurate, we limited our recommendations to those that measure blood pressure in the upper arm.

Characteristics: Additional forms of data collection, data storage and transfer via apps, and other technological advancements all help a blood pressure monitor stand out from the crowd! Memory is a data storage feature that can be used with single or multiple interfaces. The data from the connected and App-based monitors can be emailed to your doctors, and data in charts and graphs can also be shared.

Accuracy: When it comes to your health information, accuracy is critical. Thus you need to include only monitors with a good track record.

Customer feedback: The opinion of a blood pressure monitoring device can only be known by someone who has purchased and used one. That's why you must check the real users' accounts of their experiences will help you make a decision easily.

Adjustable inflation level: The Cuff is inflated to a level that may be uncomfortable for some people in any automatic monitor. The inclusion of a flexible inflation key, which allows programming, can help to decrease excess pressure.

Mains power adapter: Most digital monitors are battery-powered. However, a select handful has the option of running on the mains. Portability: If you're often on the go or travel frequently, a portable alternative can be a suitable fit for you.

Ease of usage: The device should be easy to use and understand. For instance, the control buttons should be large while the monitor's display should be readable.

Cost and warranty: Do not spend a significant amount on buying a blood pressure monitor to get great value. You can get an excellent and accurate one at low prices. Also, do check if your medical insurance covers gadgets like digital BP apparatus. To safeguard your investment in these devices, look for a warranty.

Storing previous readings: Many digital blood pressure monitors these days include the capability of storing readings from numerous users. If you have more than one individual in your house who suffers from hypertension, this option can be beneficial. You can also discuss your findings with your doctor or a health professional to determine what foods and lifestyle choices are best for you.

Heartbeat detector: Choose a device that identifies both irregularities in your heartbeat as well as monitoring your blood pressure. You can keep an eye on prospective problems and health hazards this way.

Clinically tested and approved: Check if the blood pressure monitor has been clinically approved for accuracy; otherwise, the results may not always be reliable.

Portability: If you are someone who's usually on the road or travels a lot, a portable alternative might be a good fit for you. Unless you are willing to deal with the inconveniences of carrying a larger model, it's best to go with a wrist-mounted one in this situation.

Types of BP Check Machines And their Functions

Manual: Includes an inflatable Cuff, a Mercury-filled vertical jar, and an air-inflating rubber ball that uses the auscultation concept. The air pressure in the inflated Cuff is gradually released, and palpitating noises can be heard using a stethoscope. The mercury in the tube lowers when air pressure is released, and values for SBP and DBP are taken. Even in high-risk patients, trained medical practitioners use them with precision. "Mercury Sphygmomanometer" is another name for them.

Automatic: The principle behind automatic or digital blood pressure monitoring is known as the Oscillometric Method. It has an inflatable Cuff that may be inflated manually or automatically using a battery-powered device. They are electronic devices that are simple to operate, portable, and recommended for frequent users. To utilize them, you don't need any training.

Connected and app-based monitors: These are pipe-less or wireless devices that are small and employ mobile application technology. They have a Cuff that is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Patients can download the device's app, and the cuff will automatically measure SBP and DBP after the app is active. They are precise and clinically certified, quick to set up and operate, incredibly portable and lightweight, and capable of displaying various analyzed data. They store a large amount of data that may be interpreted in graphs and charts and shared with doctors via email.

Upper arm cuff blood pressure monitor: This is the most popular digital BP apparatus in the market. If you are using a digital model, the cuff will inflate automatically, and the reading will appear on the screen. The majority of digital monitors now include 'risk category indicators,' so you get an added benefit. Additionally, upper arm cuff blood pressure monitors (whether manual or digital) are more accurate.

Wrist mount blood pressure monitor: These monitors are entirely automatic and simple to use. However, they are less accurate than upper arm cuff BP machines. They are also lightweight and simple to operate. The only difficulty is correctly positioning your arm while wearing a wrist BP monitor to obtain an accurate reading.

Finger mount blood pressure machine:: This BP check machine is tiny and portable, and it doesn't require a cuff like a wrist mount device. The results are less reliable but can still be used to determine blood pressure.

Buy BP Machines Online from Moglix

Moglix is now a one-stop shop for medically authorized blood pressure monitors from all of your favorite brands. You can be confident in the authenticity because they are sourced from industry leaders, including Omron, Dr. Morepen, MCB, Diamond, and many others. Whether you're looking for an upper arm or finger mount, or a wrist-type BP machine, you'll find it all in one place when you shop online. Place your order now to stay on track with your health.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Which is better: wrist or arm BP monitor?

The most traditional way of monitoring your blood pressure is via your arms. In the process, the cuffs are raped around the arm and inflated to stop the blood flow and monitor the readings. Whereas the technique of measuring blood pressure from the wrist also gives you accurate results. The technique of wrist bp monitoring happens by measuring the vibration of blood flowing through the arteries in the wrist.

How to check blood pressure at home?

First, you need to locate the pulse from your finger, then secure the cuff properly to your arm, inflate and deflate the cuff and record the reading. It's that easy to measure blood pressure.

Are home blood pressure monitors accurate?

A blood pressure machine is being widely used in homes to monitor BP and track health. However, it's really important that these monitors are accurate; most companies claim their accuracy. Nevertheless, the results may vary and the accuracy may also be affected based on usability.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors - Price Range

Digital Blood Pressure MonitorsMin PriceMax Price
Dr. Morepen Digital Blood Pressure Monitors₹999₹3249
Omron Digital Blood Pressure Monitors₹1599₹8999
MCP Digital Blood Pressure Monitors₹1029₹1499
Rossmax Digital Blood Pressure Monitors₹1652₹4999
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