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Blood Pressure Monitors

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Shop for Blood Pressure Machine Online at Wholesale Prices

A blood pressure machine is a diagnostic device used to keep track of the body's blood pressure (BP) levels. If you are looking for medically approved BP monitors, rest assured as Moglix offers a wide range of collections from top brands like Dr. Morepen, Rossmax, Omron, and more at the best prices.

A BP check machine is a must-have at your home for keeping track of your BP levels. Regularly measuring your blood pressure is crucial, mainly because it helps detect disorders like hypertension and hypotension, which can have catastrophic implications.

What is Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure?

The heart contracts and expands as it beats in the chest. When it contracts, it sends blood flowing at maximum pressure throughout the body, increasing the pressure on blood vessel walls. This increased pressure is referred to as systolic, as seen by the higher readings on measuring equipment.

The contraction is followed by the relaxation period. It's when the heart receives (fills up with) oxygenated blood from the lungs. There is a slight drop in artery pressure throughout this phase. A lower value of this pressure during the relaxation period is called diastolic pressure.

Minor variations in daily blood pressure monitoring are acceptable as long as the figures remain close to the average of 120 (systolic)/80 (diastolic) mmHg.

Different Types of BP Check Machine Available Online

BP monitors are classified into three categories based on how they measure blood pressure:

Upper arm cuff blood pressure monitor: This is the most popular digital BP apparatus in the market. If you are using a digital model, the cuff will inflate automatically, and the reading will appear on the screen. The majority of digital monitors now include 'risk category indicators,' so you get an added benefit. Additionally, upper arm cuff blood pressure monitors (whether manual or digital) are more accurate.

Wrist mount blood pressure monitor: These monitors are entirely automatic and simple to use. However, they are less accurate than upper arm cuff BP machines. They are also lightweight and simple to operate. The only difficulty is correctly positioning your arm while wearing a wrist BP monitor to obtain an accurate reading.

Finger mount blood pressure machine:: This BP check machine is tiny and portable, and it doesn't require a cuff like a wrist mount device. The results are less reliable but can still be used to determine blood pressure.

Things to Consider before Buying a Digital BP Apparatus

  • --> Ease of usage:

    The device should be easy to use and understand. For instance, the control buttons should be large while the monitor's display should be readable.

  • --> Cost and warranty:

    Do not spend a significant amount on buying a blood pressure monitor to get great value. You can get an excellent and accurate one at low prices. Also, do check if your medical insurance covers gadgets like digital BP apparatus. To safeguard your investment in these devices, look for a warranty.

  • --> Storing previous readings:

    Many digital blood pressure monitors these days include the capability of storing readings from numerous users. If you have more than one individual in your house who suffers from hypertension, this option can be beneficial. You can also discuss your findings with your doctor or a health professional to determine what foods and lifestyle choices are best for you.

  • --> Heartbeat detector:

    Choose a device that identifies both irregularities in your heartbeat as well as monitoring your blood pressure. You can keep an eye on prospective problems and health hazards this way.

  • --> Clinically tested and approved:

    Check if the blood pressure monitor has been clinically approved for accuracy; otherwise, the results may not always be reliable.

  • --> Portability:

    If you are someone who's usually on the road or travels a lot, a portable alternative might be a good fit for you. Unless you are willing to deal with the inconveniences of carrying a larger model, it's best to go with a wrist-mounted one in this situation.

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Moglix is a one-stop destination for buying medically approved BP machines from all your favorite brands. Be rest assured about the authenticity of our products as we source them from the top-rated distributors in the industry. Whether you are looking for an upper arm or finger mount or a wrist-type BP machine, you can find them all under one roof here at Moglix.

Blood Pressure Monitors - Price Range

Blood Pressure MonitorsMin PriceMax Price
Dr. Morepen Blood Pressure Monitors₹597₹2900
Omron Blood Pressure Monitors₹427₹8990
MCP Blood Pressure Monitors₹918₹2722
Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitors₹668₹4463
This data was last updated on 9/22/21.