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Manual BP Machines

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Now you can buy high-quality manual bp machines online at Moglix. Explore prices, best sellers, specifications, brands, and more for manual bp machines and get the best deal.

MCP Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Monitor
4.3 (11 Reviews)
By: Mcp
₹98939% OFF
  • Leather Bag for Easy to Carry

  • Big Dial for Easy to Read

MCP ABS Desk & Wall Type Square Sphygmomanometer BP Monitor
4.0 (6 Reviews)
By: Mcp
₹2,00027% OFF
  • Air-release valve with spring

  • Classic look, sturdy finish Coiled, expandable rubber tubing

MCP Mercury Free BP Monitor
4.0 (10 Reviews)
By: Mcp
₹3,80019% OFF
  • Backlight display

  • Patient can himself note the reading like a digital BP

Shakuntla Indian Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Monitor
4.6 (11 Reviews)
By: Shakuntla
₹80031% OFF
  • Leather bag easy to carry

  • Emulsoid Bladder & Soft emulsoid Bulb

Dr Odin OD-1016B Mercury Free Sphygmomanometer
4.2 (14 Reviews)
By: Dr Odin
₹3,99931% OFF
  • Comes with Latex Bulb & Bladder, Environment-Friendly Product & as

  • Mercury-Free Sphygmomanometer

Rossmax GB-101 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor without Stethoscope
4.4 (12 Reviews)
By: Rossmax
₹1,0007% OFF
  • 4 Layers of Insulation on Either Side for Complete Comfort

  • In-Built Twin Thermostat for 100 Percent Safety

Diamond Deluxe BPMR120 Conventional Mercurial Type Blood Pressure Instrument
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Diamond
₹3,30015% OFF
  • Special Control Valve for Perfect Pressure Drop

  • Fused Type, Permanent Graduation Marking on the Glass Tube

Diamond BPMR 130 Super Deluxe Mercury BP Monitor
4.4 (15 Reviews)
By: Diamond
₹8,34062% OFF
  • Permanent Graduation Marking on the Glass Tube special Control Valve

  • Durable Background Contrast Paint for Clear Visibility fused Type

Diamond BPDL 231 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor with Built-In Stethoscope
4.3 (12 Reviews)
By: Diamond
₹1,8558% OFF
  • All plastic and rubber parts are of first grade virgin

  • Crystal clear cover glass for best clarity

Rossmax GB-102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor with Stethoscope
4.8 (10 Reviews)
By: Rossmax
₹1,50026% OFF
  • Chrome-plate brass air release valve

  • White enamel 300mmHg non-stop pin reliable manometer

Hicks Aneroid Dial Type Blood Pressure Monitor, PG-01
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Hicks
₹85021% OFF
  • Standard End Valve

  • B.P. Monitor Dial Type

Diamond BPMR BP120 Deluxe Mercurial Blood Pressure Monitor
4.7 (12 Reviews)
By: Diamond
₹4,00021% OFF
  • Easy & Fast Measurement

  • Best Quality Cuff for Getting Excellent Grip

Diamond BPMR 120 Deluxe Blood Pressure Monitor
By: Diamond
₹3,00011% OFF
  • Special cuff with extra velcro fastenings

  • Optimum damping effect provided for easy and fast measurement

Diamond BPDG 041 Regular Blood Pressure Moniter with Velcro Cuff
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Diamond
₹3,0001% OFF
  • All Plastic & Rubber Parts are of First Grade Virgin

  • Easy & Free Movement

Diamond BPDL 537 Decent Dial BP Apparatus with Height Adjustable Stand
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Diamond
₹8,07045% OFF
  • Cuff with Extra Velcro Fastening to Get Confirmed Grip

  • Special Cuff is Provided for Getting Excellent Grip

Acure Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Acure
₹1,29959% OFF
  • Chrome Plated Brass Air Release Valve

  • Latex Free Cuff

Rossmax GD102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor with Single Head Stethoscope
  • Latex Free Cuff

  • Single-Hand Operation

Max Pluss Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor
By: Max Pluss
₹99034% OFF
  • Soft Cotton / Nylon cuff

  • Emulsion Bladder & Soft emulsion Bulb

Sahyog Wellness Double Extra Large Navy Blue Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Cuff
  • Durable

Sahyog Wellness Small Navy Blue Blood Pressure Monitor Machine Cuff
  • Use this Cuff Easily without Any Issue

Firstmed Black Aneroid Palm Manual Professional Sphygmomanometer BP Monitor
  • You Just Need to Squeeze the Bulb to Inflate the...

  • Easy to Use

Fast Life Black Blood Pressure Monitor with Stethoscope
  • Comfortable Cuff has a Velcro Fastening Which Ensures a Comfortable

  • Durable & Diamond is Easy to Use & Yields Accurate

Diamond BPDL 231 Plastic & Rubber Dial Regular Blood Pressure Apparatus
  • Sector Mechanism is Specially Made for Maximum Repeat Accuracy

  • Metal Parts are Treated with Nickel & Chromium Plating to...

Diamond Regular Velcro Cuff Conventional Mercurial Type BP Instrument, BPMR112
  • Velcro Type Fastening Cuff Bpmr 112

  • An Economy Model & Meant Especially for Medical Students

Diamond BPDL 270 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor
By: Diamond
₹1,04023% OFF
  • Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Large, Easy-to-read Dial

Welch Allyn Black Analog Wall Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, 7670-01
  • Improved Ergonomics & a New Modern Design Make for an...

  • The Smart Choice for Accurate & Reliable Readings Throughout Your

Fast Life Rubber Blood Pressure Bulb with Controller, RS-001Q
  • Hypertension Indicator

  • Memory 1 Set of Reading

Agarwals Doctor Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Manual BP Monitor Machine Set, QKKJDVCDG-88845363
Diamond BPDG 341 LED BP Monitor
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Diamond
₹20,40087% OFF
Firstmed Black Professional Aneroid Sphygmomanometer BP Monitor with Stethoscope
Khaitan Mediquip Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff with Pipe
By: Khaitan Mediquip
₹2,80066% OFF
Khaitan Mediquip NIBPCUFF5P Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff with Bulb  (Pack of 5)
By: Khaitan Mediquip
₹5,50071% OFF
Diamond BPDG 141 Delux Multicolor LED Mercury Free BP Monitor
  • Very Easy & Simple to Operate

  • The Mercury in the Device has a Purity of 99.99

Rossmax GD101 Palm Type Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Non-Stop Pin Reliable Manometer

  • Superior Performance & Quality

Diamond Regular Iron Light Green Mercurial Blood Pressure Apparatus
  • Classic Hi-Stove Painting to the Body of the Instrument to

  • Fused Type, Permanent Graduation Marking on the Glass Tube

BPL Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Grey Blood Pressure Monitor
  • One Hand Operation

  • Later Free Cuff

MCP Conventional Blood Pressure Monitor with Stethoscope
  • Accurate, Precise & Easy to Use

  • Extended Universal Blood Pressure Cuff: 22-42 cm

MCP Desk Model Mercury BP Monitor Sphygmomanometer
  • Purity of mercury 99.99% due to assured triple distillation process

  • Permanent graduation marking on the glass tube

MCP Clock Model Blood Pressure Moniter
By: Mcp
₹1,99927% OFF
  • Easy for BP Measurement

  • Classic Look, Sturdy Finish

Diamond Dial Deluxe Blood Pressure Apparatus with Field Calibration
  • Bellows are of Proven Material & Better Repeatability

  • Printed Dial Has 20 to 300 Mm of Hg Sacle

Genuine Manual BP Machines at Best Price Online at Moglix

With our assorted range of top-quality manual bp machines, we provide our customers with an unmatched shopping experience. You can place bulk orders and get products directly from distributors and wholesalers.

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