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A stethoscope is an acoustic medical device for auscultation or listening to the internal sounds of a human body. It helps a doctor to come with a proper diagnosis of a patient by listening to the heart, lung, and blood pressure sounds and comes with a chrome-plated chest piece and two earpieces. You can buy the best doctor stethoscope online at at a very reasonable price.

What is the Importance of a Stethoscope?

These days you can see different medical instruments available, but stethoscope has been used since medieval times. Since then, this medical instrument has developed a lot, and now, you can also find a digital stethoscope. Let's see what is the importance of these doctor stethoscopes in medical science.

Stethoscope amplifies the sounds originating from the body organs. Through amplification, medical personnel can detect them easily. It reduces the time taken to make a diagnosis.

Some stethoscopes are made in such a way that adjustments can be made in frequency ranges. This helps in the correct diagnosis of the issue.

Digital stethoscope indicates on a digital platform the sound the medical professional is listening to. If something is missed through an auditory channel that is captured in the digital display.

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CardiacCheck: offers some of the best doctor stethoscopes which are reliable and durable. You can buy the best CardiacCheck stethoscopes online at at a very reasonable price.

Dr. Morepen is one of the top brands when it comes to medical instruments. You can rely on its digital stethoscope.

Vkare is a leading brand in the manufacturing of diagnostic instruments. You can buy the best Vkare stethoscopes online at at the best price.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Stethoscope

How to use a stethoscope?

The Eartips of the stethoscopes is kept in the ear of the physician or caretaker. The diaphragm part of the stethoscopes is pressed against the chest of the patient. The sound travels via the hollow tubing to the ear tips of the measurer.

How long does a stethoscope works without failure?

It is recommended to replace Stethoscopes every two years for optimal performance and accuracy.

What points should be considered before buying a good stethoscope?

Parts of the stethoscopes are major selection criteria among the buyers. The fit of the earpieces for the measurer, Length of the tube to ensure personal space distance between the patient and the physician. 27 Inches is a good length to consider. The quality of the Bell determines the accuracy of the readings. The Brand and price range is also a major deciding factor. Most importantly, the type of user. For a clinician, a simple stethoscope will do, but a professional cardiologist will need an advanced device to pick-up higher frequencies and for higher accuracy.

Can a stethoscope break?

Over time the tubings of the stethoscopes get stiff and hard since it's mostly made with PVC plastic. The tubes might also collect dust and debris over time and disables accurate measurements. Then it's recommended to buy a new stethoscope.

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Classico Stethoscope₹266₹534
MCP Stethoscope₹176₹1120
Shakuntla Stethoscope₹249₹508
Vkare Stethoscope₹356₹1516
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