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Alis 10cm/ 4 inch Needle Holders Crile Wood, A-GEN-086-10
Alis 18cm/ 7 inch Needle Holders Ryder, A-GEN-097-18
Alis 27cm/10 1/2 inch Kelly Kocher 160x38mm, A-GEN-486-27
Alis No. 7K BP Handle, A-GEN-012-7K
By: Alis
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Alis 27cm/10 1/2 inch Kelly Kocher 160x57mm, A-GEN-487-27
Alis BP-A028 130kg ABS Black & Gray Round Analog Body Weight Machine with Rotating Dial Display
  • Non-Slip & Scratch Resistant Platform

  • Accurate Precision, High Visibility, Easy to Read Dial & Extra

Alis 12cm/ 5 inch Lane Gland Holding Forceps, A-GEN-085-12
Alis 20cm/ 8 inch Deschamps Blunt Right Hand, A-GEN-109-20
Alis Miller Set of 2 Blades Paediatric, A-GEN-857-04
Alis 20cm/8 inch Osteotome Curved with Fiber Handle 20mm, A-GEN-761-03
Alis 2.0mm, 15cm/ 6 inch Cushing Straight Shaft, A-GEN-705-15
Alis 16cm/6 1/4 inch Volkmann Round Shape 1, A-GEN-776-05
Alis 29cm/11 1/2 inch Penfied Fig. 4 Dissector Slightly Curved Ends, A-GEN-677-05
Alis 20cm/8 inch Crile-Wood, A-GEN-328-20
By: Alis
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Alis Fiber Optic Mikulicz, A-GEN-887-01F
By: Alis
₹13,00057% OFF
Alis 22cm/8 3/4 inch Hohmann 43mm Widht, A-GEN-742-03
Alis 27cm/10 1/2 inch Masson, A-GEN-332-27
By: Alis
₹8,90057% OFF
Alis 22cm/8 1/2 inch Vickers 350g with Fiber Handle, A-GEN-743-22
Alis 26.5cm/10 1/2 inch Clutton with Tapering Ends Set of 12, A-GEN-568-26
Alis 4.8mm, 12cm/ 5 inch Weil-Blakesley Upward Shaft, A-GEN-713-03
Alis 28cm/ 11 inch Nerve & Dura Hooks Cushing, A-GEN-679-28
Alis 25cm/10 inch Spongiosa Gouge Curved with Fiber Handle 5mm, A-GEN-763-01
Alis Fiber Optic Sims, A-GEN-894-01F
By: Alis
₹10,00057% OFF
Alis 15cm/ 6 inch Toennis, A-GEN-686-15
By: Alis
₹1,50057% OFF
Alis 17.5cm/6 3/4 inch Partsch-Chisel Narrow Fine 2mm, A-GEN-752-01
Alis 20cm/ 8 inch Brian Spatula Malleable 12mm Wdth, A-GEN-668-20
Alis 19cm/7 1/2 inch Frazier S.S No.2, A-GEN-827-02
Alis 24cm/9 1/2 inch Leksell-Stille, A-GEN-786-24
Alis 22cm/8 1/2 inch Vickers 700g with Fiber Handle, A-GEN-745-22
Alis 2.0mm, 18cm/ 7 inch Kerrison Jacoby 90 Deg Downward Cutting Shaft, A-GEN-697-02
Alis 16cm/6 1/4 inch Volkmann Oval Shape 000, A-GEN-777-02
Alis 18.5cm/7 1/4 inch Sachs, A-GEN-688-18
By: Alis
₹1,50057% OFF
Alis No. 3 BP Handle Round Grip, A-GEN-013-03
Alis 18cm/7 inch Ryder, A-GEN-333-18
By: Alis
₹6,10057% OFF
Alis 28cm/ 11 inch Lister with Olive Ends Set of 12, A-GEN-569-28
Alis 5.0mm, 18cm/ 7 inch Ferris-Smith-Kerrison 90 Deg Downward Cutting Sharf, A-GEN-699-03
Alis 19cm/7 1/2 inch Frazier S.S No.1, A-GEN-827-01
Alis 4.0mm, 18cm/ 7 inch Ferris-Smith-Kerrison 40 Deg Downward Cutting Shaft, A-GEN-703-03
Alis 3.0mm, 15cm/ 6 inch Love-Gruenwald Upwadr Shaft, A-GEN-709-15
Alis 17cm/6 1/2 inch Mathieu, A-GEN-343-17
By: Alis
₹12,50057% OFF