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Homepro: An Emerging Corporation for Home Center Services

Home Product Center Public Company Limited operates as a home improvement retailer in Thailand. The company was established with an objective to operate retail business in home improvement segment by selling goods and providing a complete range of services related construction, addition, refurbishment, renovation, Home makeover, improvement of buildings, houses and residential places through one-stop shopping home center under the trade name Homepro which is company’s trademark. The company was established on June 27, 1995, is a joint venture between land and houses plc. and quality houses plc. The company’s first branch was opened at Rangsit in September 1996.

Why choose Homepro Products

Homepro has been in the market for so long. They understand their consumer’s requirements and work to manufacture the products with advanced and latest technology. In the world of competitiveness, Homepro is never behind. They are continuously working to provide the best to their consumers. Some factors that make them unique:

A wide variety of Product Categories

They have a huge stock available for different categories. If you are looking for anything for your home you can get that from them. Their categories include Appliances for kitchen, personal care, etc. They also have bathroom accessories available. They have a wide range of products in the construction category which includes electrical appliances like LED bulbs, Board panels, roofing, and cutters, etc. You can also get flooring tools, home improvement, home organizers and cleaning equipment, etc.

Assured Quality

The company follows proper quality standard methods and is always determined to provide the best quality products. Even after having a wide variety of categories available the quality of the products is never compromised.

Highly Advanced Equipment

They are using high-tech technology to improve the quality of the products. They have qualified staff and they are constantly working on providing advanced machinery to the customers. They offer 3D designs, installation, maintenance, home improvement, warehousing facilities, etc.

The company was rated and recognized with following national and international awards

  • Being listed in MSCI Global Sustainability index from Morgan Stanley Capital international with A rating.

  • Received Best Company performance award in a SET award in 2015.

  • They received 5 stars from the Thai Institute of directors association (IOD) for the corporate governance report.

  • They selected 1 of 100 listed companies having outstanding in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

  • Homepro is a certified member of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against Corruption (CAC) on March 2017.