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Orient Electric - Best Rated Ceiling Fans, Home Appliances, Lighting & Switchgear

Orient Electric Limited is one of the oldest companies in the market which manufactures and distributes electrical appliances to cater to the varied needs of the customers. Orient brings to you a wide range of products which have been exquisitely made using the latest technology and the best quality raw materials to provide optimum quality products to the customers.

Orient manufactures a wide range of products like the Orient ceiling fan, the Orient table fans, the Orient stand fan, the Orient exhaust fan, Orient switches, Orient MCB, Orient water heaters among others for you to choose from. All these products are readily available on Moglix.

Orient Wall & Ceiling Fans - Durable and Reliable

The Orient wall fans are known for their splendid air delivery and performance. These reliable fans can cool down every nook and corner of a room. They are energy efficient and consume very less electricity.

The Orient ceiling fans are extremely energy efficient and help you keep a check on your electricity bills. They have a strong and a heavy motor with a copper winding which makes the fans long lasting. The long blades of the fans are placed at a unique angle to deliver higher air over a large area.

Orient MCBs - The Safety You Need

The Orient MCBs have been specifically designed to protect you from any form of electrical shocks. They are automatically operated and can easily protect your electrical appliances.

Orient Water Heaters - the Quick and Easy Solution

The Orient water heaters are known to quickly heat water up. They come with a stainless steel tank which does not corrode or depreciate easily. The pressure release valves of the heater releases extra pressure from the water inlet. The water heater can easily work even at low voltages.

Orient Heat Convectors - Keeps You Warm and Cosy

These heat convectors have a thermostat range of 35-40 degree C. The convectors give you an option of high to low heating and air blowing. The heat convectors come with two blowers and a temperature control knob. The heat convectors come with a copper power cord which quickly heats up and consumes really less energy.