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About Jaquar India

Established in 1960, Jaquar is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom accessories and fittings in India. To live up to its reputation, Jaquar has introduced a wide range of taps, faucets, kitchen accessories, sanitary ware, showers, and other bathroom fittings.

The company also deals in flushing systems, bath tubs, sink mixer, flushing cistern, water heaters, wellness products and concealed cisterns. The vast range of bathroom accessories which we have on offer can make bathrooms and kitchens look presentable and offer satisfactory quality of service for years together.

Accessorize Your Bathroom with the Latest Range of Jaquar Bathroom Fittings

Bathroom fittings form an integral part of homes. Keeping the functionality and décor factors in mind, we have sourced the latest range of Jaquar bathroom fittings available in the Indian market.

Some of the distinctive features of the products available as a part of our Jaquar bath fittings catalogue are mentioned below: -

Long Term Durability

  • The bathroom faucets from Jaquar are made from high-quality brass.

  • They have a chrome finish.

  • These bathroom faucets can be wall mounted and are best suited for usage with sinks.

User-Friendly Features

  • The wide-angle feature of the angular stop cocks ensures flawless comfort and a high level of satisfaction to users.

  • The aerators integrated with the honeycomb structure of Jaquar sanitary fittings offers a high level of protection from lime buildup and offers soft water flow.

Refurbish the Look of Your Bathroom and Kitchen Overnight With Jaquar Taps

The quality of taps present within a bathroom has a significant impact on the look of bathrooms. To match up with the changing preferences of buyers, we have sourced the latest models of Jaquar taps.

Some features of these taps are mentioned below: -

Usage of High Quality Materials

  • The bathroom taps have been created from high-quality brass.

  • The upper part of the Jaquar taps has an upper shiny protection layer with chrome finishing.

  • Cartridge spindle of the taps is made from brass instead of plastic to check leakage.

Jaquar kitchen taps are equipped with water saving kitchen tap faucet aerator with 360° adjustable nozzle spout hose. The aerator minimizes unnecessary water consumption from taps.

  • The 360° swivel nozzle and aerator/sprayer ensure flexible water flower.

  • The taps reduce water consumption by 30% to 70%, simultaneously ensuring a continuous, stable flow of water.

Presence of High-Quality Components

  • The integrated anti-clogging dome screen of aerator filters sediments as well as dust particles.

  • Wide angle lever of these taps ensures a high level of comfort and ensures smooth operation.

  • High plating thickness ensures high tolerance to extreme climate and water conditions.

A close view through our Jaquar taps catalog will provide you with a perfect knowledge about the features of these taps. Our collection includes some of the latest accessory models to meet up with the expectations of buyers. You can come up with a budget based on our Jaquar sanitary ware and bathroom accessories price list.

Experience Optimum Comfort Using Jaquar Hand Showers

Hand showers are one of the most common types of bathroom accessories. To satisfy the demands of home based users, we present the latest range of Jaquar hand showers for sale.

Some unique characteristics of these showers are mentioned below: -

A High Level of Convenience Ensured

  • The hand showers have an adjustable flow which is of two types-rain and massage.

  • They have ultrashine and self-cleaning nozzles.

  • These hand showers work well with low pressure water as well.

Once you get a perfect idea of the hand washer models from Jaquar that we have on offer, you can choose the one that serves your needs and budget perfectly. We are also offering shower panels as a part of this collection. This range includes shower panels which offer a rain shower spray pattern. Made from the best quality of brass, they have a chrome finish and come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Using the Jaquar shower & shower panel price list you can select the most appropriate accessories which suit your needs perfectly.

Make Bathing a Pleasurable Experience with Jaquar Bath Tubs

Bath tubs are of the most modern accessories that are commonly used across homes. To satisfy the needs of buyers, we have sourced the newest Jaquar bath tub range.

The bath tubs which are available as a part of this range come with the following features:-

High Level of Safety Ensured

  • The Jaquar bath tubs are connected through V-shaped housing, thereby creating a bow. This ensures that complete water drainage takes place. Foul smell and bacteria can thus be avoided and user has access to fresh water all the time.

  • The presence of the safety vacuum cleaner in these bath tubs ensures that the motor switches off automatically during blockage in suction point.

  • The pipes of the bath tubs are made from special food grade PVC. The pipes have an anti-bacterial coating on their inner side. This ensures that even if a few drops of water stay behind after the tub has been drained, no bacteria are formed in the water droplets.

Presence of Ultra-Modern Features

  • Jaquar bathtubs are created using the best quality of PMMA acrylic. They are reinforced with plywood at the bottom. As a result, the tubs don’t develop cracks on being filled with water.

  • Effectiveness of hydro message is improved by high class performance of Glass patented ‘’JET CLEAN’’ They are equipped with Oriental nozzles and partial closing system. Users can adjust water flow as per their needs to gently massage delicate areas which have capillary fragility. The user can provide more energetic massage to areas which require greater vascular stimulation.

  • The air pool jets are created from plastic and offer gentle, delicate pressure to the user’s spine. This increases the warm sensation in the user’s body and has positive effects on the back.

The Jaquar bath tub price has been devised keeping in mind the spending power of our buyers, most of whom are home, office and commercial establishment based users. Once you check our Jaquar bath tub price, you will be able to choose a model which is feasible for you.

Equip Your Kitchen with Latest Range of Jaquar Sink Mixers

Sink mixers are single lever mixers which are equipped with a taller spout. They offer a good flow control. Our Jaquar sink mixer collection includes models which are made from high-quality brass. They have a chrome finishing and are ideal for usage with sinks.

Browse Through Jaquar Bathroom Fittings Range and Bag the Best Deals

Jaquar is known to come up with innovative bathroom accessories that are highly functional and meet up with the expectations of buyers. The accessories produced by Jaquar meet up with the existing quality standards in the industry. From taps & showers to sink mixers, Jaquar produces an assortment of products which can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. A close scrutiny of the Jaquar sanitary ware price list will help you to acquire the most favorable deals.

At Moglix, we highly value the significance of high-quality Jaquar bathroom fittings within a building. So, to meet up with the needs of all types of buyers, we have entered into tie-ups with suppliers within India as well as overseas. The products sourced by us undergo quality tests before they are dispatched for delivery. To give your kitchen & bathroom a new look, select from the new range of bathroom accessories from Jaquar.