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Resist Plus: Sanitizers for Your Hygiene & Safety

Resist+ is the house brand of Axio Biosolutions. Resist Plus is their entity that deals in personal care and hygiene products.

Axio is a Medtech company focused on advanced wound care products. The company has a team of experienced professionals that are working dedicatedly to bring high-impact medical products to the global market. From manufacturing to supplying, all the products go through these supervision teams. These teams ensure that these products are made with high precision and super quality raw materials.

Advantages of Buying Resist Plus Hand Sanitizers

Resist+ offers one of the best hand sanitizers available in the market. The sanitizers can kill 99.9% of germs instantly, leaving your hands to germ-free and you save from a wide range of potential diseases.

These hand sanitizers can be kept in your bag and can be carried easily, making them available for usage anywhere and anytime.

The light fragrance will leave your hand fresh and your mood uplifted.

The alcohol-based sanitizer, Resist Plus, contain alcohol or isopropanol as the active ingredient, which ranges between 60% and 95%, making it quite effective and safe.

These products are anti- flammability, toxin-free and leaves your skin soft and refreshed.

Resist Plus Products Available Online at Moglix

Resist Plus hand disinfectants are one of the best selling hand sanitizers available in the market. Some important features make these products must have:

  • --> Contains a good amount of alcohol content for better protection against germs

  • --> These sanitizers are antibacterial and safe to use

  • --> Available in bottles for easy use

  • --> Light fragrance

  • --> Provide hygienic results

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