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RR Kabel: Recoupling Coming Times

When someone pays attention to cabling solutions at home, one thing that strikes the mind is that Cabling should do it with proper care and if not, the unorganised and tangled cables can be at a greater risk of damage if they are not adequately secured, furthermore the devices connected to faulty wiring fetch more of a fire risk.

So to ensure safety, RR Kabel's ideology is to offer Cabling Solutions based on the needs of the customers and the applications. Thus it has become one of the foremost companies in the electrical and copper industry. Also, their voyage to success and superintendence has been commended with an aspiration to adapt to innovations and technology. It is a talk of pride for the company to be India's first wire and cable company to have such a diverse and extensive range of products.

The Uniqueness of RR Kabel and its Wide Range of Products

RR Kabel has been a prominent choice among customers since its initiation as it provides the broadest range of premium wires and cables for various residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure purposes. They are continuously initiating to create exceptional experiences for their customers.They offer a variety of unique applications like Data & Communication, Drag Chain duty, Servo & VFD Application, high temperature, and many others based on specific critical applications, including Harness as an end-to-end solution. RRKabel has become the only Indian cable company offering a complete bassinet of wires and cables with the admittance of adherence from REACH(European Union for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals)(European Union for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). Some of the major products developed by RR KABEL are:

Low tension cables: Low tension cable is generally used to transmit low voltage below 1.1 kV. Its construction is kept regular, and there is no issue of particular electrostatic stress.

High tension cables: For significant-high transmissions, high tension cables are used. This is generally used to prevent contact with living beings. But most importantly, they have to be controlled and monitored since transmissions are more than 1.1 kV.

CCTV cables: The cables used in CCTV are aptly designed and have high-quality video signals. There are two main types of CCTV cables, i.e. Multi-Mode Fibre and Single-Mode Fibre.

Communication and network cables: This type of electric cable is used for sending information signals. These are mostly found as data & ethernet, coaxial, twisted pairs and fibre optic.

Submersible cables: These submersible cables give a robust underwater performance. They are used widely across many industries and connect potable water and low voltage electric motor equipment.

Mounting and Cable Accessories: Cable accessories are extra pieces that are utilised with cables in various applications. Duct seals, dismissals, couplings, and splices are cable accessories used to insulate and seal the cable against its surroundings. Camera boxes and other visual components can be mounted directly to the equipment using mounting accessories. The adapter plate is attached to a T-Slot template or any pierced or drilled hole with a gap of 25 / 50mm.

Solar cables: A solar cable is an interconnecting wire used to produce photovoltaic electricity. Solar cables link solar boards and other photovoltaic device electronic systems. Solar cables are built to be UV & weatherproof. You may use them in a wide variety of temperatures.

Coaxial Cables: A coaxial cable is a copper cable mainly designed with a metallic shield & other elements to prevent signal interference. Cable TV providers typically utilise it to link their satellite antenna installations to consumer businesses and homes.

Telephone Cables: Telephone cable refers to the interior, exterior, and internal/external cables designed to connect telephone gear. You can also use telephone cables for other purposes in some instances.

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RR KABEL has achieved expertise in the field of wires and Cabling, which is why India's 1st cable manufacturing company believes that the industry's future lies in innovation and effective R&D, which would, in turn, help one to drive boundaries and abolish borders.

They persistently become visible with new products that are globally worthy of attention and aim at providing an environment of utmost safety. Products manufactured by RR KABEL feature premium quality and maximum safety. Furthermore, most crucially, these products are sourced from trustworthy manufacturers, which is a significant reason for the popularity of RR Cables among customers. Moglix comprises a broad range of RR KABEL Products available at the best possible prices and accessible return facilities. Get Your Product delivered to your doorstep now.