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Timberwood Products: A Wide Range of Options with High-grade Quality

Timberwood brand has emerged with the continuous adoption of advanced techniques. It is recognized as a reputable safety product manufacturing brand. It aims at providing the right safety products with the compliance of necessary standards. Industrial or scientific work demands the presence of safety products for the completion of labor-intensive techniques. The brand has been manufacturing a wide range of options for the customers which suits well according to their choices or preferences.

What are the popular Timberwood products?

Timberwood is doing a great job in manufacturing the safety products which can be used in any industry. The labor-intensive techniques require the presence of a safe environment for the workers. With the presence of safety products, it is helpful to keep up the requisite safety norms in balance.

Mid-ankle Safety Shoes

It is a light-weight product which bears the anti-slip technology. It is resistant to any kind of acid, water, oil, or chemical. It is suitable for automobile, industrial, security, or construction purposes. It is manufactured with the premium-quality steel material. The air-mix sole is made from synthetic material with Cambrelle lining.

Safety Boots

The safety boot is manufactured with the finest quality synthetic leather sole and steel toe. It holds the waterproof technology and is resistant to any kind of acid reaction or a chemical solution. The air-mix sole can be used in any kind of construction, security, or industrial work.

Steel toe safety shoes

It is available in different colors such as black or brown which one can choose according to the preference. It is manufactured with high-quality material in a completely elegant design. It holds a comfortable sole for avoiding any irritation or problem. The upper body of the shoes is manufactured with the superior-quality leather which holds a proper durability period.

Gold steel toe safety shoes

The PVC gold model is manufactured with the premium-quality steel toe, which is not easily breakable. It is not possible that a chemical solution reacts to the shoes and it gets damaged. In addition, it is resistant to heat, electricity, or oil.