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Prima PSF-21 Classic Steel Toe Black Work Safety Shoes, Size: 9
4.5 (23 Reviews)
By: Prima
₹37522% OFF
  • High carbon, Anodized rust resistant steel toe with comfort strip

  • Direct injected abrasion antislip outsole

Sia Nylon Red & Black Cut Resistant Hand Safety Gloves, SIA-SG-RB-1
  • Breathable, Slip Resistance & Oil Proof

Kavacha S19 Steel Toe Work Safety Shoes, Size: 7
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Kavacha
₹1,99957% OFF
  • Durable/Stitched Sole for Extra Durability

  • Light Weight & Comfortable

Karam Plastic Yellow Cradle Ratchet Type Safety Helmet, PN-521
4.3 (15 Reviews)
By: Karam
₹37819% OFF
  • The Head band is made of non-irritant and soft fabric

  • Provided with Side Slots for fitting face and hearing protection

Allen Cooper AC-1156 Antistatic Steel Toe Grey & Black Work Safety Shoes, Size: 8
4.5 (13 Reviews)
By: Allen Cooper
₹2,62536% OFF
  • Oil, Acid Resistant & Anti-Static

  • Steel Toe: Can Withstand An Impact of Over 200 J

Sai Safety Regular Size Crinkle Palm Latex PU Coated Green & Black Safety Gloves, MG-Glove-003_PK10 (Pack of 10)
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Sai Safety
₹1,09965% OFF
Hillson No Risk Steel Toe Black Gumboot, Size: 8
4.4 (18 Reviews)
By: Hillson
₹55029% OFF
  • Skin-friendly to ensure comfort in wearing

  • Comes with a sand spray finish for rubber like steel

Allen Cooper White Polymer Nape Type Safety Helmet with Chin Strap, SH-701-W (Pack of 10)
  • Adjustable Headband with a Standard Chin Strap & Sweat Band

  • Integral Rain Channel Prevents Falling of Water on Neck Optimum...

Stockhawkers 10 inch Cotton White Double Side Dotted Hand Gloves
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Stockhawkers
₹3958% OFF
Karam Safety Helmets White Ratchet Plastic Cradle, PN 521 (Pack of 5)
Tiger Lorex Steel Toe PU Sole Black Work Safety Shoes, Size: 8
4.2 (12 Reviews)
By: Tiger
₹1,24024% OFF
  • Comfortable

  • Sweat absorbing Lining

JK Steel JKPI001BN Steel Toe Work Safety Shoes, Size: 9
4.4 (17 Reviews)
By: Jk Steel
₹99932% OFF
  • This Safety is Made of Airmix Sole Having An Anti-Slippery...

  • Long Lasting, Popular & Comfortable Shoe at Very Reasonable &

Kavacha S67 Leather Steel Toe Black Work Safety Shoes, Size: 7
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Kavacha
₹2,59967% OFF
Durban Wonker SR-6413 Synthetic Leather Steel Toe Airmix Grey Work Safety Shoes, Size: 10
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Durban
₹1,99974% OFF
  • Order a Size Bigger than Normal

  • Premium Look Industrial Grade Synthetic

Safari Pro Tyson Steel Toe Work Safety Shoes, Size: 9
4.5 (9 Reviews)
By: Safari Pro
₹49928% OFF
  • Flexible

  • Durable

Allen Cooper AC 1008 Antistatic Steel Toe Black & Grey Work Safety Shoes, Size: 8
4.4 (28 Reviews)
By: Allen Cooper
₹2,39538% OFF
  • Foam padded collar

  • D-Rings for speed lacing

Sia Nylon Red & Black Cut Resistant Hand Safety Gloves, SIA-SG-RB-5 (Pack of 5)
  • Offers Lightweight Comfort

  • Enhanced Grip Properties for Improved Handling of Tools & Materials

Stylera 10 inch Rubber Black Safety Hand Gloves
  • Washing Gloves Made up of Natural Latex Combining Strength with

  • Flocklined With a Rolled Cuff & Anti-slip Pattern for Better

Sai Safety Regular Size Cut Proof Nitrile PU Coated White & Grey Safety Gloves, MG-Glove-001
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Sai Safety
₹7963% OFF
Stockhawkers Cotton Blue Safety Hand Gloves
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Stockhawkers
₹3958% OFF
  • Acid, Alkali, Oil & Abrasion Resistant

  • Waterproof & Anti-Slip

Sia Nylon Cut Resistant Hand Safety Gloves, SIA-SG-3 (Pack of 3)
  • Protect Hand & Wrist

  • Excellent Grip & Smooth Palm

Allen Cooper AC-1582 Suede Leather Composite Cap Toe Black Work Safety Shoes, Size: 8
4.8 (10 Reviews)
By: Allen Cooper
₹3,09536% OFF
  • Non-Metallic Composite Toe Cap

  • Lined with Breathe Active Functional Textile Lining, Providing Freshness &

Hillson 11 Inch Chota Hathi Plain Toe Black Work Gumboots, Size: 9
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Hillson
₹35012% OFF
Safari Pro Rocksport Steel Toe Black Work Safety Shoes, Size: 6
4.7 (7 Reviews)
By: Safari Pro
₹49831% OFF
  • Casual Sneaker Appearance

  • Steel Toe

Eego Italy Z-WW-16 Steel Toe Black Work Safety Shoes, Size: 8
4.3 (15 Reviews)
By: Eego Italy
₹99923% OFF
  • Industrial Ware

  • Heavy Duty

Allen Cooper AC-1581 Leather Composite Toe Camel Work Safety Shoes, Size: 9
4.1 (8 Reviews)
By: Allen Cooper
₹3,09536% OFF
  • Extra Wide Lugs on the Sole for Better Slip Resistance,...

  • Double Density PU Sole for Enhanced Safety, Better Shock Absorption...

Safari Pro Power PVC Steel Toe Labour Work Safety Shoes, Size: 7
4.2 (12 Reviews)
By: Safari Pro
₹49933% OFF
  • For use with product type Suitable for Engineering, construction, transport,

  • Flexible, Durable and Comfortable

SSWW 35g Blue Cotton Knitted Hand Gloves
  • Ideal for a Variety of Tasks, Such as Gardening, Cleaning,

  • The Gloves Are Machine-washable

Karam Plastic White Cradle Ratchet Type Safety Helmet, PN-521
  • Provided with Side Slots for fitting face and hearing protection

  • Made of specially formulated Polymer

Tiger Leopard S1 BG High Ankle Steel Toe Black Work Safety Shoes, Size: 8
4.2 (13 Reviews)
By: Tiger
₹1,28021% OFF
  • Removable-polyamide on EVA and Slip Resistance Sole

  • Energy Absorbing heel

India Loto ILP071 Multicolour Long Shackle Jacket Padlock with 3 Keys (Pack of 4)
  • Material Specifically Drafted Instruction High Quality Danger Label Laminated for

Stockhawkers 32 inch Polycarbonate Convex Safety Mirror
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Stockhawkers
₹4,44053% OFF
  • Lightweight & Easy to Install

Ladwa 750mm Red & Black PVC Traffic Safety Cone with 6m Chain & 6 Hooks (Pack of 6)
4.6 (15 Reviews)
By: Ladwa
₹11,79983% OFF
  • It will Last a Very Long Time Even, When Located...

  • Light, Durable, Impact-Resistant & Heavy Rubber Base Wind Resistant, Make

India Loto ILP04ST 14x16x6 inch Yellow Electrical Safety Lockout Tagout Station Kit with Adjustable Shelves
4.8 (12 Reviews)
By: India Loto
₹8,65022% OFF
  • Fine Precision Tip Produces a Strong Grip on Small Objects:

  • High Grip & Locking Ratchet Mechanism Reduces the Possibility of...

Safe Dote 3kg Simple Hook Double Rope Full Body Harness
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Safe Dote
₹99935% OFF
  • It is Designed to Minimize the Risk of Injuries Caused

Sun Signs 12x12 inch ACP Blue Square Ladies Toilet Signage Board, SS-WP0001
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Sun Signs
₹50026% OFF
  • Exactly Readable from a Distance in the Night as Well

  • Installable Through Bolting

SSWW 40 inch Convex Mirror
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Ssww
₹5,15026% OFF
  • Scratch Proof

  • Easy Installation

SUNSIGNS 600x200mm Vinyl Warning Guard Dogs on Patrol Keep Out Signage, SN0155VNLOTHPIXAM
  • As Per ISO Colors & Design Guidelines

  • Printed on 3M Media

Palex Hose Reel Drum Complete With Pipe & Gm Nozzle
5.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Palex
₹23,00041% OFF
  • Hose Reel Drum Complete With Pipe & Gm Nozzle

Tool Master Nylon Green Adjustable Safety Belt with Reflecting Tape
  • Elastic Nylon Band

  • Adjustment Shoulder Strap

Buy High-End Safety Equipment Online with the Best Quality and Durability

In all types of industries and professional workplaces, the safety of the employees of the company should be a priority. There should be proper safety of the employees with essential safety equipment such as gloves, helmets, suits, etc. These safety materials are used in almost all types of industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, and many other places. Moreover, the safety equipment is made with high-quality materials so that these safety materials can last for a longer period of time and are capable of saving the person from an uncertain accident. There are various top brands that offer these safety items online at Moglix with great offers and premium quality at the same time. These brands are Kavacha, Allen Cooper, and many more.


Different Types of Safety Products Used in Various Industries

Safety Shoes: Safety shoes are one of the most important safety materials that are used by workers in almost all types of factories that have a risk factor of getting injured while working in the production process. Therefore, this safety shoe protects the worker from getting injured through an unexpected accident that might occur in the factory.


Safety Helmet: A safety helmet is also called a hard hat made with tough and high-end raw materials which make it strong, durable, and useful at the same time. You can buy such safety helmets online easily at Moglix and that too with great offers from different best-selling brands.


Safety Gloves: Safety gloves are specially designed and manufactured for the protection of the hands of workers from different types of hazards and mishappenings so that they can do their work securely and safely. Moreover, gloves are available in the market in different types of materials that provide protection against any type of danger in the work field.


Factors to be Given Importance When Purchasing Safety Items Online

Warranty: Warranty is an essential factor to be considered while buying any safety product online or offline. The products with warranty give the user a tension-free experience of using the products. There are various good brands that offer warranties in their products so that the customer can trust the brand and use the product effortlessly.


Brand: Brand is an important factor that you should consider when purchasing a safety item online or offline. Brand plays an important role because good brands offer quality products to their customers at affordable prices. Therefore, you should always go for a brand that has positive feedback from the users.


Material: The material of the safety products also plays an important role in the performance of such products. A product’s durability depends a lot upon the type of material that has been used for the process of manufacturing that particular safety item. Therefore, you should go for safety products that are made with good-quality raw materials.


Top and the Best Brands to Buy Safety Materials Online with Great Offers

Superb Uniforms Safety: The products offered by this brand are procured via reliable distributors as well as trusted dealers throughout the nation and in several other countries globally. At Moglix, we provide near about 1000+ products from this brand that are listed on our website. Moreover, these are best for personal or commercial applications in different types of industries, factories, or offices.


Kavacha Safety: Kavacha is a brand that is popular and well-known for its quality products that are easily available in the market, both, offline as well as online at the same time. This brand has multiple sellers and dealers along with a huge number of reliable and trustworthy distributors throughout the nation. Moreover, this brand has a huge product range in the segment of safety materials.


Allen Cooper Safety: Allen Cooper is a known name in the field of safety equipment. This brand has a lot of products on offer in this segment with great quality as well as affordable prices at the same time. You can trust their reliable dealers and distributors as they have great customer feedback with proper customer satisfaction because of their quality excellence and maintenance.


Wellstar Safety: Wellstar is a brand that makes safety equipment and various other types of safety products that are loved and in demand by customers. Wellstar has maintained its quality for a long time. Wellstar provides total satisfaction to their customer with its high-end products that perform well under all circumstances.


We also offer a lot of other popular and renowned brands in the category of safety products, such as Ceasefire, Speed, Euro, and so many other brands as well.


Get the Safest ,Safety Equipment and Products Online at Moglix

Safety is one of the most important factors that everyone should consider, irrespective of age, gender, or religion. Therefore, you should buy such safety items online from the top brands on Moglix’s website. You will also get a great discount on bulk orders. Moglix is one of the best e-commerce websites online in India with a huge range of products offered by top-selling brands. In addition, this web portal offers an all-around pleasing experience with premium products, special deals, and a seamless online shopping experience.