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Moglix brings you a range of Safety Shoes Products from the most renowned brands. Browse through our assortment of Tiger Safety Shoes in order to explore the price, specifications and availability of the products. polo Safety Shoes, hillson Safety Shoes, allen cooper Safety Shoes, kavacha Safety Shoes, mangla Safety Shoes, nova safe Safety Shoes, jcb Safety Shoes, Karam Safety Shoes, Liberty Safety Shoes, Fortune Safety Shoes.

Choose from a wide range of Tiger Safety Shoes online at Moglix

We all know that safety shoes aren’t the most glamorous footwear one can wear to work, moreover they also aren’t the most comfortable, owing to their bulky size. However, what if we tell you that all of these things have changed now? Thanks to tiger safety shoes, which have brought about a whole new range of safety shoes, which are lightweight, combines the toughness of a safety shoe with a modern touch of contemporary footwear, and the best, they are affordable.

Tiger safety shoes offer a number of benefits, they do not just fortify your feet from perilous hazards, but they help in up-keeping your general health as well. What else? If you are seeking a pair of safety shoes online, tiger safety shoes are undoubtedly your best bet in this regard!

Safety Shoes for Every Need

Tiger safety shoes are designed, and developed using the best technology available, in order to make sure that the shoes are adept in regarding the most treacherous of jobs with great ease. Tiger safety shoes are available in a number of different formats, for instance:

Tiger High Ankle Safety Shoes

Tiger high ankle safety shoes offer better protection when deployed in environments where slipping on wet floors or working on uneven surfaces is a regular hazard. Twisting an ankle can inevitably result in a sprain, which causes excruciating tearing of ligaments. Optimum ankle support is provided by the high ankle safety shoes. The additional foam padding, clubbed with rigid rim-lining, keeps the ankle from twisting.

Tiger Electrical Shoes

Electricity has always been a potential hazard in workplace, and the world at large is already aware of the fatalities which an electricity leak can cause. Therefore, in order to help workers combat this long-standing problem, tiger have introduced a new range of tiger electrical shoes, which provide significant protection from electrical hazards.

Moglix being a highly venerated online B2B marketplace, have operations across India. Therefore, if you are looking to source tiger safety shoes in metropolitan cities, such as Bangalore, Mumbai or Chennai, then you may be deemed lucky as our cutting edge technology and logistics network is already present in the aforementioned cities. In fact, we extend our services to more than 25,000+ pin codes, implying delivering to those tier 2 and 3 cities is not a concern anymore.

Therefore, pick the right tiger safety shoe that fit your unique job role. If you are aware that you might get exposed to electricity or high voltage machines, you ought to choose electric hazard shoes, however you work in a construction site, then we would recommend that you pick safety-toed shoes, or high ankle safety shoes.

At Moglix, you can find the whole range of tiger brand safety shoes at best prices! In fact the tiger safety shoes price marked by us is well curated in accordance with the industry standards, and we feel safe to claim that the price available on our site is amongst the lowest in the country. Therefore, we would suggest you shop right away for your ideal pair of tiger brand safety shoes, and avail great benefits.

Tiger Safety Shoes Price List in India

Latest Tiger Safety Shoes ModelsExpected PriceDiscount
Tiger Leopard S1 BG High Ankle Steel Toe Black Safety Shoes Rs. 951 4 % off
Tiger Lorex Steel Toe PU Sole Black Safety Shoes, Size: 12 Rs. 910 4 % off
Tiger Liger L Steel Toe Black Safety Shoes Rs. 1232 -
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