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Moglix brings you a range of Safety Shoes Products from the most renowned brands. Browse through our assortment of Allen cooper Safety Shoes in order to explore the price, specifications and availability of the products. polo Safety Shoes, hillson Safety Shoes, kavacha Safety Shoes, mangla Safety Shoes, nova safe Safety Shoes, jcb Safety Shoes, Karam Safety Shoes, Liberty Safety Shoes, Fortune Safety Shoes, Wild Bull Safety Shoes.

Choose from a wide range of Allen cooper Safety Shoes online at Moglix

Allen cooper, since its inception in India a couple of years back has taken the safety industry by storm! Backed by its highly robust and innovative product line, Allen cooper has tapped immense success in the market.

Mentioned below are some of the common FAQs on their safety shoes segment.

What is a steel toe? And does Allen Cooper offers steel toe safety shoes?

As the name itself is self-explanatory, steel toe safety shoes boasts of a robust steel cap, built into the toe box, to provide protection to the wearers feet from falling objects. Allen cooper safety shoes do offer a wide range of steel toe boots, which are available in low, as well high ankle profiles. What is more? Allen cooper high ankle safety shoes are even FDDI certified.

Furthermore, in addition to steel toe, online catalogue of Allen cooper offers metatarsal, composite toe and soft toe work boots, designed to meet the highest level of comfort, congruously with unparalleled protection.

How do I determine the perfect safety shoes for my needs?

while out to buy safety shoes, the first thing that you should do is, determine your intended usage of the shoes (work or recreation). Then follows the type of environment you’ll be wearing them in (outdoor or indoor, wet or dry). Then comes the price factor! It is not necessary that the most exorbitantly priced safety shoes are the best, we’ll deem it just a myth.

While browsing through the catalogue of Allen cooper, you’ll discover that Allen cooper safety shoes price is well marked in comparison to other similar brands, which makes it a pragmatic solution for your requirements. In a nutshell, Allen cooper safety shoes provide a tad more value for your money, owing to their diverse

Should I go for high ankle safety shoes or stick to the low ones?

A high ankle safety shoe will offer significantly more protection to your ankles, owing to an additional padding, which will not only save your feet from side impacts, however will also keep your feet relatively warmer, if you are deployed in a colder environment.

Does Allen Cooper offer electrical safety shoes?

Yes, Allen cooper offers electrical safety shoes, for a whole gamut of work environments in which the user ought to be fortified from various perilous hazards, associated with static electricity. We would recommend that you diligently check our collection of Allen cooper safety shoes, as every safety shoe comes equipped with varying electrical safety, measured in joules.

Does Allen cooper offers PU double density sole in their safety shoes?

Yes, Allen cooper offers safety shoes with PU double density soles. In fact, you can find a whole range of PU soles, ranging from DIP dual density, PU single density and standard PU.

I want to buy a fabric safety shoe, instead of leather upper material. How can I find one?

Allen cooper industrial safety shoes offers shoes in both upper materials, fabric and leather. In order to purchase an Allen cooper fabric safety shoe follow the steps below.

Safety Shoes > Allen Cooper > Upper Material > Fabric

What are the colour options available?

Colour being solely a personal preference, have been well taken care of by Allen cooper! While browsing through the catalogue of Allen cooper industrial safety shoes, you’ll discover that the products are available in exciting combination of colours! For instance, black, brown, black and grey, and black and brown. Therefore, choose the colour which fits your bill.

Does Moglix ships Allen Cooper Safety shoes to Chennai, or other parts of South India?

Definitely, Moglix extends its services to more than 25,000+ pin codes across India! This implies that last mile deliveries to distinct locations aren’t of any concern anymore. If you are unsure of your location, you can manually check delivery and payment options on our product display page.

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