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Buy Raincoats Online on Moglix

Raincoats have evolved big-time since their inception as one-size-fits-all plastic poncho. Presently, fabrics are manufactured using advanced technologies that help in providing them with innovative attributes, for instance, waterproof, breathable, windproof, stylish, and much more. You will come across quality raincoats in a number of designs and, in a range of prices, from just a few rupees to several thousands. A smart consumer is the one, who is well acquainted with their intended usage and, knows what features are really useful in a raincoat, and what features are just bare clever marketing gimmicks. At Moglix, you will find a number of raincoats, segregated under a number of filters and, sourced from the industry finest brands

Quality Raincoat Features

There are many features that differentiate a quality raincoat from one that will leave its wearer cold and wet. For instance, even if the waterproofing is good, rain can enter at the neck or seams. Ill-fitted hoods can cover the eyes, while unprotected pockets will expose valuable phones or cameras to rain. Here are the main features of high-quality raincoats.

Breathable Waterproofing in Raincoats

Developing a fabric that will be waterproof would seem to be a fairly simple task. In fact, it is highly complex because quality raincoats, in addition to being waterproof, need to be breathable. Just because of the fact that when raincoats are waterproof but not breathable, heat from the body is trapped inside and makes the person sweat profusely, overwhelming the purpose of waterproofing. What is more, you can easily find breathable and waterproof raincoats, here on Moglix.

Raincoat Comfort

There are various features that make a raincoat comfortable. Along with being made of a breathable material, raincoats have provisions to allow heat to escape in other ways as well. Some sport mesh lining at the back, or in the pockets. Mesh ventilation can often be shut off with a zipper, allowing for easy regulation of body temperature at different activity levels. This provides a sense of comfort to the wearer. At Moglix, you will find every type of raincoat at affordable prices.

Raincoats - Price Range

RaincoatsMin PriceMax Price
Safies Raincoats₹340₹516
Duckback Raincoats₹571₹1223
Gripwell Raincoats₹312₹380
AllExtreme Raincoats₹711₹936
This data was last updated on 9/17/21.