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Universal Tools: Your Tooling Partner for Excellence

Universal Tools is serving the customers in this field for more than 18 years. You can get this equipment nationwide. The company has an effective dealer network all over the country. The products of this company do not only available in India but are exported to the whole of UAE, many African countries, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the list is growing. The sales volume of the company allows it to keep huge raw and ready-stock of tools, beating everybody in price, quality, and availability.

The tools of this brand are quality checked at each stage to assure precise performance. These tools are machined to retain the sharp edge longer and take multiple re-grinding. To find out the originality of the products, you need to check the hologram sticker available on them.

Features of Universal Tools’ Equipment

Easy to Use & Flexible: Tools provided by Universal Tools are easily accessible and very logical to use. These tools are easier for individual testers to grasp, faster to adapt and suitable for fewer mistakes.

These products are flexible enough and cater to a variety of different situations. This company and its products fulfill the necessity of consumers.

The flexibility of the products can structure and run a specific set of tests and focus on particular requirements as well as specific defects.

Reliable: Universal Tools’ products are of high quality and have a reputation for being reliable. These do not fail while using and create a safer way of tackling the job. When the user uses these tools properly, these products do not cause unnecessary damages to the materials.

Durable: Universal Tools’ equipment can be handed down to your kids and grandkids. These tools are manufactured with high-quality materials and this is why you can use them for a longer time.

Popular Products of Universal Tools Available at Moglix

Hand Tools: In this category, we have around 300 products. These products like u-clamps, hammers, screwdrivers, letter marking pin sets, and more are genuine in quality and available at the best price.

Measurement & Testing Tools: This brand offers a wide range of testing and measuring tools such as vernier calipers, rectangular wire gauges, try squares, surface gauges, sine bars, and more. These tools are more 50 in numbers and offer great service and better results.

Abrasives: In this category, we have different types of abrasives such as wheel dressers, cutters with handles, and more. All these tools are of premium quality and very reliable products.

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