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Changeover Switches

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Purchase the Best Changeover Switches Online at Affordable Prices

A changeover switch is used to move electricity during a blackout from the public power system to a nearby generator. They are also referred to as "transfer switches" and immediately link to the house, the commercial power supply, or line. The homeowner or company owner can utilise a changeover switch to switch to the generator when there is a power outage. Changeover switches come in dozens of variations, but most of them fall into one of only two categories. An automatic changeover switch switches the power to the house during a blackout, negating the need for a manual switch. A manual changeover switch, on the other hand, necessitates the homeowner flipping a switch to switch the power demand from the commercial grid to the generator. On Moglix, you can get manual changeover switches of high quality and dependability from a wide range of reliable brands, like L&T, Hager, Indoasian, Havells, Anchor, and many more.


Range of Changeover Switches you can Choose From for your Place 

Manual Transfer Switch: Manual transfer switches are used when switching between two power sources is required. One source provides primary power, while the other provides backup power. If the primary source fails to deliver power for an extended period of time, the power supply to the household system or any attached load will be interrupted, resulting in a power outage. In such a case, if we want to supply power to the load via the backup power source, we must first connect a manual transfer switch to the backup power source, which is usually in the form of a generator or something similar. After that, we'll have to operate that switch manually, and our load will be switched to the backup supply.


Automatic Transfer Switch: Automatic transfer switches can also switch between two loads. The difference here is that instead of switching manually after the power supply to the load has been cut off, this switch provides another option. When the switch detects a potential power outage, it immediately switches to the generator's backup supply, preventing a power outage to the load. In this case, there is no need to monitor the power supply or worry about the sensitivity of the load because an automatic transfer switch detects and performs the switching operation, preventing the load from being cut off from the power supply.


Tips to Remember Before Buying Branded Manual Changeover Switches

Total Amperage: In amps, electrical current is measured. Every circuit in your building has an amp rating, and if you use more amps than that, a breaker will trip to stop the wiring from heating up and igniting. A transfer switch's current rating, which measures the combined amperage of all the circuits it will switch, is another feature.


Voltage: Commercial or industrial building circuits can operate at a variety of voltages, including 208/240 volts, 480 volts, and 575/600 volts. Check that your transfer switch can handle the voltages of your circuits and equipment. PSI Power & Controls' automatic transfer switches all have multi-tap transformers that support 208/240, 480, and 575/600 volts.


Wattage: Watts are units of measurement for power. Wattage is calculated in electrical circuits by multiplying the circuit voltage by the amperage of the device. Knowing the total amperage and total wattage of the loads you'll be powering is crucial if you're trying to match the generator output to the transfer switch's current restrictions because many generators are rated in watts or kilowatts.


Take a Look at Various Brands Selling High-Quality Automatic Changeover Switches

L&T Changeover SwitchesL&T creates products that improve people's lives and is well-known for its long-lasting changeover switches. ZunSolar is a trusted brand that offers versatile and powerful manual changeover switches. Changeover switches are a simple and quick solution for a variety of electricity tasks. It provides you with the necessary electric power.


Hager Changeover SwitchesHager is a well-known manufacturer of changeover switches that use high-quality raw materials. The incredible variety of goods will allow you to work quickly and effectively. The Hager changeover switches are required for effective operation. Their products are affordable and suitable for a wide range of applications.


Indoasian Changeover SwitchesIndoasian a world-leading changeover switches brand, offers exceptional performance and long-term results. Their designs are simple to use, secure, and safe. After careful market research, they obtain their products from the most reliable and authorised providers.


Havells Changeover SwitchesHavells, a well known and trustworthy manufacturer, offers a wide range of high-quality changeover switches. Customers rely on their products because of their ergonomic designs, low cost, and remarkable compactness. Havells changeover switches are made of high-quality materials, are durable, and meet all industry standards.


We also offer various 3 phase changeover switches from reputed brands like Standard, Electron, FTC, G Solar, Anchor and many more.


Buy Durable Changeover Switches at Wholesale Prices

To choose the best automatic transfer switch for the situation, you must first understand the applications as well as the needs of your client. If you are dealing with an emergency, you want a reliable and automatic switch, with minimal or no interruption. Due to the rise in demand for acceptable quality automatic changeover switches, manufacturers have started making dustbins that are both economical and of high quality. By offering a simple-to-use website and filtering capabilities, Moglix aims to help you choose the best brand and appropriate manual changeover switches. To ensure complete client satisfaction, we conduct quality checks on all products before they are shipped. We also offer discounts on bulk purchases of 3 phase changeover switches at reasonable prices. We have a variety of changeover switches at various prices to meet all of your needs. So visit our website to find the most cost-effective automatic changeovers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Changeover Switches

Can a homeowner install a generator transfer switch?

In general, local building officials may not allow the homeowner to install a whole house transfer switch without the assistance of a certified or licenced electrician unless the homeowner is a certified electrician. Many portable generators come with a 30-Amp, 50-Amp, or both 120/240-Volt Outlet.

What size changeover switch do I need?

The largest outlet on your generator is the optimal size for a manual transfer switch. For instance, if the largest outlet on your generator is rated at 30 amps, you will need to purchase a 30-amp transfer switch to handle the entire power load.

Changeover Switches - Price Range

Changeover SwitchesMin PriceMax Price
Havells Changeover Switches₹1343₹90583
RC Bentex Changeover Switches₹280₹9137
L&T Changeover Switches₹441₹309983
Hager Changeover Switches₹2079₹284056
This data was last updated on 1/28/23.