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Submersible Cables

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Buy the Best Submersible Cables Online

Submersible cables are used in wet ground or underwater with electrical pumps. These are well-connected aluminum or copper cables that are insulated and non-toxic. Submersible flat cables supply power in submersible pumps where liquid needs to be forced up, towards the surface. These cables are manufactured under special safety parameters that offer you a safe, reliable, fire retardant, fire-resistant, lead-free, non-toxic environment that is eco-friendly too. These cables also have excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Their outer sheath is made of high abrasion-resistant PVC that makes these cables unreceptive to grease, oil, and water. All in all, the submersible cables offered by Moglix are crafted with advanced technology to perform efficiently for a long time.

Why Submersible Pump Cables are Useful?

A submersible cable can be installed in various places and can offer protection from all kinds of adverse environmental conditions. Applications such as pumps and motors can run effectively with the help of these cables and also ensure that your electrical appliances work without disruptions underwater. Submersible cables are designed in such a way that these can transmit electrical power in wet conditions. These cables can also withstand all types of liquid mediums.

Best Brands for Submersible Flat Cables Available at Moglix

Reliance is serving its customers for decades. They offer various products that are reliable and affordable. Their submersible cables are highly efficient for their jobs.

Aquawire offers a wide range of cables and wires. Their submersible cables offer better finish, strength for heavy-duty applications and best suitable for low power consumption products.

Frequently Asked Questions about Submersible Cables

Why flat cable is used for submersible?

Because of their superior mechanical and electrical properties, flat submersible cables are the best. These power cables are made of high-quality materials and have a highly abrasion-resistant PVC sheath that is resistant to grease, oil, and water.

How do you test a submersible cable?

To test a submersible cable, immerse one probe of the megohmmeter in water and another on one of the wire's ends. Examine and test all of the wire ends. Each lead's readings should yield very large numbers. If not, electricity is leaking into the water, most likely due to a nick in the installation.

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