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Sledge Hammers

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Sledge Hammers: Meant for Heavy Duty Tasks

A sledgehammer is a tool having a large, flat, metalhead with an attached long handle. Unlike traditional hammers, these hammers do not have one flat side and a rip claw at another side. That is why these hammers are also known as double face sledgehammers. These hammers have heads on both sides that are usually made of metal and may weigh up to 9 kg. With their long handle and heavy head, these hammers gather momentum during a swing and apply a large force compared to traditional hammers. These hand tools distribute the force over a wide area.

Advantages and Uses of Sledge Hammers

Sledge hammers have been widely used for centuries. These are the perfect tools for demolition tasks and for splitting large logs and wood pieces. You can use these hand tools for a variety of tasks such as:

Remove Concrete Slabs: It is very difficult to remove concrete. It cannot be removed by just lifting and splitting. Earlier, this job was done with the help of pneumatic hammers and bulldozers that break concrete into smaller pieces and make it easily manageable. But now, these hammers have replaced these heavy-duty tools. Repeatedly hitting the concrete with sledgehammers eventually breaks it easily.

Driving Bolts into Concrete: Those power drills that can drill through concrete are a bit expensive. So, if you want to install a few hooks or bolts into concrete, use these hammers.

Driving Stakes: These hammers were originally made of metal and wood, consisting of a hammer and mallet and are used in carnivals and other outdoor places. Small sledgehammers are a good option for pounding small stakes into the ground.

Removing Exterior Walls: Exterior walls are built strong that can withstand for a long time. Those who are skilled to use the right-sized hammers effortlessly can easily put down strong walls.

Best Brands of Sledge Hammers Online at Moglix

Stanley: Stanley offers the best hand and power tools that are suitable for industrial use. Their products are the best option for heavy-duty work.

Taparia: Taparia is a well-known brand for hand tools. Buy the best Taparia lump hammers online at Moglix for smooth working.

Venus: Venus offers the best hammers in the market which are specially manufactured for professionals. Their hammers are the most reliable and durable hand tools required for industrial work.

GB Tools: GB Tools is a very reputed brand that offers various hand and power tools. Hammers by GB Tools last longer and function effortlessly.

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De Neers Sledge Hammers₹341₹4280
Baum Sledge Hammers₹282₹2649
Real Stf Sledge Hammers₹205₹2089
Groz Sledge Hammers₹4269₹30063
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