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Claw Hammers

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Claw Hammers: Important for Different Construction Processes

For the construction processes, we often use various types of hammers. However, among all of them, claw hammers are commonly used for daily construction jobs. These hammers are mainly used for pounding nails into or extracting nails from wood. These are widely available weighing from 16 to 25 ounces. Its head is made of steel and handle of wood, fiberglass or steel. The one side of the head is flat and is used for pounding another surface. The rounded end of the claw is used to gain leverage when pulling out a nail. If the claw hammer is laid down, it resembles the letter ‘T’.

Different Types of Claw Hammers Available Online

Claw hammers are designed for carpentry, not for metal projects. As per the requirements of different projects, claw hammers are available in different forms such as:

Curved Claw Hammer: It contains a double-sided head that helps you drive nails using a hammer side and remove nails using the curved claw side of the head. Its side is slightly curved to minimize marring the surface you nail. The heavier the claw hammer, the greater the force on a nail head.

Straight Claw Hammer: This hammer is also known as ripping claw hammer. It is used to dismantle items, including wood, tile, and plastic. As the name suggests, this claw is not curved, fits between boards and materials to separate them without any hassle. These hammers are heavier than curved hammers.

Framing Hammer: A framing hammer is another type of claw hammer by weight and is similar to a straight hammer in size. These hammers are used in carpentry work as well as in dismantling items. Framing hammers do not contain a curved head that leads to indentations in the wood or other surfaces.

Best Brands of Claw Hammers Online at Moglix

JK Hand Tools: JK Hand Tools offers high-quality hand tools. Their claw hammers are tempered and can be used for a longer time.

Stanley: Stanley is a well-known brand for the best hand tools. Stanley claw hammers customize striking surfaces for the best performances.

Taparia: For removing nails and fasteners, the Taparia claw hammer is the best pick. It has various types of hammers that serve professionals.

Venus: Venus offers a wide range of hand and power tools. Buy the perfect hammers here that suits your job.

Why Buy Claw Hammers from Moglix?

Moglix offers an extensive range of industrial products that are available at a very reasonable price. From hand tools to power tools, you can get everything here from the best of the brands. Our claw hammers are the most reliable and durable products that can serve you many years.

Claw Hammers - Price Range

Claw HammersMin PriceMax Price
Stanley Claw Hammers₹279₹2806
Ketsy Claw Hammers₹138₹320
Universal Tools Claw Hammers₹101₹153
Taparia Claw Hammers₹308₹632
This data was last updated on 9/26/22.