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Wire stripper & cutter can prove to be extremely useful when cutting metallic wires, cables, adjusting nuts and bolts and what not. Wire strippers work on simple physics they have two blades (opposing in mature) much like a pair of scissors. The centre notch present on their designs makes it simpler to make a cut in the insulation of wires without actually harming the wire.

A lot of uninformed people use their teeth, bladders or knives to cut through the insulation. Needless to say, these activities can prove to be harmful and may even end up in cutting the wire underneath the insulation. The same is the case with cheap wire strippers. They are difficult to adjust correctly and can most likely end up damaging the wire.

A wire cutter, also knows as a diagonal plier, diagonal cutter and even cutting plier, is used for cutting and skinning wires, cutting and removing pins, nails and other fasteners. Slip joint pliers adjust nuts and bolts, end cutting pliers are used to cut wires, nails and rivets while a flat note plier is the most common type of plier and is used in a wide variety of assembly work. Browse through our categories of Strippers and Cutters to know more.

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Strippers & CuttersMin PriceMax Price
Pipe Cutters₹232₹10185
Tin Cutter₹36₹28800
Bolt Cutters₹158₹38569
Cable Cutter₹62₹24699
Taparia Strippers & Cutters₹36₹6118
JCB Strippers & Cutters₹119₹995
This data was last updated on 1/30/23.