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Stanley 16 Inch Essential Tool Box with Metal Latch, STST1-75518
4.0 (10 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹1,14021% OFF
  • Organizer on lid

  • Internal Tray

Stanley STST1-75515 12.5 inch Black & Yellow Essential Tool Box with Metal Latch
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹7143% OFF
  • This Innovative Toolbox Features Two Organiser Compartments Built within the...

  • Top Pad Lock Eye, Enables Full Locking

Taparia 80x260x360mm Organizer, ORGD 13
By: Taparia
₹93015% OFF
  • It can Survive Light Impacts & Drops Without Cracking Or

  • An Ergonomic Handle is Conveniently Located at the Top, Giving...

Taparia 195x240x435mm Plastic Tool Box with Organizer, PTB 16
4.5 (34 Reviews)
By: Taparia
₹1,0659% OFF
  • Protected Against Rust

  • Single Piece Casting

Taparia 250x260x495mm Plastic Tool Box With Organizer, PTB 19
4.5 (13 Reviews)
By: Taparia
₹1,65513% OFF
  • Locking System: Yes

  • Metal Rod Hinges for Higher Load Bearing Capacity & Comes

Durelo Metal 17-3 inch Yellow & Red Tray Tool Box for Tools/Tool Kit Box for Home & Garage, D33-17-3
  • Prevent Corrosion

  • Made of Extra Durable Materials Tough Enough for the Job

Stanley STST1-75521 19 inch Black & Yellow Essential Tool Box with Metal Latch
  • Metal Latches for Longer Life

  • Geometric Lock Latches Lock Guarantee, Enables Smooth Closing & Opening

Pahal 16 inch Metal Yellow Portable Tool Box
By: Pahal
₹1,15037% OFF
  • It Creates the Most Efficient Way to Keep Your Often-used

  • Tool Organizer is Used to Organize Screw Drivers, Wrenches, Drill

Taparia 3 Compartments Cantilever Tool Box, CTB 1803, Dimensions: 155x200x450 mm
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Taparia
₹1,9651% OFF
  • The PVC Sleeve Ensures the Blades are Protected & Safe

  • The Aluminum Construction is Light Enough to Carry, Yet Durable

Taparia 150x190x335mm Plastic Tool Box With Organizer, PTB 13
4.1 (9 Reviews)
By: Taparia
₹7401% OFF
  • Rear locking system

  • Chemical resistant

Pahal Single Compartment Tool Box, Size: 12x4x4 inch
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Pahal
₹89027% OFF
  • High Grade Metal

  • Useful for storing tools

Durelo Metal 21-5 inch Yellow & Red Tray Tool Box for Tools/Tool Kit Box for Home & Garage, D33-21-5
  • Made of Extra Durable Materials Tough Enough for the Job

Stanley 5 Tray Double Handle Cantilever Tool Box, 1-94-738
4.0 (9 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹3,84518% OFF
  • Double Handle for more comfort

  • Heavy duty metal for body construction & handle to provide

Eastman E-2250 19 Inch Plastic & Steel Tool Box
By: Eastman
₹2,3828% OFF
  • With Easy tool branding

  • Plastic Tray inside with Metal Buckle

Taparia 290x340x585mm Plastic Tool Box With Organizer, PTB 22
  • Functional & Spacious

  • It Comes With a Dual Lock System

Khadija 3 Compartment Metal Red & Grey Tool Box, TQ-EJQT-XX9Y
  • Three Compartments for Storage, Great for Home & Professional Use

  • Powder Coated Textured Long Lasting Paint Tough, Sturdy & Spacious

Stanley 1-71-949 16 inch Plastic Organized Maestro Tool Box
4.0 (10 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹73712% OFF
  • Easy & Durable Transportation of Tools

  • Made of Heavy Duty Plastic Material & Good Aesthetics

Stanley 16 inch Plastic Tool Box, 1-92-905
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹1,87012% OFF
  • Imported new pattern double colour plastic aesthetic impact

  • The product does not include tools & accessories of pictures

Durelo Metal Yellow Tool Box, D33-16
By: Durelo
₹78913% OFF
  • Easy Carry with Unbreakable Plastic Handle

  • Heavy Gauge Sheet for Maximum Capacity

Taparia 5 Compartments Cantilever Tool Box, CTB 1805, Dimensions: 205x200x450 mm
4.1 (10 Reviews)
By: Taparia
₹2,5102% OFF
  • Foldable Handle & Durable

  • Even If tool Box Dipped In Water, Easy to Clean

Khadija 49x25.6x23.7cm 5 Compartment 45kg Iron & Metal Blue & Black Double Handle Big Storage Professional Tool Box
  • Sturdy Handle for Good Grip & Box Wont Wobble while

  • Heat Treated to Avoid Rust & Scratches

Stanley 1-94-745 90 deg Angle Sortmaster Organizer
4.9 (7 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹1,20728% OFF
  • High Customization & Removable Dividers

  • Special Lid Structure & Top Lid Lock

ProMan 3T-17-R 17 inch Metal Heavy Duty Tool Box with 3 Compartment
  • Sturdy, Dual Handles for Easy Opening, Longer Service Life &

Stanley 1-97-483 Black & Yellow Junior Sortmaster Organizer
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹84922% OFF
  • Allows Storage of Hammers & Angled Tools or Measure Tapes...

  • Prevents Movement of Small Parts from One Compartment to Another

ProMan 5T-17-R Metal Heavy Duty Tool Box with 5 Tray Compartment
  • Hole Lock Design & Water Resistant

  • Longer Service Life & Double Handles

Taparia 50x240x310mm Organizer, ORG 12
By: Taparia
₹5554% OFF
  • Customer Care Number: 022 61478600 & Email Id:

Bosch L-Boxx 102 ABS 442x357x117mm Professional Carrying Case System, 1600A012FZ
  • Robust Design Thanks to the Reliable L-BOXX Material & Improved

  • Full Flexibility Due to Compatibility to All L-BOXX Versions &

Bosch L-Boxx 238 ABS 442x357x253mm Professional Carrying Case System, 1600A012G2
  • Robust Design Thanks to the Reliable L-BOXX Material & Improved

  • Full Flexibility Due to Compatibility to All L-BOXX Versions &

Bosch L-Boxx 136 ABS 442x357x151mm Professional Carrying Case System, 1600A012G0
  • Robust Design Thanks to the Reliable L-BOXX Material & Improved

  • Easy Opening of Stacked Boxes & Improved L-BOXX Click-Mechanism for

Eastman E-2250 17 Inch Plastic & Steel Tool Box
By: Eastman
₹1,8158% OFF
  • Plastic Tray inside with Metal Buckle

  • With Easy tool branding

ATC 35x15x12cm Metal Red Toolbox with Single Compartment
ProMan 5T-17-Y Metal Heavy Duty Tool Box with 5 Tray Compartment
  • Hole Lock Design & Water Resistant

  • Longer Service Life & Double Handles

Durelo Metal 17-5 inch Yellow & Red Tray Tool Box for Tools/Tool Kit Box for Home & Garage, D33-17-5
  • Handle to Provide Ultimate Durability

  • Prevent Corrosion

Proskit TC-311 Heavy Duty ABS Case with Wheels & Telescoping Handle
  • Rotationally molded heavy-duty polyethylene shell.

  • Heavy-duty black scuff resistant molded ABS thermoplastic forms the tough

Pahal Single Compartment Tool Box, Size: 16x5x5.5 inch
5.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Pahal
₹95028% OFF
  • Useful for storing tools

  • High Grade Metal

Groz 5 Tray Steel Cantilever Tool Box Set with Tools, MTB/5/84/AU
  • Tool box manufactured from heave gauge steel sheet

  • 84 Pieces tool assortment in metric sizes for use in

Groz 5 Tray Steel Cantilever Tool Box, MTB/5
By: Groz
₹4,43817% OFF
  • Also available with 4 wheel trolley made from heavy gauge...

  • Full spread cantilever mechanism gives quick & easy access to

Stanley 19 inch Plastic Tool Box, 1-92-906
By: Stanley
₹2,55812% OFF
  • Imported new pattern double colour plastic aesthetic impact

  • The product does not include tools & accessories of pictures

Proskit 903-133S Utility Component Storage Box (79x61x21mm)

Buy Top Quality Tool Storage Box At Wholesale Prices

Toolboxes are storage containers primarily used to store, transport, and safeguard tools. They may be used professionally, as a pastime, or for DIY projects, and the contents depend on the owner's particular craft and needs. Imagine having every tool you would need at home, but finding it difficult to keep them all together for quick access or to locate them when needed. The toolbox lets you consolidate all the required equipment in one location, maximising your storage capacity and maintaining a tidy garage.


This article gives toolbox purchasers in-depth explanations of the primary sorts of toolboxes & their typical applications. The article also emphasises the benefits and drawbacks of various toolbox designs. Customers should be capable of choosing the most remarkable toolbox that precisely suits their needs by following the recommendations.


Variety Of Tool Boxes Out In The Market

Plastic Tool Boxes -The plastic tool box is a simple, cost-efficient, and quick solution to keep the tools you need daily at work. These are sometimes called "empty boxes" since they are typically used to keep equipment in locations like the house, garage, or workplace. A toolbox may be helpful to and sturdy for easy access to tools by including additional tools like pins, bolts, and nails. Regardless of the material you choose, seek a toolkit that offers a few extra organising features.


Power tool storage box - A power tool compartment is frequently on the smaller side. Maintaining accessibility of a few somewhat large hand tools and maintaining order in all of their attachments will be your primary focus.

If you especially require a cordless tools storage box, a spacious storage compartment for spare batteries and maybe a recharging station would be another consideration. Investing in a set of wireless power tools that can all be used with the same sort of battery will save you a lot of headaches in the long run, but even then, you'll want to keep a spare or two on hand.

Portable storage box - If mobility is your first need, you should choose a tiny, lightweight toolbox that you can hold in one hand or a more extensive toolbox with wheels designed like a storage pit. Convenience is provided by a "hand-portable  tool storage box" or "tool storage box." Although they are lightweight, portable, and take up little room, they can only contain a minimal amount of tools or other equipment due to their small size.


Aluminium Tool Boxes - Because it is lightweight like plastic and robust and durable, aluminium is popular. Aluminium toolboxes are slightly more expensive than plastic ones and tend to endure longer. These boxes are particularly favoured in industries like aviation, shipping, and chemical, where company success depends on their strength and low weight.


Steel Tool Boxes - A steel box is the most acceptable option if you need an extra heavy duty tool box. These models include their design's outstanding strength, toughness, and wear resistance. Steel is a suitable alternative for professional & industrial usage since it is more expensive, easier to maintain, and often lasts longer than other options.


Factors to consider when choosing a heavy-duty tool box

Coating and Color - While Tool Boxes can be used in any colour for residential purposes, industrial applications require certain colour coatings or codes due to safety and regulatory requirements.


Storage Volume - When selecting Aluminium Toolboxes, this is an essential factor to consider. The toolbox's layout should make it simple for the customer to keep an eye on everything without causing a mess. Separators and separate bins are ideal for efficiently locating nails, process controls, hand devices, and other items.


Materials - Toolboxes ought to be robust. An aluminium casting is a fantastic material that would be environmentally resistant and highly sturdy. Why does that matter? If you work in the construction industry, you must be aware of the effects of the weather, which means the Aluminium Toolbox needs to be able to withstand physical abuse, stains, water, and other types of wear and tear. Aluminium may provide great insurance and is suitably sturdy.


Aluminium may provide great insurance and is suitably sturdy. Even though it isn't as durable as steel, it helps protect objects from the elements. Most tool kits include a sturdy inner layer to sustain the contents and protect them from hazards like corrosion or moisture development.


Portability - How you use the toolbox is a crucial aspect to consider while looking for one. Do you require a toolset that your vehicle can transport? Do you need something that people can hold in their hands? Do you need a toolset for long-term storage in a garage or shop? It involves identifying your needs in the context of your company. Understanding your unique requirements makes it extremely easy to choose the best options for your job or side hobby.


Capacity for Load - The material from which the toolbox was produced and its intended purpose defines its loading capacity. A box's load depends on the type of tools placed within it. Every toolbox has a storage capacity to warn the owner when they have reached their storage limit and prevent accidents when carrying and moving. Small toolboxes weigh as little as 5 kilogrammes, whereas high-end toolboxes may support up to 50 kg and have wheels attached for mobility.


Top Brands Offering Tool Boxes

Taparia Tools - Taparia Tools began manufacturing toolboxes in India in 1969 in technical partnership with a reputable Swedish business. Taparia Tools' senior management had been to Sweden for more than a year of practical training at their facility. A senior technical director from the Swedish business also travelled to India and stayed for almost two years to help establish the technology in India. Taparia Tools has constantly been producing all tool boxes in India using the precise technologies of its collaborators since then.


Vmax Tool Boxes - A group of Ad Tech specialists created an innovative solution called VMAX at Vserv. We help top telco, OTT, and direct-to-consumer companies realise their ad technology aspirations, monetise the platform, and create new income streams. VMAX offers the most excellent tools available to increase their viability and give them the capacity to last a lifetime!


Stanley Tool Boxes - STANLEY's is built to deliver dependable, faultless performance. For long-term use, it is reliable and accurate. The tool storage box has a fashionable and practical appearance. This design makes it possible to use one hand for extended periods without becoming weary. Stanley stands out as one of the best brands for  Tool Boxes and some other types of equipment.


EGK Tool Boxes - EGK are a particular power tool used for different works. Instead of a unique clutch, it makes use of a piston mechanism. EGK provides Tool Boxes for construction for your home and offices. EGK products encourage workers to actively participate in safety discussions, which lowers the likelihood of accidents. Include workers in safety policies, tools, and preventative measures while urging them to adhere to standard operating procedures.


Why Moglix Is Best To Choose Tool Storage Box

There are many uses for toolboxes! For example, they provide transit ease, keep your equipment organised, and ensure their safety and security in all weather situations. As a result, it is essential that they be constructed from high-quality materials to boost their viability and enable them to endure a lifetime! In light of this, we only purchased our toolbox packages from the most prestigious and well-known internet retailers, like Taparia, Vmax, Venus, Proskit, and Stanley! These companies are renowned for their premium goods and robust construction, which have become standards within the toolbox kit sector. We at Moglix know the value of using toolbox kits for industrial setups and their necessity for easy completion of difficult jobs. We are aware, however, that these tool chest kits must remain affordable to maintain their viability. Visit Moglix for an unforgettable shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tool Boxes

What is the purpose of the toolbox?

A toolbox, also known as a toolkit, tool chest, or workbox, is a container used to organize, transport, and protect the owner's tools. They can be used for a trade, a hobby, or DIY, and the contents vary according to the craft.

How do I keep my tools from rusting?

Maintain clean and dry storage: Make sure that any place where you store your tools is dry and clean. Use a rust inhibitor: Rust inhibitors such as WD-40 can be used. Invest in a dehumidifier: A dehumidifier can help you better control the atmosphere of your storage room and minimize humidity.