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Durelo Steel Powder Coated Finish Yellow 7 Drawer Roller Cabinet, D24/7Y
  • Multiple Drawer Sizes for Flexible Storage Options

  • Single Operation Locking System with Cylinder Locks for Added Security

Durelo Steel Yellow & Red 3 Drawer Tool Cabinet Roller, D24/3Y
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Durelo
₹33,60046% OFF
  • Durable Side Handle Enables Easy Movement of Cabinet

  • Multiple Drawer Sizes for Flexible Storage Options

Durelo Steel  Yellow & Red 5 Drawer Tool Cabinet Roller, D24/5Y
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Durelo
₹39,90047% OFF
  • Ball Bearing Slides for Smooth & Heavy Loading Drawer Operation

  • Single Operation Locking System with Cylinder Locks for Added Security

Groz 12 Drawer Portable Workstation, MTB/12/WD
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Groz
₹88,06113% OFF
  • Integrated centralisedd locking system to lock/unlock all drawers in a

  • Heavy gauge steel sheet

Moglix Insights

Top 2 price range of Tool Trolley

83% of users prefer Tool Trolley in price range of ₹20000-₹21000

17% of users prefer Tool Trolley in price range of ₹23000-₹25000

Suwas 100x40x1400cm Steel Workshop Tool Trolley, SU-WTT-001
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Suwas
₹28,4001% OFF
  • Heavy Duty Wheels

  • High Quality Steel

Groz 8 Drawer Portable Workstation, MTB/8, Dimension: 686x457x985 mm
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Groz
₹63,37317% OFF
  • Comes complete with Rubber mat on the top that protects

  • Ball bearing drawer slides with drawer liners included

Stanley Rolling toolbox chest with metal latch STST1-80150
Groz 686x457x985mm Portable Work Station, MTB/7
By: Groz
₹57,70213% OFF
  • Rugged Double Wall Construction For Enhanced Durability & Corrosion Resistant

  • Integrated Centralised Locking System to Lock & Unlock All Drawers

Eastman 7 Drawers Tool Trolley
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Eastman
₹44,40023% OFF
  • Material spcc colored logo.

  • 2 moveable & 2 fixed rubber caster wheels with brake

Durelo Steel Red Portable Workstation With 12 Drawer,  D24/12R
  • Robust High Quality

  • Heavy Duty Castor with 2xlocks Provides Better Safety

Durelo Red Tool Cart Trolly With 3 Tray, D30/3R
By: Durelo
₹16,50051% OFF
  • Open Bays to keep Large Part

  • Flat Packed for Onsite Assembly

Taparia 865x455x770mm 5 Drawers Tool Trolley, TTB5
By: Taparia
Available on Request
  • High quality ball bearing slides enable smooth drawer opening

  • Superior powder coating on the cabinates gives extra rust protection

Stanley 5-Drawer Tool Cart, 96-223L
By: Stanley
Available on Request
  • Ergonomic Handle

  • 5 Drawer Tool Cart is Made Internal Locking System for

Stanley 93-557L 7 Drawer Tool Cart
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Stanley
Available on Request
  • Resistant Handle & Nylon Wheels with Locks on all Wheels

4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Stanley
Available on Request
  • Two way toothing and spring loaded jaw provide positive grip

  • Construction in double "T" for greater resistance and durability

De Neers 1070x675x500mm 7 Drawer Tools Trolley
By: De Neers
Available on Request
Venus Tools Trolley with Box, Lock & Key, VTTB
By: Venus
Available on Request
  • Easy to Work

  • Rust-Free

Pahal 3 Rack 4 Wheels Tool Trolley
By: Pahal
Available on Request
Stanley 7 Drawer Roller Cabinet, STST74306-8
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Stanley
Available on Request
  • Multiple drawer sizes for flexible storage options

  • Ball bearing slides for smooth and heavy loading drawer operation

JCB Tools Trolley XL, 22025077
By: Jcb
Available on Request
  • Top carry handle with ergonomic grip & large locking clasps

  • Top box & bottom bin lock into position via foldable

JCB 7 Drawer Tool Station, 22025015
By: Jcb
Available on Request
  • Double wall construction

  • Manufactured from heavy gauge steel sheet

JCB Single Drawer Tool Cart, 22058774
By: Jcb
Available on Request
  • Top drawer with ball bearing slides to store smaller tools

  • 6 mm vinyl mat on top top surface acts as

JCB 9 Drawer Tool Station, 22025022
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Jcb
Available on Request
  • 8 drawers (565 mm wide) with ball bearing slides that...

  • 4 heavy duty castors � 5�2 in (125�50 mm); Rear

De Neers 950x675x500mm 5 Drawer Tools Trolley
By: De Neers
Available on Request
  • Durability & Robust Long Lasting

  • Quality Assurance

JCB Tools Trolley, 22025060
By: Jcb
Available on Request
  • Ball bearing slides for full spread accessibility

  • Portable tools trolley with integrated organizer

JCB 5 Drawer Tool Station, 22058767
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Jcb
Available on Request
  • Ergonomic design of the handle for convenient movement

  • 8 drawers (565 mm wide) with ball bearing slides that...

JCB 3 Pieces On-Site Tool Station
By: Jcb
Available on Request
  • Stacking lock keeps all the 3 pieces safe during movement

  • Metal side handles for convenient handling of individual compartments

Taparia 1025x455x770mm 7 Drawers Tool Trolley, TTB7
By: Taparia
Available on Request
  • High quality ball bearing slides enable smooth drawer opening

  • The Castors are smooth, strong & chemical resistant

Blue Point 6 Drawers Mild Steel Tool Trolley
By: Blue Point
Available on Request
  • Locking of Trolley: Flat Ley which Locks all the Drawers

  • Provided with EVA Top Mat

Stanley 7 Drawer Roller Cabinet, 93-547-23ID
By: Stanley
Available on Request
  • Full-length drawer pulls with liners & top vinyl mat included

  • Double wall construction with heavy duty metal side handle to

Stanley 4 Drawers Roller Cabinet, STMT99069-8
4.7 (17 Reviews)
By: Stanley
Available on Request
  • Ball bearing slides for smooth and heavy loading drawer operation

  • ABS top tray

Tools Trolley to Carry your Work Tools within your Workplace with Ease

Safeguard your equipment and reduce fatigue by powering up with four wheels to follow you everywhere, holding all your mechanical requirements under a single move of the tools trolley. Mechanical Tools are necessary for achieving industrial goals. But safeguarding them is a task that must be recategorized and solved with a single gesture of owning a tool trolley.

These trolleys help in the easy movement of equipment from one place to another and thus help to reduce fatigue. The efficiency of workers and the work done are upgraded when the working environment is more supportive. It also reduces the confusion and stress of required tools by systematically placing and storing equipment. Tools trolley ensures easy accessibility to tools promoting accuracy, low consumption, and efficiency. It has become the need of the time and is considered supportive for industrial work nowadays.

Types and usage of Tools Trolley

There are various types of these trolleys with different features and various functions. Each type has its specifications according to a different purpose. Various types of trolleys can be considered and surfed according to the requirements, such as these trolleys on wheels, these trolleys with drawers of different usage. Some types of these trolleys are - Drum trolley, material tool trolley, platform trolley, service tool trolley, warehouse trolley, industrial tool trolley, etc.

Drum trolley: These trolleys on wheels help in the safe mobility of tools as it requires little space for storage and reduces time and cost. Also, it helps in increased production and higher performance due to the safe handling of tools.

Material tool trolley: These trolleys provide great benefits in preventing mishandling and unwanted disruptions while working. It assists in performing the job more efficiently and has great user advantages.

Platform trolley: These trolleys with drawers support quick work saving 50% of the wasted labor due to the clear and easy reach of stored items. It also improves the life, appearance, and safety of tools, reducing the unnecessary cost to the company.

Service tool trolley: These trolleys of different types procure different specifications like secured handling advantage, increased lifting capacity, smooth motion wheels, various sizes, high-quality material, and more illuminating features shining on worth expectations.

Consider the Following Factors Before Selecting Tools Trolley

Quality: These trolleys are devices needed to meet daily requirements, so the product should be of high quality. The required robustness and comfort level should be important in selecting the appropriate product.

Ease of use: The actual purpose of the trolley is to comfort the employee’s work and reduce the mess. So the operation of the extension should be easily accessible, and the user should be able to use the trolley without any disruption.

Design and structure: The trolley should be designed and structured to provide easy access to various tools, allow storage for large items, the sorted assortment of tools, and more compartments for use according to the need to fit in the types of equipment of different shapes, sizes or weight.

Safety lock: The locks should be considered while selecting the product as the safety of the tools needs to be assured to prevent any kind of loss.

Durability: The longevity or durability of these trolleys should be higher. Double layered steel plated and anti-collision strips these trolleys are expected to be stronger and more usable for an extended period. Some famous brands are tools trolley Taparia, trolley Stanley, etc.

Smooth movement: The mobility of the trolley should be smooth so that the movement of the gadgets is secured.

Popular Tools Trolley Brand You Can Trust

Stanley Trolley: Stanley delivers 100% authentic products across a greater part of the economy with complete customer support and a secure payment experience. The product range provided is wholesale and worth the demand dimensions with great quality and available discounts. The product specifications include smooth and heavy loading drawer operation with high storage capacity.

Taparia Trolleys: The unique selling property of these Trolley Taparia comprises a variation in a product range, which facilitates the purchase from worth bare minimum to the highest of affordability. The product life and strength are glorious discretion, and superior coating and loading capacity are the additions. The quality of the product is unquestionable and deservingly accountable.

JCB Tools Trolley: JCB is one of the featured and top brands providing various products with guaranteed reliability. It offers a wide range of these trolleys sorted by different categories, including popular cases available on demand. The output is available in the different price ranges having unique specifications. The newest outputs are categorized specifically, and also the discounts highlighted can be availed for greater advantage.

Buy High-Quality Tools Trolley Online from Moglix

Moglix fulfills the expectations mark and serves you with the best of all. Buying from Moglix comes with the advantages of structured comparison between different products and brands, which helps easily evaluate the purchase to the fairest deal. The products are made available with useful information and provide complete knowledge to the customers, ensuring getting the best.