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Allyson 120kg Steel Black Dips Bar
By: Allyson
₹2,35029% OFF
  • Improves Flexibility & Burns Calories Fast

  • Heavy Duty, More Stable & Unique Design With More Comfort

AC Engineers Push Up Bars with Foam Grip Handle
Sterling 22x14x13cm Red Polypropylene Push Up Stand with Foam Grip
  • Durable & Slip-Resistant: Push Up Bars are Made of Good-Quality

  • Upper Body Exercise: By Using Push Up Bars, Upper Body

Germantech 227kg Iron Black & Orange Push Up Bar (Pack of 2)
  • Portable, Lightweight Fitness Equipment That are Perfect for Push-ups

  • The Unique Design of H Shape Push-up Bars can Protect

Moglix Insights

Top 1 price range of Push Up Stands

100% of users prefer Push Up Stands in price range of ₹300-₹400

Sterling 22x14x13cm Orange Polypropylene Push Up Stand with Foam Grip
  • Upper Body Exercise: By Using Push Up Bars, Upper Body

  • Push Up Workout with Push Up Bars Can Greatly Train

Sterling 22x14x13cm Blue Polypropylene Push Up Stand with Foam Grip
  • Muscle Training: Using The Pushup Bars Can Be an Aid

  • Upper Body Exercise: By Using Push Up Bars, Upper Body

Sterling 18.9x11x11cm Orange Polypropylene S Shaped Push Up Stand with Foam Grip
  • Muscle Training: Using The Pushup Bars Can Be an Aid

  • Holding The Push Up Grips at Different Angles Can Help...

Oddish Fitness Push Up Bars Stand with Foam Grip Handle for Chest Press & Home Gym
  • Portable & Convenient, Lightweight & Easy to Take

  • Durable & Slip-Resistant, Sweat-Absorbing Handle, Sturdy Metal Rod & Non

IBS 300kg Iron Black Folding Fitness Parallettes Push Up Bar Stand
  • Superior Stability

  • The Unique Design of H Shape Push-up Bars can Protect

MCP S Shaped Push Up Bar Stand with Soft Grip
  • Non-Slip Comfortable & Durable

  • Perfect Size

Arnav Standard Multi Colour T Shape Push Up Bars with Foam Handles, WC-FB8C-1CC7
  • Ergonomic Design Reduces Strain on Wrists & Maximizes your Effort

  • Push Up Bar Improves Strength in your Upper Body Chest,

Strauss 22x14x12.5cm Polypropylene Black & Orange Moto Push Up Bar, ST-2241
  • With Daily Use You can Achieve to Narrow the Abdomen,...

  • Portable, Lightweight Fitness Equipment That is Perfect for Pushups at

Strauss 22x14x12.5cm Polypropylene Black & Red Moto Push Up Bar, ST-2242
  • Perfect Angle of the Handle can Maximize Prevent Wrist Fatigue

  • Increase the Friction with the Ground When Doing Pushups to

Arnav Imported S Type Steel Push Up Bars/Stand with Form Grip, OSB-700304
Pristyn Care beatXP S-Cross Push Up Non-Slip Bar Stand for Gym & Home Exercise
  • It is Designed to Keep Your Wrists Straight

  • Soft Foam Grips are Comfortable to Handle

Pristyn Care beatXP Pro Plus 110kg 1ft Black Sit Up Bar
By: Pristyn Care
Available on Request
Strauss Master 22x14x12.5cm Polypropylene Black Moto Push Up Bar, ST-2240
  • Lightweight & Portable

  • Exercise More Muscles in All Directions, Exercise on the Shoulders,

Arnav Imported S Type Push Up Bars/Stand with Form Grip, OSB-700303
  • Designed for: Muscles Definition, Strengthening Muscles, Strength Training

  • Playing Level: Professional, Advanced, Beginner, Training

Strauss Moto Push Up Bar, ST-1069
By: Strauss
Available on Request
  • Durable & Handy

  • It Distributes the Weight Evenly Between the Arms & Successfully

Kawachi K361 Fitness Board Slim Flex Exercise Roller Gym Push Up Bar
Arnav Imported I Type Push Up Bars/Stand with Form Grip, OSB-700306
  • Playing Level: Professional, Advanced, Beginner, Training

  • Designed for: Muscles Definition, Strengthening Muscles, Strength Training

Strauss Black & Blue Power Push Up Bar
By: Strauss
Available on Request
  • Used for Dips & To Exercise The Upper Body &

  • With daily use you can achieve to narrow the abdomen,...

Strauss Steel Push Up Bar, ST-1070
By: Strauss
Available on Request
  • It Distributes the Weight Evenly Between the Arms & Successfully

  • Durable & Handy

Strauss 34x20x4.5cm Plastic Black Multifunctional Portable Push Up Board, ST-27562
  • Burn Calories & Build Strength with This Innovative Pushup System,

  • Each Side has 16 Different Ways to Use Holes. Through...

Arnav Imported I Type Steel Push Up Bars/Stand with Form Grip, OSB-700305
Arnav Plated Steel Push Up Stand, OSB-700308
By: Arnav
Available on Request
  • Foam Covered Handles for Comfort

  • Designed to Improve your Positioning for Push Ups

Pristyn Care Metal Frame H Shape Push Up Bar Stand with Comfortable Grip
  • After A Certain Point of Time, Gym Freak Peeps Always...

  • Push-Up Bars Removes the Discomfort You Feel on the Floor

ELITETOUCH ABS Multicolour 12 in 1 Multifunction Foldable Push Up Board
  • Foldable & Portable

  • Simple Setup & Wrist Protection

Push Up Stands - Effective Strength Training Equipment

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your health is to get off the sofa and engage in regular physical activity. Regular exercise can help you lose weight, improve your bones and muscles, and lower your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. Additionally, staying active as an older adult enhances your happiness, mental health, mobility, and ability to execute tasks, as well as your chances of living longer. Push-ups are regarded as one of the most effective fitness programs. Push Up Stand is a must to increase perfection if you want to work on it.


Push Up stands allow you to perform push-ups with proper form to strengthen your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core. They provide stability while elevating your hands to increase the range of motion compared to floor push-ups. Models featuring adjustable height settings enable customizing difficulty levels. With ergonomic grip handles and anti-slip bases, push-up stands facilitate controlled push-up repetition without straining wrists or sliding hands. Such pushup equipment suits home gyms or versatile full-body workouts in parks. Besides standard push-ups, creative exercises like pike push-ups or single-arm variants make it possible to train muscles from new angles.


Purpose of PushUp Bar Stands

Push-ups are a great weight-bearing exercise to add to any strength or body-sculpting routine. They don't have to be done by superfit or highly trained people, and they may be done anywhere. Push-ups, which are performed by professional football players, military recruits, and physical education students alike, are an important exercise for symmetrical upper-body development and joint mobility preservation. Wrist strength is improved by using push-up stands or push-up bars while completing this exercise.

Types of Push Up Stands Based on Design and Functionality

Standard Push Up Stands

The common adjustable metal push up stand features a wide base for stability, with handles that can be vertically positioned at multiple heights to control difficulty.


  • Adjusts challenges from beginner to advanced levels.
  • A sturdy steel frame with anti-slip grips prevents sliding or toppling.
  • A flat base suits floor push-up positions.
  • Lightweight and portable to use anywhere.

Rotating Push Up Stands

These stands have handles that can rotate during the push-up motion to increase shoulder joint mobility and pectoral activation compared to fixed handles.


  • Engages more muscle groups in the chest, arms and core.
  • Rotating handles encourage a full range of motion.
  • Adds variety to standard push-up training.
  • Improves shoulder flexibility and strength.

Curved Push Up Stands

These stands rock back and forth during push-ups, featuring an arched base with a central pivot. The instability fires core muscles to balance and stabilize your body.


  • Dynamic surface engages abdominals and back muscles.
  • Models with resistance bands or suspension cords increase difficulty.
  • Mimics unstable push-up grips for greater coordination.
  • Tones arm, chest and core muscles simultaneously.

Wall-Mounted Push Up Bars

These detachable push up handles directly mount onto walls or door frames. Convenient for pull-ups, too.


  • Saves storage space with a mounted design.
  • Adjusts handle width to suit your frame and preferred grip.
  • Ideal for travel since it is detachable and packable.
  • It lets you perform push-ups and inverted pull-ups.


Outdoor Push Up Stands

Rugged metal stands meant for outdoor public spaces like parks. Feature wide bases and durable construction.


  • Heavy-duty builds stand up to outdoor use by multiple people.
  • Won't tip or slide on grass, soil, or gravel.
  • Enables visitors to squeeze in quick callisthenics.
  • Withstands abuse from outdoor elements.

Factors To Consider When Selecting Push Up Stands

With diverse options available, keep these aspects in mind when choosing suitable push up stands:

  • Adjustability: Look for vertical and width adjustability so users of any height can find ergonomic hand positioning. This allows modifying exercise intensity, too.

  • Stability: Select stands with anti-slip grips and wide, weighted bases that prevent sliding or toppling during reps. Curved rocker stands need balance features.

  • Body Type Suitability: Low-profile stands to suit petite frames. Tall people need adequate handle height adjustments. Plus-size individuals require thicker grip handles for hand comfort.

  • Build Quality: The frame and grip materials should withstand corrosion and frequent, intensive use without damage over the years. High-tensile steel offers durability.

  • Portability: If you need to use the push up stand in different locations, compact, lightweight designs with carry handles prove convenient. Disassemble bases if required.

  • Added Features: Consider bonus attributes like resistance bands, rotating grips, counter displays to track reps or open bases to accommodate wider grips for variation.

  • Budget: Basic standard push up aids start around Rs. 1000, while multifunctional smart stands with digital tracking can cost over Rs. 10,000 based on quality and technology integration. Set a budget before shopping.


Leading Brands Offering Quality Push Up Stands

Sterling Pushup Stands

  • Specializes in premium grade stainless steel fitness gear
  • Push up stands feature non-slip grips and anti-rust coating
  • Robust builds support over 120kg body weight
  • Adjustable and rotating models are available
  • Attractively priced

Strauss Pushup Stands

  • Pioneer brand provides thoughtfully engineered home gym equipment
  • Ergonomic push up stand handles adjust in width and height
  • Innovative stands like the Rotating Turn N Burn model
  • Multidirectional handles challenge muscles better
  • Curved bases provide stability during workout

Allyson Pushup Stands

  • Manufactures well-designed, budget-friendly fitness accessories
  • Push up stands offer excellent value without compromising quality
  • Multi-grip models are ideal for novices progressing in calisthenics
  • Stable triangular base prevents sliding or movement
  • Padded handles adjust vertically and horizontally

Pristyn Care Pushup Stands

  • Offers medically approved fitness gear for injury rehab
  • Push up bars promote proper posture to prevent strains
  • Ergonomic contoured handles provide front knuckle support
  • Adjustable stand height and width for personalized comfort
  • Certified trainers provide correct pushup technique guidance


Why Buy Push Up Equipment from Moglix

Now that you know the advantages of thoughtfully designed push up stands and important selection factors based on your needs and fitness level, check the well-rated options on Moglix. Discover stands with adjustable handle heights and grip widths to progress from basic push-ups to elevated and weighted variants for stronger chest, shoulders, and arms.

Moglix provides convenient access to commercial-grade to portable push-up bars from leading Indian brands at competitive prices. Also, pushup stand prices we provide are affordable. Investing in the right gear makes strength training more stimulating, effective, and safer.