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Jumping rope is one of the most popular equipment and oldest forms of stamina training among men and women. Skipping is also a favorite playtime activity for children.

Jump rope exercise is quite easy and popular, which allows adults to stay fit and lose weight. Due to its several health benefits, jump rope workout has become very popular among fitness enthusiasts. Jump rope exercise helps lose weight, develop leg muscles, build endurance and strength. Jumping rope is a portable training device, which allows you to train and work out even during travels.

Five Types of Skipping Ropes

Basic skipping ropes are ideal for beginners to learn the jump rope workout. Basic ropes provide an efficient workout and are also much cheaper. They are much thicker than other jump ropes but light in weight, usually made of PVC plastic material. To provide a more firm and better grip to the jumpers, the handles of the rope are made from foam or rubber.

Speed ropes are designed to provide speed for jumpers who do intense and fast-paced workouts. These ropes are made from thin vinyl cords and are lightweight just like basic ropes. Jumpers should use speed jump ropes for indoor workouts because they tend to get damaged on robust surfaces such as pavement and cement. Speed jumping ropes help jumpers enhance their footwork and conditioning skills.

Weighted ropes are a little heavier than other jumping ropes and typically weigh around 1-6 pounds. Weighted ropes can be used by both beginners and experienced jumpers. These ropes are a little slow in speed, which allows the beginners to focus on learning proper form and jumping timing. A jump rope workout requires more energy and exertion which helps jumpers to strengthen their shoulders because of it.

Beaded ropes or segmented ropes are non-heavy jumping ropes used by new jumpers. They are made with nylon cords that are further covered by beads to avoid tangling. The beads make noise when they hit the ground, which makes these ropes apt for rhythmic jumping competitions. Beaded jumping rope is suitable for both outdoor and indoor workouts.

Digital skipping rope is an electronic skipping rope used by jumpers who like monitoring their physical activity of the jumper. The handle of the digital skipping rope has a digital meter that accurately calculates the jump count or calories burnt. Digital skipping rope is ideal for exercise, fitness, boxing, and MMA professionals.

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Strauss Skipping Ropes₹182₹201
Handle Material - Plastic Skipping Ropes₹182₹200
Handle Material - Wooden Skipping Ropes₹200₹200
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