How to get started with jump rope exercises and what are their benefits

How to get started with jump rope exercises and what are their benefits

Jump rope is one of the best and most effective exercises in the world of fitness, but one of the highly underrated ones at the same time. This jump rope cardio workout is the most effective exercise than most other types of cardio. People who jump rope every day for 10 minutes for around six weeks can enhance their cardiovascular fitness almost equal to people who jog 30 minutes every day.

Jump rope workouts are beneficial to people of all ability and fitness levels. It can be used to achieve any fitness objective, whether it's strength, performance, or endurance. Jumping rope also consumes loads of calories while helping you lose weight. Jump rope cardio just gets the job done, no matter where you are performing the exercise.

Even though the popularity of jump rope has increased in recent years, many people are still unaware of its benefits and the ideal requirements to start this workout. Here is a rundown on the benefits of a jumping rope workout and the requirements to start the exercise.

What are the benefits of doing jump rope exercises?

While most people do skipping to achieve that jump rope weight loss, this exercise offers a lot more benefits such as

  • Enhances coordination:

Jump rope cardio requires exceptional coordination, particularly for more advanced stages like swinging the rope twice inside each leap. Jump rope improves coordination since it requires numerous body parts to work together to perform a single task. To generate a continuous leaping action, the feet must leap in rhythm with the wrists spinning.

  • Low injury risk:

As mentioned above, jump rope cardio improves coordination, which means you will be less likely to get hurt during exercise or in everyday tasks. Jumping rope challenges you to synchronize the motions of the upper and lower body, increasing body awareness and agility. As a result, one is less likely to get hurt.

  • Fast calorie burning:

Jumping rope reduces around 200-300 calories in just 15min, which is greater than other cardio workouts like jogging or cycling. Jump rope cardio is a thermogenic workout because it engages most of your main muscle groups and generates a lot of heat in the body. To create this energy, the body has to consume more fuel by burning a lot of calories. Jumping targets calories at the abdomen, legs and hands, which helps you achieve that jump rope weight loss.

  • Healthy pumping Heart:

Jumping rope is beneficial to your cardiovascular system and heart health since it makes the heart pound. A jump rope workout can raise oxygen usage during exercise, meaning the greater oxygen utilization the better cardiovascular endurance. Jumping provides great benefits to people who are already at risk for cardiovascular disease. It can reduce borderline high BP or prehypertension.

  • Increases Flexibility:

This workout also helps strengthen bones and muscles. Through impact exercise, skipping rope increases bone density and muscle stretch. When a workout exerts impact, it puts more stress on the bones and muscles, making them stronger and healthier. People with weaker bones may benefit from jumping rope (taking the doctor's advice before beginning this activity is mandatory).

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What are the requirements for starting this exercise?

Skipping/jump rope is the cheapest form of exercise because it requires minimum equipment, space and can be carried out just about anywhere. In order to start a jump rope workout, you will need the following.

  • Jump rope:

Jumping rope prices are quite inexpensive and they can be purchased at any sporting goods and online stores. While purchasing, ensure the rope meets your requirements, purpose and jumping level. For instance, a PVC or beaded rope is the best jump rope for beginners and intermediates, whereas a professional jumper will majorly prefer speed and weighted ropes. Intermediate jumping learners can also go for speed ropes.

Make sure to use the rope with the right length for an efficient workout. To check if the length of the rope is the right, stand in the center of it and pull the handles upwards till the rope is taut. The handles of the rope should be parallel to the center part of the chest. Adjust the length accordingly in case the rope is lengthy or short as most of the jump ropes come with adjustable lengths.

  • Training shoes:

Jump rope workout is a high-impact activity, thereby it is an absolute necessity to wear appropriate footwear. Skipping requires some lateral stability, which only good quality soft training shoes can provide to the feet, especially when progressing to some advanced levels. Cross-training shoes that offer both stability and cushioning are ideal for jump rope cardio. These shoes provide better stability, comfort, and an effective workout experience.

  • Right surface:

Soft training shoes are not the only thing to keep in mind when it comes to impact and stability. Skipping should ideally be practiced on leveled surfaces such as sprung gym floors, exercise mats (ensure the mat does not slip or move), or a carpet. Jump rope exercise can also be practiced outdoors on rigid leveled surfaces, such as concrete, pavement, or ground. However, skipping on rigid surfaces requires a durable and strong outdoor rope.

You can avoid lower leg issues such as shin splints by skipping on soft surfaces while wearing proper footwear.

Let us know about the right jump rope exercise technique!

Most of the professional boxers who skip in the gym appear like they are dancing in the air. This is because boxers perfect their skipping techniques and abilities over many hours of practice. Although skipping is a simple workout, it is crucial to practice the right technique to get the best results from the routine and achieve that jump rope weight loss.

  • Jump from the ledge and land on the toes.
  • Keep the head up and stare straight forward instead of looking down at the feet.
  • Always skip with a straight back and avoid hunching over.
  • Each time the rope passes, jump only a few inches into the air.

Besides the right technique, another key point to keep in mind is to practice the exercise only after a proper 10 min warm-up.

Skipping ropes are fun, it offers a wide range of fitness benefits, and is a great calorie burner, depending upon the intensity and speed. Not to mention, it is easy to practice and requires only basic equipment. So what are you waiting for, get started with the jump rope exercise to enjoy all the health-related benefits!

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