What are skipping ropes and how to select the right one

What are skipping ropes and how to select the right one

What kind of workout equipment costs less than 500 rupees, fits in a small bag, can be utilised by the entire family, and enhances physical health while also toning muscles? That equipment, my friends, is a skipping rope.

Skipping ropes or jumping ropes are a perfect way to lose calories. Performing a 15-20 minutes workout with jumping rope is enough to reduce the calories present in a candy bar. Skipping strengthens both the upper and lower body while burning loads of calories in a limited amount of time. However, the amount of calories burnt in a particular time depends on factors like the height and weight of an individual and skipping speed.

Rope-jumping is a fun way for healthy adults to spice up the workout routine. Skipping places direct stress on the hips, ankles and knees, reducing weight and building muscles. Additionally, this exercise can be performed anywhere and anytime depending on your preference.

What makes skipping the best exercise:

Skipping ropes keeps you fit and is one of the most effective exercise equipment. Unlike other heavy exercise equipment, the device is lightweight, small and portable. Jump ropes allow you to exercise both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, they can be popped into the bag and are carried around while travelling on long work trips or holidays, instead of searching for gyms. Skipping rope price is very affordable, with most of the sites selling it online.

Skipping enhances the individuals cardiovascular fitness, leg strength, stamina, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, endurance and bone strength. While other forms of exercises target a particular area of the body, skipping also promotes a full body workout. Not to mention, skipping is easy to learn and provides quick results.

There are various types of skipping ropes to choose from depending on your goals, exercise type, and workout setting. Read to know more about the different skipping rope types, functions, use and the average skipping rope cost of each type.

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Best skipping rope types and their functions:

Whether you are trying to perfect your double under exercise or increase your strength and stamina with a weighted line, here are some of the different kinds of jump ropes and their purposes to know before purchasing them.

  • Outdoor ropes

If you normally do your workout outside, it is ideal to invest in a rope that is designed for that purpose. Outdoor ropes are designed from PVC material for robust use and longevity. PVC ropes are the best skipping for beginners who have just got into jumping exercises.

As compared to wire ropes, which are easily broken by whipping over the asphalt or concrete, any PVC rope is the best skipping rope for outdoor use. Some wire ropes have rubber sheaths but they start to wear off more easily outdoors. The wire shreds and the rope splits before you know it.

Beaded ropes, made of rubber beads, are also a good option for outdoor exercise and apt skipping for professionals.

The average skipping rope price of both PVC and beaded skipping rope types is approximately between 200 to 300 rupees, depending on the brand.

  • Speed Ropes

Like their name, speed rope is designed for speed and is a professional skipping rope. These ropes are mostly used by professional jumpers to achieve fast jumping speed. A thin wire is used to make speed ropes. Since rough surfaces will damage a thin rope over time, it is best to use these ropes inside your home or at the gym.

CrossFit and boxing both make extensive use of these professional skipping ropes. Speed ropes are likely to be more pricey than other styles of jump ropes. Use speed ropes with caution because they are lightweight (therefore run quickly), making jumpers prone to whipping themselves from time to time.

The speed skipping rope price lies approximately between 500 to 1000 rupees, depending on the brand.

  • Weighted ropes

These are also known as professional skipping ropes that are similar to a speed rope. Weighted ropes can also be an ideal skipping for beginners and intermediates. These ropes can aid with agility, balance, footwork, quickness, and stamina. A weighted rope, on the other hand, can increase strength in a better way than a speed rope.

Weighted ropes are also good for shoulder endurance and learning to leap at a steady rate. Weighted ropes are heavier and have only weighted handles or weighted ropes; often both are weighted.

The average weighted skipping rope cost lies between 500 to 1100 rupees, depending on the brand.

  • Workout/gym ropes

This is one of the best skipping ropes for a combination of at-home and gym exercises. Gym ropes can be ideal skipping for beginners, intermediates and professionals, which are the best at getting the heart rate up and burning calories. The price point of these ropes is relatively modest, and most of these ropes are incredibly cheap, making them the best skipping ropes for novice jumpers.

The average gym skipping rope cost lies approximately between 200 to 500 rupees, depending on the brand.

These are some of the different types of jumping ropes to choose from depending on your requirements. Understanding your requirements and jumping level is very important before purchasing one. You can purchase branded, high-quality and best skipping ropes on Moglix online. Besides this, the site offers exciting discounts on the skipping rope costs and fast delivery.

Skipping Ropes: FAQs

Q. Which rope is best for skipping?

A. Some of the affordable and best skipping ropes that you can buy online are-

Q. What are the benefits of skipping rope?

A. Jumping rope exercises help strengthen bones, promote weight loss, improve coordination, boost mental health, increase stamina, reduce fatigue, improve body flexibility and more.

Q. What are the disadvantages of skipping?

A. Skipping exercises do not have any kind of disadvantages as such but people with any knee, foot elbows problem or fractures should avoid doing them or take advice from the doctor before doing. Skipping puts pressure on your knee, foot and elbow and can further aggravate the problem, causing discomfort.

Q. Is skipping better than running?

A. Skipping exercise helps you to lose more calories than running because skippers burn 30% more calories than runners. Doing jumping rope exercise for ten minutes is equal to running a mile. Jumpers have a lower chance of getting a joint injury because the force applied with each jump or move is shared by both legs.

Q. Is skipping good to lose weight?

A. Skipping rope is a full-body exercise that consumes a lot of calories in less time. Jumping rope can burn more than 10-calories a minute for an average-sized human. Including other forms of exercises in the routine is also important as skipping rope alone cannot ensure significant weight loss.