9 types of skipping ropes best suitable for different levels of jumping

9 types of skipping ropes best suitable for different levels of jumping

Skipping rope is an excellent and one of the safest forms of exercise, especially in terms of injury statistics. This workout helps to exert the right amount of stress on the joints when done correctly. Jumping ropes motivates the jumper to keep an upright posture as this exercise is done with a straight back, slightly bent knees and midfoot landing, distributing energy evenly across the leg muscles.

Jump rope cardio is the easiest form of exercise not only for professional jumpers but every individual. Skipping can burn more calories and strengthen the lower and upper body in comparison to other kinds of sports such as running, jogging. A jump rope workout would be beneficial to the weekly fitness routine of any athlete or other individuals involved in regular exercise.

Jumping rope, like any other workout/sport, requires proper and suitable equipment to achieve the best out of your workout. Therefore, choosing the best quality and the right type of skipping rope will not only offer a good start but will also help avoid two typical issues:

  • Injuries resulting from wrong technique due to the use of poor equipment.
  • Ineffective workouts and waste energy.

List of different types of jump ropes:

Jumping rope will become a straightforward task after choosing the correct rope. Selecting a rope that suits the activity and body type is necessary. Whether you are a novice jumper or a seasoned pro with specific goals, listed below are different types of jump ropes to choose from:

  • Basic skipping ropes:

These ropes are the most basic and common type of ropes; the one that everyone used as a child. Plastic handles and a fabric or nylon rope are the common features of these skipping ropes. These ropes are inexpensive but the quality is frequently subpar. Although fabric jump ropes are of good quality they are not a great option for speed workouts because they are sluggish and hefty. These ropes are perfect for learners and indoor use. If used outside on the damp ground, the fabric rope absorbs moisture and becomes much heavier.

  • Weighted jump rope:

These are heavy skipping ropes, which allow you to hang weights on the rope or the handles. Adding weights to the handles and using a thicker wire is the best, most efficient solution. Thicker cables and weighted grips are excellent for increasing speed, endurance and power. Weighted jump ropes provided extra weights to the equipment, which is a fantastic exercise when done correctly.

Weighted jump ropes are not meant for novices, and using them requires experience and a large repertory of motions. For rough surfaces, middleweight cables can be used as they come with more durable coatings. Heavy wires, on the other hand, are more likely to be damaged by repeated collisions.

Top Sellers

  • Beaded skipping ropes:

These are colourful and the most attractive jumping ropes, which also come under the heavy skipping rope category. Beaded ropes are heavy and popularly used at contests because of their colorful beads and patterns. The beads make a sound as they touch the floor, helping you discover the cadence and rhythm, which makes them ideal jump ropes for beginners. Beaded ropes are used after mastering jumping with basic fabric ropes to achieve more speed.

  • Outdoor skipping ropes:

Jumpers who exercise outdoors on rough and tough surfaces need durable and robust skipping ropes. Outdoor skipping ropes are specifically designed for this purpose because other types of ropes tend to wear out within no time on rough surfaces. Perfect for robust use, these skipping ropes are made from thick PVC or nylon materials, offering durability.

  • Digital skipping ropes:

This skipping rope with a counter on the handles is perfect for keeping a check on the number of jumps. Digital skipping rope features a little screen that displays how long a person has been jumping as well as the number of jumps they have completed. Ideal for both beginners and intermediates, this skipping rope with counter is made of fine quality detachable PVC cord.

Digital skipping ropes are the right alternative for jumpers worried about tripping over the rope or simply have limited space for the rope to swing because it can be detached. Some skipping rope with counters also come with fixed ropes.

  • Metal skipping ropes:

Designed for speed, metal skipping ropes are quite popular in the fitness world, especially among CrossFit competitors. Metal skipping ropes are mostly formed of metal cable, with steel being the preferred material. These skipping ropes, which are used by skilled and professional jumpers, come in a variety of diameters and thicknesses.

These speed ropes are quick and do not cause muscular tiredness, making them apt for contests. Wire skipping ropes are recommended for use in parks with rubber flooring and gyms with parquet and rubber.

  • PVC coated skipping ropes:

Lately, CrossFit competitors and freestyle jumpers have been raving about the PVC coated jump ropes. Popular among freestyle jumpers, these ropes are the best because of their simplicity and rapidity of turning. This is basically a metal skipping rope with a fine quality PVC coated cable.

PVC coated wire skipping rope is flexible enough to allow for easy crossing and power maneuvers. This cable is really useful for athletes trying to double under exercise since it rotates rapidly, has a pleasant feel to it, and shortens the curve.

  • Nylon coated skipping ropes:

These ropes are a type of speed wire skipping rope that is coated with top quality nylon material. CrossFit competitors who perform double under exercise sometimes utilize nylon coated skipping ropes. These speed ropes spin fast but a little slower than the ultra-thin wires.

When spinning the rope, this cable provides a better feel, resulting in fewer misses and better control. Nylon coated speed ropes and PVC coated speed ropes look similar in structure and look. Nylon coating wires tend to last much longer.

  • Ultra-thin skipping ropes:

These are the newest and quickest speed ropes available today. Ultra-thin metal skipping ropes are extremely thin, look invisible while spinning and tough to feel. Many professional jumpers use these speed ropes to achieve speed and set double under records. Ultra-thin metal skipping ropes are most commonly used in speed and multiple contests across the world.

For more than a decade, high-level competitors have relied on these skipping contests. The wire has a very light and sensitive feel to it as it twists. Ultra-thin ropes are the most lightning-fast wire skipping rope.

These are the nine best skipping ropes used by jumpers for different jumping levels. All these skipping ropes are widely available online and can be easily purchased on Moglix at exciting discounted prices. Lay your hands on the best quality ropes from the site and achieve a fit and healthy body through jumping.