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Tube Lights

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Buy Efficient Tube Lights at Affordable Prices

For decades, tube lights have provided excellent illumination for a wide range of commercial and industrial environments, from office spaces to warehouses and workshops. One of their main selling points is their versatility, as the fixtures, these lights can be mounted in and can be hung, suspended in a drop ceiling, or even mounted directly to a flat ceiling surface. They are also inexpensive to install and operate, which, when combined with their high lumen output and wide angle of spread, makes them one of the most popular lighting options in the industry. Moglix offers high-quality slim tube lights that meet legal standards Choose from reputable brands such as EGK, Syska, Kolors, Crompton, Nexus, and others.


Types of Tube Lights for Your Home to Choose From According to Need

Direct Wire Tubes: Direct wire tubes are by far the most straightforward, as they completely bypass the ballast and operate solely on line voltage. Not requiring a ballast saves money over the life of the fixture because it eliminates the need to replace expensive ballasts that fail or wear out on a regular basis. This is especially important in large installations such as warehouses and multi-story office buildings, where cost savings per fixture can quickly add up with a large number of fixtures.


Electronic Ballast Compatible Tubes: Electronic ballast compatible tubes, also known as "Type-A" or "Plug-n-Play" tubes, are a relatively new addition to the tube lighting market. These lights, as the name implies, are intended to work with existing tube fixtures equipped with electronic ballasts. As a result, these lights will not work if installed in fixtures with magnetic ballasts or no ballast at all. Because the previous generation of fluorescent fixtures exclusively used electronic ballasts, these tubes are quickly becoming one of the most popular types sold for use with existing fixtures, and their popularity is expected to grow as existing fixtures are retrofitted with technology.


Hybrid Tubes: These tubes, known as "Type A+B," are unique in that they are compatible with both fixtures that use ballasts and those that do not. Hybrid tubes, the closest thing to a "one-size-fits-all" tube, take the guesswork out of bulb selection and have become a popular choice in the tube lighting market. They can be used with existing electronic ballasts and can also be directly wired for those who prefer it.


Universal Ballast Compatible: Universal tubes, the newest type of tube on the market, are the simplest to install but also the most expensive. Universal tubes, unlike Hybrid and Type-A tubes, are compatible with both magnetic ballasts found in T12 fixtures and newer electronic ballasts found in T8 fixtures. This is a popular option for smaller projects like retail stores, workshops, and home applications where the primary goal of upgrading to technology is to reduce energy consumption while minimising downtime during installation.


Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying Good Quality Tube Lights

Consider the expense in the long run: The initial cost of tube lights will be higher than that of traditional lighting, but don't let this deter you. Consider this an investment because choosing LED lights will likely save you money in the long run. Tube lights have a much lower lifetime cost than traditional lights due to their longevity.


Lighting Colour Temperature: The light spectrum ranges from 2400K to 6500K on average. At 6000K, the temperature produces a vibrant mood-enhancing blue light. It is best suited for use in hospitals, art studios, and offices. The neutral appearance is accompanied by a precise, clean, and efficient build. 4000K lighting is ideal for offices, stores, supermarkets, and showrooms. Choose a 2700k-3000K colour temperature that enhances red and orange tones to create a friendly, warm atmosphere. This is appropriate for use in your home, hotel lobbies, and restaurants. Knowing which colour temperature is best for you is essential before purchasing a tubelight.


Brightness: Unlike incandescent lights, where watts are used to determine brightness, lumens are used here. An incandescent bulb rated at 150 W is equivalent to 25-28 W for a tube light; thus, an incandescent bulb consumes 5 times the wattage as an LED bulb for the same lumen. It is recommended that you determine your preferred brightness in lumens before obtaining your desired output.


Temperature condition: Tube lights are significantly cooler than traditional incandescent lights. However, cooler does not always imply that no heat is produced. In reality, the small amount of heat produced is absorbed by the heat sink at the bottom and dissipated into the air. If your fixture is in an enclosed space, there will be nowhere for the heat to escape. Look for tube  lights that can operate at temperatures above the norm for such fixtures.


Choosing the right panel: Retrofitting tube lights is possible, but it can be time consuming and costly. Most panels are built to industry standard sizes, so you should be able to look for one that fits your needs. Choose the appropriate size for your panel so that it does not require any customization and fits easily into your space.


Compatible with smart switches: The future of home automation is smart houses. One of the primary requirements for smart homes is smart switches. Make sure your LED tube lights are compatible with your smart switches before purchasing them if needed. 


Brands to Buy High Quality Slim Tube Lights Online

EGK Tube LightsEGK tube lights don't get heated up while operating, therefore they are very safe. Their tube lights are the most affordable and long lasting. With a minimal power consumption, EGK tube lights are not hard on your pockets.


Syska Tube LightsSyska tube lights are made with high-quality materials and advanced techniques, allowing them to meet the standards in this extremely difficult field. The materials used to make these LED tube lights are sourced from the most reputable and official vendors, which were chosen after conducting extensive market research.


Havells Tube LightsHavells has the best selection of tube lights; their tube lights perform admirably. These are energy efficient and emit a bright white light. You can get the best Havells Tube light online for a very low price.


Crompton Tube LightsCrompton is a well-known brand that manufactures the best LED tube lights. The quality of the tube light is excellent, and you can get Crompton tube light at the best price from Moglix. Crompton products are widely recognised in the market for their superior quality.


Philips Tube LightsPhilips is a well-known name in the lighting industry. They produce the best-LED tube lights, and you can buy Philips tube lights online at a low cost. Their products have passed the standards as Driver tested as per IEC Certification, LM-79 Certified, LM-80 Certified LED.


We also have a plethora of LED tube lights for your home from other brands such as Bajaj, Nortek, Opple, Eveready, Aismart, Surya and others.


Get Robust and Affordable Tube Lights from Moglix

Tube lights are frequently replacing fluorescents, just as fluorescent lamps replaced incandescent and CFL bulbs in many lighting applications. This is more expensive in the beginning, but the benefits allow for less energy consumption over time—and lower power bills. When it comes to tube lights for home, Moglix understands the primary concerns that buyers have. We purchased the most recent line of slim tube lights, which can be used in various places, to meet our customers' expectations. Quality inspections are performed on the goods before they are shipped out for distribution. As a result, the consumer can expect their tube lights for home to arrive in perfect working order. If you are a professional or a household looking for a long-lasting tube light from one of the world's best companies, we have affordable options for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tube Lights

What is the length of a normal tube light?

The most common size of LED tube light available in the market is 4-foot length fixtures with a T8 diameter. One may also find other sizes which include 2 foot, 3 foot, and 8 foot.

Which tube light is better, LED or normal fluorescent?

It is better to use an LED tube light over a regular fluorescent tube light, as LED tube lights are more efficient. Another advantage of LED tube lights is that they do not produce heat even when used for long periods of time.

Tube Lights - Price Range

Tube LightsMin PriceMax Price
Syska Tube Lights₹136₹8062
Crompton Tube Lights₹349₹11744
Havells Tube Lights₹399₹29959
Philips Tube Lights₹39₹13527
This data was last updated on 2/1/23.