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Audio Signal Generators are used to measure the consistency in radio frequency. At Moglix, we are aware of the importance of this device to engineers and industry-based workers. To meet the needs of industry based users, Moglix presents an interesting range of audio signal generators. The tools that we are offering in this category are suitable for use in testing the generation of numerous waveforms like square, sine and triangle signals at any frequency required by the user. Our generators are equipped with output banana sockets, and a maximum wave output between 100mV to 5 volt from one peak to another. The wave outputs can be adjusted with the help of a variable potentiometer control. Our audio signal generators offer a number of selections to choose from such as square, sine and triangle waveform. The frequency of a signal can be set on a dial using a multiplier range switch. At Moglix, our flexibility and good contacts with suppliers have enabled us to source the new range of audio signal generators sourced from well-known brands like MetroQ. To have the latest range of power tools delivered on time in a perfect working condition, check out the new range offered by Moglix.

Top Selling Audio Signal Generators Price List in India

Latest Audio Signal Generators ModelsExpected PriceDiscount
Kusum Meco KM 2010 10 MHz Digital Signal Generator₹1960913% off
Kusum Meco KM 2005 5 MHz Digital Signal Generator₹1768913% off
Kusum Meco KM 2001 2MHz Digital Signal Generator₹1526913% off

Audio Signal Generators - Price Range

Audio Signal GeneratorsMin PriceMax Price
Kusam Meco Audio Signal Generators₹15269₹19609
This data was last updated on 9/27/22.