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Function Generators

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Buy Function Generators Online!

A function generator is a testing equipment or software that is used for generating different types of electronic waveforms over a vast range of frequencies. Aware of the importance of this device in different types of industrial applications, Moglix has come up with a wide range of function generators online. The products that we offer generate sine, square, triangle and TTL waveforms. The digital function generators that we have as a part of this category come with five digit LED displays.

They generate output waveform of sine wave, square wave and triangle wave. They have waveform amplitude of 100Mv-1V. At Moglix; we pay a good deal of attention to client satisfaction. Therefore, to cater to their needs, Moglix has sourced function generators from leading brands like MetroQ, HTC etc. The product price has been kept within a reasonable range to suit the budget of customers. We deal in all types of hand & power tools, cutting & machining tools, abrasives, adhesives, tapes & sealants, safety & security equipment, safety tools etc. To acquire the best deals on function generators, opt from the latest range available at Moglix.

Types of Function Generators

At Moglix, we deal in a wide range of function generators. Some of the major function generators are mentioned below:-

Signal Generators

The signal generator is a type of electronic device which is responsible for generating repeating or non-repeating electronics signals in either analog or digital domain. This device is utilized for designing, testing, troubleshooting, and repairing electronic or electroacoustic devices.

The signal generators which we are offering as a part of our collection includes models which have a Microcontroller based electronic switching system for frequencies, functions, modulation and attenuation. They have a bright backlit liquid crystal display which makes it easy for users to select parameters easily.

Waveform Generator

Our waveform generator collection includes models which are highly effective in generating electronic waveforms. The waveform generators which we have on offer include models which run using Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis (DDS) technology for generating high accuracy and high stability waveforms. They can generate programmable pulse signals and standard wave functions.

Moreover, the arbitrary waveform feature also enables engineers to produce any desired waveform using Ultrawave, the newest free waveform editing software. Using them, you will also be able to capture through the use of an oscilloscope, and download it a signal generator for output. The use of digital sampling technology and Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis technology will allow engineers to create any waveforms they may require for circuit design verification.

Digital Oscilloscopes

Our digital oscilloscope generators collection includes different types of hardware and software modules which work together for capturing, displaying, processing and storage of data. This data signifies the signals which are important to the operator. Our digital oscilloscopes can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from ground breaking research to automation. They can also be used for measuring brain waves. They are also suitable for usage in service and repair also.

Pulse Generators

A pulse generator is a type of electronic testing equipment which is used for generating rectangular pulses. They are mainly used in order to work on digital circuits, related function generators are mainly used on analog circuits. Our pulse generators have a fast rise and fall time. They come with the feature of manual/external triggering which makes them easy to use. The pulse and sync outputs of these pulse generators makes them useful in a variety of applications in R & D, electronic labs, industrial applications etc.

We also deal in a wide range of generators such as audio signal generators, USB function generators, digital signal generators etc. To meet up with the ever changing needs of our buyers, we are also offering signal generator kits as a part of this category. Therefore, you will come across an assortment of options to choose from once you browse through our collection. 

Brands of Function Generators Offered By Moglix

At Moglix, we deal in function generators from leading brands. Some of them are mentioned below for your reference:-

Crown Function Generators

The Crown function generators that we have on offer have a linear frequency scale with very low distortion. They have a constant signal amplitude with output signal symmetry close to zero. These generators have the capability to measure different types of waveform amplitudes such as sine, square & triangle, pulse, ramp, Ttl/Cmos O/P etc.

MetroQ Function Generator

The MetroQ function generators is a highly useful instrument which can generate numerous waveforms like sine, square and triangle at any frequency as needed in switched decade sub-ranges. These generators come with output banana sockets and have a selection to switch from square, sine and triangle waveform.

HTC Function Generator

Our collection of HTC function generators come with the function of dual function. They have a wide range of output waveforms such as sine wave, square wave and triangle wave. These generators can display frequency and amplitude display simultaneously. They come with an adjustable duty cycle of 20-80%.

Manicom Function Generator

These Manicom function generators come with adjustable width of output signals. Their output waveform includes sine wave, square wave, triangle wave and square wave.

Why Buy Function Generators from Moglix?

At Moglix, we have come up with the newest range of function generators to meet up with the needs of buyers. The generators for sale which you will come across here have been selected keeping in mind the changing needs of buyers. We have mentioned all the necessary specifications to ensure that you don’t face a problem selecting the testing equipment of your choice. The price of the function generators has been devised to ensure in such a way to ensure that you don’t face a tough time while buying them. Therefore, to buy a cheap function generator, select from the assortment of options which we have on offer.

Function Generators - Price Range

Function GeneratorsMin PriceMax Price
Crown Function Generators₹6319₹105999
Metravi Function Generators₹10739₹68499
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