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Depth Gauges

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Depth Gauge: The Best Measuring Instrument

Depth gauge micrometer is a precision measuring instrument that is used to measure the depth of openings, grooves, recesses, and more. It uses the base of the surface from which the measurement is to be made. These devices are divided into height and depth gauges that have different types of ranges. Some digital depth gauges range from 0 to 200 or 320 mm and calibrations of 0.05 mm, some can work from 0 to 500 mm and calibrations of 0.01 mm while some are ranged from 0 to 100 mm and calibrations of 0.01 mm.

What are the Types of Depth Gauges?

Depth gauge’s category includes various types of models such as Dial Depth Gauges, Digital Depth Gauges, Depth Micrometers, Thread Depth Gauges, Flush Pin Gauges, Depth Rules, Combination Depth Angle Gauges, Vernier Depth Gauges.

Thread depth gauges: measure the depth of the thread surface in a hole.

Flush pin depth gauges: rapidly assess the depth of different openings.

Depth Rules: For a quick assessment, we use depth rules. Typically, these are used in applications where precision is not a high priority.

Combination depth angle gauges: indicate the depth and orientation of a hole.

Vernier depth gauges: have numbers printed on them. The main scale indicates the gauge dimension to a standard precision level.

Best Brands of Depth Gauge Available at Moglix

Ozar is a well-known brand for hand and power tools. Their depth gauges are the best in the market in terms of performance and quality.

Yamayo offers are a vast range of hand tools. Yamao pit gauges are one of the most reliable tools that are perfect for professionals.

Yuzuki: Explore the wide range of Yuzuki depth gauges. These tools are of high quality and available at affordable prices.

Mitutoyo is a very popular brand for hand tools and power tools. Get the best range of these gauges from this reliable brand.

Depth Gauges - Price Range

Depth GaugesMin PriceMax Price
Yuzuki Depth Gauges₹959₹49779
Insize Depth Gauges₹3349₹238437
Kristeel Depth Gauges₹266₹2202
Mextech Depth Gauges₹9629₹15246
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