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Laser Printer

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Buy Latest Laser Printers Online at Best Price

Laser printers are extensively used in offices, schools, shops, and many more places to print text and images. They use advanced technology and methodology to print quick copies of any document. You can use them for various printing applications right from printing company folders to personal documents, posters, photos, cards, resumes, brochures, etc. As compared to others, laser printers provide fast and better quality prints. There are various kinds of laser printers available online like:

Mono Laser Printers: They are also known as Monochrome Laser Printers. These printers print text and images by using a laser beam. They use only black toner cartridge. They cannot print colored documents.

Color Laser Printers: To overcome the disadvantage of monochrome laser printers, color laser printers are introduced. They can print colored documents. These printers use four cartridges such as cyan, magenta, black and yellow.

Wireless Laser Printers: The days of connecting your printer to computers and laptops are gone. Wireless laser printers allow you to work without getting troubled. They are multifunctional and use advanced technology to print.

Features of Laser Printers

A laser printer has various features that make work easier. If you are planning to purchase one, you must look at its features:

Speed: The speed of a laser printer depends on the pages it prints in one minute (ppm). The printing speed can vary according to its model and manufacturing. Generally, it offers a speed from 17 ppm to 24 ppm.

Media Support: Including papers of different sizes and thicknesses, a laser printer supports many media types. It can have up to five plates that can hold different types of papers.

Cost: Laser Printers come in the various price ranges. According to the brand and features, they vary in cost. However, they all provide fast and quality services.

Memory: All laser printers come up with a certain memory installed. However, you can upgrade their memories by adding memory modules. Some printers also have built-in hard drives.

Brands of Laser Printers Online at Moglix

If you need a long-lasting laser printer, buy it from the best brands available online. It offers a wide range of reputed and trustworthy brands. Check the list below:

Canon: Canon provides a variety of laser printers online with advanced security features. It fulfills personalized usability and increases workflow. Buy multi-function cannon printers online from Moglix at an affordable price.

HP: HP printers are very popular in homes and small offices. They can easily print vibrant color images and text. You can also use these printers from your mobile phones or tablets.

Panasonic: Buy Panasonic laser printers online. It offers the best printers in the best range of prices. Make your office smart with a wide range of Panasonic printers.

Samsung: A very popular and well-known brand that provides a variety of products. Samsung printers combine the power of durability, reliability, security with professional performance. Buy the best Samsung printers from Moglix.

Why Buy Laser Printers from Moglix

If you are planning to buy a laserjet printer online, browse through our website. Moglix is the best online platform to buy various industrial products. Get a variety of laser printers here of the best brands at the best price. Make your shopping experience unforgettable with Moglix.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Printer

Which printer is the best, an inkjet or a laser printer?

Laser printer is preferred as its PPC cost is less than that of an Inkjet printer.

For how long does a laser printer last?

Depending on usage pattern, a laser printer can last upto 5 years.

What is the average printing cost per paper

The average printing cost varies from printer type and printer model. However, it is lesser for a laser printer as compared to Inkjet printers

Do laser printers clog up like inkjets?

No, laser printers do not clog up like inkjet printers.

What is the difference between Laser Printer & Laserjet printer?

Laser printers and laserjet printers are same.

Laser Printer - Price Range

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