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Hand Dryers

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Drying Made Easy With Hand Dryer Machines

A hand dryer is an electrical device that utilizes the heating effect of internal filaments to produce and blow out hot air. This type of machine is usually made available in the form of an air blower, commonly as jet hand dryers, and the most widely available forms are automatic hand dryers. These electric hand dryers are typically found installed in a range of public and private places exposed to or prone to being exposed to hand washing, such as public restrooms, restaurant urinals, hotel bathrooms, a hand-wash zone in airports, and so on.

These automatic hand dryers are posed as a cost-effective alternative to paper towels or facial tissues in public settings since the electricity they draw is far less compared to the expense of constantly replacing drying paper.

A Brief Lesson in History of Hand Dryer Machines

The earliest recorded use of jet hand dryers can be traced back to the patent of Airdry Corporation in New York. It was sold as a stand-alone floor unit that consisted of a standard, inverted blower that could be controlled by foot using a pedal placed on the floor. However, the widespread public notoriety of electric hand dryers came with the Model A Dryer developed by World Dryer in the 1950s. This built off of the same heating principle of its predecessor but was far more efficient and compact.

Mitsubishi Electric produced the most recent ancestor of the modern-day jet hand dryer called the “Jet Towel”. This model used a stream of air blown over the hand placed underneath instead of the principle of heating and simple evaporation.

The Operation of Electric Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers are very easy to operate. The manual form of such hand dryers usually functions by the simple push of a button. Alternatively, the automatic variant of these hand dryers operates using a sensor to identify when an object is placed underneath it. The sensors are typically made using infrared light-emitting devices that respond to an obstruction in their field of view.

In its most basic use case, all types of electric hand dryers have a built-in heating element that produces warmth by passing a current through a thin, uninsulated wire. The wires are built of thermic metals such as nichrome or tungsten, allowing the heat to be dissipated directly out of the machine. Jet hand dryers additionally employ a blower-like mechanism to push out streams of air that carry the heat from the heating element. Together, these two processes aim to cause rapid evaporation of the water left on the surface of the hand, thus allowing it to become dry.

Merits of Using Hand Dryer Machines

There are plenty of desirable reasons to install hair dryers for your personal and commercial utility. Firstly, these devices are environmentally friendly in that they reduce the need to use non-biodegradable paper towels, thus reducing landfills. Secondly, they are cost-effective because they save plenty of pennies on electricity bills in the long run. Lastly, they offer a completely convenient washing and drying experience!

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Bharat Photon Hand Dryers₹6490₹63990
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Delta Solutions Hand Dryers₹4264₹16360
Material - Abs Hand Dryers₹4264₹65999
Material - Abs Plastic Hand Dryers₹2729₹15659
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Material - Stainless Steel Hand Dryers₹7379₹63990
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