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Dolphy Silver 8 inch Wall Mount Stainless Steel 5X Magnifying Shaving Makeup Round Mirror, DMMR0001
  • Premium Quality & Stylish

  • 360 deg Free Rotation & Multi-angle Expansion

Drizzle Stainless Steel Silver Shaving & Makeup Mirror with One Side Normal & One Side 5x Magnifying Glass, ASHAVEMIRROR
ZAP 8 inch Stainless Steel Silver Bathroom Mirror with 2X Magnifying & Wall Bracket with Adjustable Frame
  • Two Sided Swivel (One Side Standard, Other Side 10X Magnifying)

  • Elegant Design, Would Be Suitable for Any Family & Hotel

Dolphy 20cm Stainless Steel Gold 5X Magnification Tabletop Shaving & Makeup Vanity Mirror, DMMR0019
  • 5X Magnification, No Installation Required & Adjustable Angle for Easy

  • High Clear Mirror Glass

ZAP 9 inch 5X LED Magnifying Bathroom Makeup Mirror with Wall Bracket & Adjustable Frame
  • Appropriate Light

  • Double Sided Magnifying Makeup Mirror

Dolphy 20cm Stainless Steel & Brass Gold 5X Magnifying Shaving & Makeup Mirror , DMMR0005
  • 360-Degree Swivel Design

  • 5x Gold Magnifying Mirror

Dolphy 20cm Alloy Steel Silver Round 5x Magnification Tabletop Floor Mount Mirror, DMMR0016
  • 5X Magnification, No Installation Required & Adjustable Angle for Easy

  • Elegant Design, Would be Suitable for Any Family & Hotel

Aquieen Brass Chrome Wall Mounting Shaving & Make Up Mirror
  • 3x Magnification

Kamal Adjustable Shaving Mirror with Free Tap Cleaner, ACC-1198
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Kamal
₹2,50033% OFF
  • Anti-Corrosive, Easy to Clean & Easy to Install

  • Elegant Finish, Stunning & Shimmering

Aquieen Brass Chrome Polished Wall Mounting Magnification LED Shaving & Make Up Mirror
Drizzle 2 Pcs Stainless Steel Silver Shaving & Makeup Mirror Set, ASHAVEMIRROR2
  • One Side Normal & One Side 5x Magnifying Glass

Taptree Stainless Steel Chrome Finish Bathroom Mirror, BFS-15725
  • Anti-Corrosion, Easy to Clean & Easy to Install

  • Elegant Finish, Stunning & Shimmering

Prestige 8 inch Stainless Steel Round Bathroom Makeup Mirror with 5X Magnifying
Jaquar Continental ACN-CHR-1195N Swivel Mirror - (Wall Mounted)
Taptree Stainless Steel Chrome Finish Bathroom Mirror, BFS-15726
  • Elegant Finish, Stunning & Shimmering

  • Anti-Corrosion, Easy to Clean & Easy to Install

Eauset Evolo 8 inch Wall Mounted Saving Mirror, AEO691
By: Eauset
Available on Request
Hindware Contessa 8 inch Chrome Brass Magnifying Glass, F880009

Purchase a Magnifying Mirror for your Bathroom at Economical Costs

The wall mirror is the most popular and frequently used type of bathroom mirror. Mirrors on walls have many advantages. They are often the largest mirrors you may include in your bathroom to start with. Due to the large amount of reflecting space they provide, wall mirrors are perfect for this. Additionally, they can incorporate a wide range of features into their designs. Wall mirrors frequently come with lovely frames that are adaptable and may be used in a variety of bathroom designs. Wood and various types of metal with a wide variety of finishes are common materials for frames. In order to enhance the illumination in your space and make it simpler to view objects in the mirror's image, wall mirrors can also come with LED lighting. 


This item is simple to include in bathrooms found in hotels, restaurants, gyms, spas, or private residences. They will enhance the attractiveness of any area and dazzle visitors to the restroom. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical magnifying mirrors for bathrooms from renowned brands such as Dolphy, Drizzle, Aquieen, Taptree, ZAP, and more.


Types of Durable Bathroom Mirrors to Choose From

Makeup mirrors: Without a good makeup mirror, it is impossible to apply makeup flawlessly. You can easily see the brush strokes on your makeup in a mirror. Concave mirrors provide you with a better view of yourself when used as cosmetics mirrors. The simplicity of the application method makes it easier to get the desired look.


Shaving mirrors: To consistently achieve a nice and clean appearance, you need concave mirrors or shaving mirrors. The concave structure of a shaving mirror enables you to view an enlarged and upright image. As a result, shaving or trimming takes less time.


Wash basin mirrors: It goes without saying that guests will use the restrooms when you host a party at your home. Everyone checks themselves out in the mirror on the sink. A washbasin mirror improves the beauty of your bathroom and enables you to check your appearance before leaving.


Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing the Right Mirror

Size and shape: Choose the mirror depending on the size of your bathroom and wash basin area. In your bathroom, you don't want an excessively big or small mirror. Because it will eventually end up in the trash, make sure you are fully aware of the bathroom's measurements before making a purchase.


Design: Do you require a rectangle or oval-shaped mirror? Even the round mirrors are gorgeous and timeless! The design you choose is entirely up to you. Go for whatever appeals to your aesthetic. But remember to picture it in your head first.


Mirror edges: Mirror edges may pose a serious risk. If you're not careful, they could give you severe cuts. Make careful to purchase a mirror with clean edges if you want to avoid this mess. Circular or oval mirrors typically don't exhibit this issue. But you must take this factor into consideration when using square or rectangular mirrors.


Strength & Thickness: These mirrors should be hung or fastened to the wall. They ought to be precisely the right thickness and strength. In contrast to tiny mirrors, thick ones are sturdy and do not fracture.


Cost: The price of the bathroom mirror will vary for a variety of factors. The price of a bathroom mirror will first depend on its quality. The bathroom mirror frame, durability, and other factors can all affect how good a mirror is. Take into account the material while choosing a bathroom mirror frame. The frame material will undoubtedly impact the bathroom mirror cost. Durability is another aspect of bathroom mirror cost. All bathroom mirrors are naturally fairly delicate, but the construction quality should be taken into account. If the price of a bathroom mirror is a concern for you, you might have to be selective about the features you want in your mirror.


Prominent Brands that Sell High-Quality Magnifying Mirrors


Dolphy Bathroom Mirrors: The Dolphy bathroom mirrors are unquestionably a classy piece. The mirror is incredibly sturdy and composed of high-quality materials. They are stunning polished bathroom mirrors and are offered in a variety of sizes to select from.


Drizzle Bathroom Mirrors: The gorgeous bathroom mirrors are from Drizzle. The mirrors can be easily fixed to the wall and are made of high-quality glass. The durable item has a long lifespan and is a wonderful mirror with good durability. Your bathroom area becomes more appealing thanks to the mirror's elegant appearance. 


Aquieen Bathroom Mirrors: High-quality Aquieen goods include Aquieen mirrors. They offer an excellent range of bathroom mirrors. Their entire line of magnifying mirrors is produced using cutting-edge techniques. 


Taptree Bathroom Mirrors: Taptree mirrors are made from high-quality components to ensure that they satisfy this competitive market's requirements. The raw material used was chosen after considerable market research from the most reliable and credible sources.


We also have a plethora of bathroom mirrors from other brands, such as Prestige, Hindware, Eauset, Kamal, and many more.


Buy an Exclusive Range of Bathroom Mirrors at Best Prices

Every kind of mirror has a wide range of advantages that can raise the standard, aesthetic appeal, and comfort of your bathroom as a whole. After everything is said and done, your bathroom should have a lovely design and lovely bathroom mirrors. Any bathroom design must include mirrors. They can take on a variety of shapes, each of which has a special function. 


Your search is ended if you're looking for a high quality bathroom mirror. Moglix, one of the best e-commerce companies in the country, offers magnifying mirrors for bathrooms from top brands. This web portal provides an overall satisfying experience, whether it is luxury goods, exclusive discounts, or a seamless online shopping experience. Using the user-friendly software from Moglix, you may browse our products with ease and comfort. Customers may compare the benefits and prices of various products thanks to the simple navigation. 


Additionally, Moglix offers special discounts on orders for discounted bulk purchases. The best thing is that Moglix guarantees that the bathroom mirror price is reasonable, lovely, and well within everyone's means.