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Best Bathroom and Wash Basin Mirror Online

Bathroom mirrors and wash basin mirrors are a must when you are pampering yourself. Bathroom mirrors are important when you are doing stuff like shaving armpits or applying face masks. Similarly, the washbasin mirror allows you to take a final look at yourself and see if you need a touch-up. These sanitary ware mirrors are an integral part of a bathroom. But how often do we feel the need to check them and get the best ones?

Types of mirrors important in the bathroom area

Makeup mirrors: Ok ladies let’s get one thing straight! You cannot apply makeup perfectly without a proper makeup mirror. A makeup mirror allows you to see clearly the strokes of your makeup brush. Using concave mirrors as makeup mirrors provide you a bigger picture of yourself. This helps in creating the look you desire by the ease of application process.

Shaving mirrors: Gentlemen while trimming your beard you surely don’t wish to spoil your look because of plain mirrors, do you? This is why you need concave mirrors or shaving mirrors to get a neat and clean look every time. A shaving mirror being concave in nature allows you to look at a magnified and erect image. Thus, shaving or trimming becomes a less hectic process.

Wash basin mirrors: Whenever you have a party at your residence it is obvious for the guests to use washrooms. A washbasin mirror would be perfect for everyone to take a look at themselves. A washbasin mirror enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom and allows you a last-minute check of how you look. Also, bathroom selfies are getting trendy these days..!

Things to keep in mind while buying bathroom mirrors

Size & shape: Choose the mirror depending on the dimensions of your bathroom and wash basin area. You don’t want an extra-large or miniature mirror in your bathroom. Because it will ultimately lead its way to the trash. Before making a purchase make sure you know well the dimensions of your bathroom.

Design: Do you need an oval-shaped mirror or a rectangular one? Even the circular mirrors look amazing and classic! The choice of design totally depends on you. Whichever suits your aesthetics go for it. But keep in mind to visualize it in your mind beforehand.

Mirror Edges: Edges of mirrors can sometimes be really harmful. They may give you severe cuts if not careful. To avoid this mess, make sure you get a mirror with smooth edges. Usually, circular or oval mirrors don’t show this problem. But in the case of square or rectangular mirrors, you need to check this factor.

Thickness & Strength: These mirrors are to be hung or attached to the wall. So they should have the exact thickness and strength. Thick mirrors don’t crack and are durable as compared to thin ones.

At Moglix, you can be assured to get a mirror with all of these traits at affordable rates. Moglix provides you a range of premium quality mirrors that will uplift the looks of your bathroom. So, hurry up and buy now to grab some amazing deals..!!