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Basin Taps

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Check Out the Best Basin Taps at Affordable Prices

New basin taps are an excellent way to improve the overall appearance of your restroom, en-suite, and cloakroom without spending a lot of money on a complete makeover. Basin taps are important fixtures that may alter the appearance and usefulness of your bathroom. 

Basin taps that save energy and water are now available, which may benefit your house and the environment. Taps, such as kitchen sink taps & Mixer Taps, manage and supply water from tubes to various sites of usage, such as a basin, kitchen, jacuzzi, bathroom, or lavatory. A typical house has a complex plumbing network for cold and hot water.


Various Types of Basins Taps in the Market

Pillar Faucet- The pillar tap is an older form of faucet that you've already seen. They are typically installed atop the basin and feature separate cold and hot water supply taps. A pillar tap is a type of draw-off faucet that has a vertical intake & an uptilted / horizontal open output.


Elbow Action Pillar Tap- Elbow Action Pillar Cock seems to be a Basin Tap constructed of premium materials. It is intended for use with a washbasin and includes an easy-to-use lever handle. Such taps are made of high-quality brass and are meant to last. They are very lightweight (570 grams) and simple to install. Furthermore, they feature a three-year warranty, making you confident in their quality.


Automatic Sensor Basin Tap- Sensor taps are operated by an infrared beam generated by a sensor, which is often situated on the stem. Whenever hands are positioned in front of the beam, it breaks, causing water to pour. The water then runs for a certain amount of time before shutting down automatically. When you pull your arms far from a tap, the infrared sensor can detect it and immediately turns off the water.


Deck Mounted Pillar Tap- Deck mounted tap is secured to basins or bathtubs by holes drilled on the surfaces. They are indeed a typical style of tap & are typically more straightforward to set up than wall-mounted taps. Deck mount refers to a tap attached to the countertop rather than directly to the walls and the sink.


Wall Mounted Sink Faucet- Every bathroom would benefit from a Wall Mounted Sink Faucet. It is constructed of brass & has a modern appearance. Wall Mounted Sink Faucets are an excellent option for bathroom fixtures. These faucets are made from premium-grade brass and have a shiny chrome appearance. They will add a bit of style to any bathroom. Such basin taps provide excellent value for cash, given their low price.

Factors to be Considered Before Purchasing Basin Taps

Durability- Quality of design is just as important as the aesthetics, cost, and ease of installation when shopping for a new sink tap or wash basin tap. Make sure they are constructed from long-lasting materials that can withstand the deteriorating effects of water erosion and corrosion.


Cost- The entire cost is the most significant determining factor. Your budget will determine the kind & quality of sink tap placed in your bathroom. If you possess the luxury of selecting a high-priced wash basin tap, you are also ensuring high-quality components that are both long-lasting and practical. The decision is entirely dependent on your financial situation.


The flow of water- Think about how much water you'll need flowing through it before you choose a sink fixture or a wash basin tap. Looking at your current sink and wash basin tap is the greatest place to start. make your decision on the style of your next shower or wash basin tap based on that. Since the needs of each bathroom are unique, several brands provide a wide selection of faucet and wash basin tap options. 


Design as required- Investing in taps for wash basins that complement your decor is a must. There are several factors to think about when deciding on a tap for a wash basin or tap design for a new bathroom or a remodel, such as whether or not you want individual hot and cold water knobs. In that case, how will you hang them—in a vertical or horizontal orientation? And which model, a diverter or a mixer, is best? Think about all of these factors before making your ultimate purchase decision.


Brands Offering High-Quality Basin Taps

 Jaquar - Jaquar sells the best quality bathroom and kitchen faucets. They provide bath and kitchen taps, soap dishes, basin mixers, handheld taps, and many more faucets. 


Hindware - When it comes to Indian faucet manufacturers, Hindware is a true classic. The company has released a brand-new, highly-anticipated line of taps to better serve the needs of its customers. The ABS material is used in the construction of the health faucets they provide. There's a rubberized cleaning mechanism built into them. These faucets can help people practice good hygiene habits.


Kohler- Kohler is a well-known & respected company, well recognized for their bathroom & plumbing goods. However, you might have noticed Kohler promoting itself in terms of ambition & making visually & technically ambitious items for some while now.


Kamal- The Kamal faucets we carry are resistant to corrosion, simple to maintain, and quick to set up. They add a sophisticated touch to bathrooms and raise the bar for elegance in the space. Therefore, they are perfect for those who want to make their bathrooms look more elegant. People from all walks of life tend to like these taps due to their practicality and aesthetic appeal.


Why Choose Moglix to Buy Basin Taps

If you want to purchase taps for washbasins online, Moglix is the one-stop store for all the washroom supplies! The basin taps & bathroom fittings accessible on our web platform have been carefully chosen & onboarded from reliable providers without sacrificing quality. It implies that whether users purchase basin taps or other types of bathroom accouterments, our goods are guaranteed to last for a long time and provide the best worth for the money. Depending on your requirements and the place where the faucets will be put, you may browse the e-stores & select the one that best meets your requirements and tastes. Big brands like Jaguar, Cera, Oleanna, Kohler, and numerous others are accessible online. Order today to enjoy a stress-free buying experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Basin Taps

Why are taps always so near the walls of basins/sinks?

The thing with the taps is that they need to be connected to the pipelines at all times. And also the pipes are very vulnerable and because of these reasons, it’s important to install the pipelines behind the walls and that makes taps near the walls of basins/sinks.

Are basin taps of standard size?

Not all basin taps are the same size; tap sizes can vary based on a variety of factors. As a result, it's critical to ensure that the taps you purchase for your basins are the correct size.

Basin Taps - Price Range

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