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Flush Valves

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Buy the Best-in-Class Flush Valves Online with Exciting Offers and Attractive Deals

A flush valve is a kind of switch used in different types of flushing systems in toilets and restrooms at the same time. It is a valve that closes automatically once it is opened by the user, it releases a huge amount of water inside the toilet seat with powerful pressure. It helps in keeping the toilet seat clean as well as it flushes all the discarded material from the commode or any other type of toilet seat in the restroom. Moreover, the valve gets fitted in the exterior body of the water tank placed behind the toilet seat. In addition, at Moglix, we offer high-end, useful, as well as long-lasting flush valves from various top-selling and premium brands, such as Jaguar, Hindware, and many more.



Some Useful Types Available in the Category of Toilet Flush Valves

Plunger Flush Valves: The plunger toilet flush valves are also known as piston-style toilet flush valves at the same time. These toilet flush valves are easily available to buy and are one of the most popular flush valves used in various toilets and restrooms. Moreover, these flush valves are made with premium quality cast brass body that makes them work effortlessly, without any complication in functioning.



Diaphragm Type Plastic Flush Valves: These flush valves are also used for a long time in the history of toilet and restroom fittings. These flush valves are way too similar to plunger-style flush valves. However, some major differences are also there at the same time. Moreover, you can get these types of toilet flush valves online at Moglix.



Diaphragm Type Brass Flush Valves: The diaphragm type brass flush valves are made with the finest brass material which makes these valves much more durable and long-lasting at the same time. Moreover, these toilet flush valves are used in a lot of houses and other buildings as well. In addition, Moglix offers these diaphragm-type brass flush valves online with great offers and deals.



Float Cup Fill Flush Valves: The float cup fill flush valves are made with plastic material and are much more modern with fresh designs used nowadays in the industry. These toilet flush valves are equipped with a plastic floating round-shaped cup which makes movement in up and down motion around the fill valve shaft at the same time.



Consider the Following Factors Before Buying a Toilet Flush System Online

Material: Material is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying products related to the toilet or washroom fittings at the same time. There are various brands that offer these flush tanks and their parts, such as flush valves and more, however, not every brand provides a good product made with good quality material. Therefore, you should always check the material used to manufacture the toilet flush system.



Brand: Not all brands are providers of quality products, therefore, picking up a perfect brand for purchasing such equipment and fittings for toilets and washrooms is a tough decision to make. Therefore, you can leave this headache with Moglix and choose from their listings, where they provide all the top-selling brands in this category, with premium products on offer at the same time.



Warranty: Warranty is also one of the most common and essential factors that a customer should consider before making any purchase, specially when it comes to toilet fittings and accessories. Moreover, a product with a warranty is much better and worth buying, as compared to one without any warranty or assurance.



Some Top-Selling Brands in the Category of Flush Tanks and Toilet Flush Systems Online at Moglix

Hindware Flush Valves: Hindware is one of the most popular and best-selling brands in the category of the toilet and washroom fittings and accessories at the same time. Hindware is known for its quality products that are available in different models and designs with different price ranges so that everyone can afford the products offered by this brand. Moreover, you can buy various products from this brand online at Moglix’s website, along with great offers.



Marc Flush Valves: Marc is known for its quality and affordable prices as well. Moreover, this brand is a well-established brand when it comes to bathing and sanitary solutions in India. This brand provides various types and variants of products on offer with premium quality and reliability at the same time. They have multiple options for you, such as toilet flush systems, flush tanks, flush valves, etc.



Elegant Casa Flush Valves: Elegant Casa is known for the quality and durability that it provides with its various types of washroom and restroom fittings, such as toilet flush valves, flush tanks, and many other products at the same time. This brand has various options with it from which you can select the one that suits your needs and requirements. Moreover, Moglix offers you the best of Elegant Casa products with great prices and attractive deals as well.



Jaguar Flush Valves: Jaguar is a brand that needs no introduction, in the category of toilet and washroom fittings and equipment at the same time. The name of the brand is enough to win the trust of the customers. Moreover, this brand is providing these top-notch products for a long time and has a huge customer base throughout the nation.



We also have a huge number of various other renowned as well as popular brands in the category of toilet flush valves and flush tanks, such as Parryware, Cera, Azaro, and many more.



Get the Best Quality Flush Tanks & Flush Valves Online with the Most Affordable and Attractive Prices

You are at the perfect place if you are looking for designer and reliable washroom and restroom fittings online with the best quality and discounted rates at the same time. Moglix is one of the best e-commerce websites in the country. Moreover, using Moglix's user-friendly and easy-to-use software, you can browse all our products effortlessly. In addition, the user can easily compare the features along with the price offered by various brands before making a final decision. You can also get some additional discounts online at Moglix with bulk orders.


Frequently Asked Questions about Flush Valves

How do I know if my toilet uses a 2 inch or 3 inch flush valve?

Look at the drain port for the flush valve at the base of your tank. You need a 2?? flapper if the opening appears to be around the size of a baseball or an orange. You need a 3?? flapper if the opening appears to be roughly the size of a softball or grapefruit.

Is a larger flush valve better?

Larger valves typically transfer water more quickly, improving flushing. Make sure you buy a flush valve that will function for that particular toilet when replacing the flush valve in an existing toilet. Usually, you have to stay within the parameters of the existing size.

Flush Valves - Price Range

Flush ValvesMin PriceMax Price
Finish - Chrome Flush Valves₹519₹6351
Finish - Matt Flush Valves₹759₹829
This data was last updated on 1/28/23.