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Water Closets

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Maintain Your Daily Hygiene With Water Closets

The compartment in which the lavatory holds a flush is the water closet. This is responsible for the hygiene and the sanitation of the members who live in the house or the office. This is the most essential requirement in every privy room.

Mechanism of the Toilet Closet

These toilet closets are connected with the drainage that uses a rubber water gasket which will be fixed in-wall or the floor using some fixtures. The water tank is connected to a tank with a plastic pipe and a water pipeline which is connected neatly with the water tank. When someone uses the privy room and flushes the tank, the water will be forcefully flushed through the pipe and out through the drainage line. Once this is done, the water will automatically get filled in the tank through the water supply pipeline to the tank. There is a float switch on each tank to maintain the water level without any manual intervention. The water capacity of the tanks is usually between 6 liters to 10 liters of water.

Types of Flushing Water Closets

There are many types of flushing water closets, but the basic type in them are-

  • --> Wall mounted water closet

  • --> Floor mounted water closet

Advantages of Wall Mount Water Closet

There are several advantages of closets of water that are mounted on the wall like-

  • --> It gives more floor space in the privy room as the closet of water is mounted on the wall.

  • --> It has concealed water tank, which makes it look neat.

  • --> This has a comfortable seating arrangement as you can hang it at a height that is convenient for you.

  • --> It helps in stain-free cleaning as the floor looks evenly clean and makes it easy to clean the lavatory in and out. There will be no tight spaces where dirt or dust can accumulate. This, in turn, saves time as well as energy while cleaning the privy room.

  • --> It creates an attractive and luxurious setting for your lavatory. This type of washroom setting is also considered futuristic and creates a beautiful bathroom design that can easily impress everyone.

Benefits of Installing Floor Mounted Water Closets

There are several advantages of the closets of water that are floor mounted like-

  • --> These closets are highly affordable.

  • --> Most of its components are floor mounted, and so they are all easily accessible. This means that it is visible and can be cleaned easily.

  • --> In case of damage, these can be quickly and easily replaced with new parts. It is not just easy to replace, but the replacement parts are easily available too.

  • --> The floor mount closets of water are easy to install.

  • --> These are more stable and convenient to use.

  • --> Plumbing work for these types of lavatory designs is easier.

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