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Water Storage Tanks

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Water Storage Tanks: Efficient Water Storage Solutions

Water storage tanks are essential requirements for all homes, industries, and commercial establishments. You can use these tanks to collect and store water. The water that is saved inside this equipment is useful for a wide range of purposes. For all your day-to-day activities including, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and many other chores, a continuous supply of water is necessary. Therefore, these large-sized storage containers are a vital resource in all public and private establishments.

These tanks are also important to carry out activities like farming and agriculture. You can use them to store large quantities of water. It can help provide a smooth water supply to irrigate the crop plants and trees and feed livestock throughout the year.

Find Plastic Water Tanks of Different Volumes to Suit Your Needs

You can find many different sizes of plastic water tanks to suit your daily requirements. The FDA-grade material used in the construction of these storage containers makes them highly durable. They are suitable for long-term use and can therefore come of great use for many years. Select from different capacities ranging from 200 liters to over 2500 liters, as per your necessities. The double-layered body of these water storage tanks makes them strong enough to support and hold heavy volumes of water.

Choose From Wide Range of PVC Water Tank Shapes

For a compact-sized water storage solution, you can opt for a rectangle shaped water tank. These are wide in shape but have a low height. They are best suitable for houses and buildings that have a comparatively smaller storage area. These rectangular water storage containers are also best suited for apartments, flats, and other such places. These water storage tanks are modular and can fit snugly in your terrace or yard.

Select a Durable PVC Water Tank For Your Use

If you are searching for a durable and strong water storage system for your home, a PVC water tank can be your go-to choice. The Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC material used to construct these water storage tanks offers high strength and extreme stability. These materials are much denser than regular plastic. It makes PVC a strong, hard, and durable material that can efficiently store a large quantity of water inside it. These rigid PVC tanks are readily available and are economical as well.

Bring Home a Robust Domestic Water Tank by Shopping Online at Moglix India

You can now bring a sturdy and hygienic domestic water tank for your home's needs by buying them easily at Moglix. Moglix is one of the leading B2B online shopping platforms that provide products in a wide range of categories. At Moglix, you can find premium quality products such as industrial tools, electrical products, office and automotive supplies, and safety, medical, and laboratory tools. You can scroll through the Moglix e-commerce website and buy top-rated water storage tanks from popular brands like Sintex. Choose from the wide range of water storage tank options available for different sizes, colours, and shapes. Shop at Moglix to find the best products for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Storage Tanks

How do you keep water fresh in a storage tank?

Water tanks are found in every household, it's really important that you keep the water in the tanks clean and healthy. For every 500 gallons of water, you shall be adding 2-3 tablespoons of non-detergent household chlorine bleach which is only a 5.25% concentration. This will help keep the water fresh and clean for a longer time.

How to clean up water storage tanks at home?

Routine cleaning of the water tank will ensure safe and clean water to use for your household needs. Once the tank is empty, it is recommended to clean it with a mixture of hot water and detergent. Scrubbing the tank with a stiff brush will help you clean those internal surfaces. And a high-speed jet will help you get to those rigid corners ensuring a complete cleaning.