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Voltz VZ-BS0903 350W 9 inch Benchtop Wood Band Saw with Low Noise Induction Motor
  • Powerful and Efficient, Sharp & Quick, Accurate, Multi Angle, Safe

Ingco 350W Industrial Band Saw, BAS3502
By: Ingco
₹22,20029% OFF
  • Band saw is useful for cutting stock to size and

  • Dust proof switch

Progen 9627 129mm 1450W HG Portable Band Saw with 6 Months Warranty
  • Lightweight & Compact

  • Easy Portability

Yato Band Saw 1100W YT-82185
By: Yato
₹34,30726% OFF
  • Yato Band Saw Machine has a Removable Metal Base with...

  • Durable & Easy-To-Use Tool-Free Belt Assembly Mechanism Integrated in the

Makita 2107FK 710W 5.7 kg Portable Band Saw
By: Makita
₹48,00021% OFF
  • Built-in fluorescent job light for clear view of ink line

  • Switch for fluorescent job light is independent of main switch.

MEC 2HP Mild Steel Grey Bundle Cutting Band Saw Machine, 200-LMGSB
MEC 1HP Mild Steel Manual Band Saw Machine, 200 SCM
  • Job Clamping: Manual, Auto Saw Off After Finishing Cut &

  • Complete with Electricals Like Saw Drive, Electric Motor, Coolant Pump,...

MEC 5HP Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine, 300LMGA
By: Mec
₹1,125,0007% OFF
  • Hydraulic Power Pack with Easy Operations, Maintenance & Automatic Machine...

  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder for Main Vice Clamping & De-Clamping,...

MEC Steel Red & Grey Automatic Paper Cutting Band Saw Machine
MEC Steel Fully Automatic Double Column Band Saw Machine, 210LMGA
MEC 3HP Vertical Band Saw Machine, 200V2
By: Mec
₹742,5007% OFF
MEC 5HP Horizontal Band Saw Machine, 300LMGS
By: Mec
₹675,0007% OFF
MEC Mild Steel Grey Automatic Bar Loader for Band Saw
MEC 2HP Red & Grey Automatic Band Saw Machine, 200LMGA
FERM SSM1005 Scroll Saw 90 W, 1440 rpm
4.7 (7 Reviews)
By: Ferm
Available on Request
  • Quick release function for easy saw blade exchange

  • Dust blowing system for a clean working surface

Metabo BAS 261 400W Precision Band Saw, 619008000
By: Metabo
Available on Request
  • Quiet Belt Path Thanks to Balanced Flywheels with Rubber Coating

  • Swivelling Grey Cast Iron Saw Table for inclined Cuts

Voltz JDD230 350W 9 inch Benchtop Wood Band Saw With Low Noise Induction Motor
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Voltz
Available on Request
  • Safe & Stable

  • Sharp & Quick

Dewalt 1000W 200mm DW876 2 Speed Bandsaw
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Dewalt
Available on Request
  • Powerful induction motor for long maintenance free life and low

  • 100mm dust extraction port

Dewalt 18V XR Li-ion Compact Bandsaw, DCS371N-XJ
By: Dewalt
Available on Request
  • Dual Bearing Blade Guide Rollers Which Provide Increased Durability in

  • Creates Little or No Sparks When Cutting Metal

Makita LB1200F 900W Band Saw
4.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Makita
Available on Request
  • 305 mm Band Saw with High Cutting Efficiency

  • Anti-Restart Function Prevents Accidental Startup for Safety

Makita 710W Portable Band Saw, 2107FK
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Makita
Available on Request
  • Built-in fluorescent job light for clear view of ink line

  • Compact and lightweight for reduced operator fatigue

FERM 120W Scroll Saw, SSM1007
4.5 (11 Reviews)
By: Ferm
Available on Request
  • Dust Blowing System for a Clean Working Surface

  • Transparent Guard & Flexible Dust Blower

Kobe 90W Variable Speed Scroll Saw, KSS46
By: Kobe
Available on Request
  • Adjustable Safety Guard & Table, Drop Foot, Cast Iron Base

  • Rigid Construction, Variable Speed Motor & Parallel Arm Design

Buy The Portable Band Saws at the Reasonable Price

The band saw, often spelled bandsaw, is a powered saw with a long blade loop extended across two wheels. Consider the blade a ribbon that spins in tandem with the wheels. Band saws are often used in woodworking. However, you may also use them for woodworking and metalworking.


The band saw is mostly used to cut wood and metal, although it may also cut other materials. This saw can cut the workpiece into various forms. These saws allow you to cut and appropriately shape materials. Depending on its use, a band saw is called numerous names. A power band saw, a metal cutting band saw, or a wood cutting band saw are all the same; only the blades change in appearance and usefulness. The blades are chosen to suit the machine based on the material to be sliced.


Various Band Saw Machines to Choose from The Market

Vertical Bandsaw: This vertical bandsaw is mostly used for metal cutting. The majority of vertical bandsaws are metal cutting bandsaws that can cut through hard and strong materials. In general, bandsaws cut a greater variety of materials than table saws. The verticals bandsaw has a simple design, and the title tells you everything you want to know.


Horizontal Bandsaw: Artists and craftspeople typically use this horizontal bandsaw. Because they are the most prevalent variety, you should be fully informed of their existence and function. The horizontal cut replicates the classic action of a handsaw cut. The pivoting movement allows the sideways moving saw to make several connections with the workpiece. The horizontal pivot band saw's flexibility allows it to do anything from metering to material shuffling to bundle clamping. This scissor-style band saw is suitable for machining since it feeds the moving head using fundamental forces such as gravity or hydraulics.


Double Cut Bandsaw: Double Cut Bandsaw It is often seen in industrial environments where heavy-duty activity is performed. Double-cut bands cut wood, but they also cut plastic and metal.


Benchtop Bandsaw: Consider the benchtop bandsaw hybrid between a jigsaw and a table saw. They have a tiny workspace and short blades, but they generate greater power. Woodworkers use them to create fine cutting.


Factors To Be Considered Before Purchasing Band Saw Cutting Machines

Size of the Blade: Bandsaw blades come in various sizes, with bigger saws having broader blades. The larger the blade your machine can handle, the stronger the saw, the straighter the cut, and the longer the blade life. When selecting an industrial bandsaw cutting machine, blade size should be a key factor in determining the saw's stiffness and strength.


Automatic Feeding: A saw with an auto-feed system (or shuttle table) transforms it from a manual or semi-automatic saw to a full-production machine. The expenses of installing these automated feed systems are cheap, and they may save you tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, wrongly measured components, and damaged blades during the life of your saw since the saw controller handle these for you. If you need to cut several components (which most people do), an automated feeding/shuttle system is a good investment.


Capacity: Your machine's capacity is wider than the pieces you are now cutting. Capacity should be addressed while cutting bundles or miters since capacity decreases as the angle increases. Choose a saw with a capacity larger than your minimum need for future expansion and guarantee that you cover the capability to miter cut without dropping below your cutting capacity requirements.


Capability to Miter: Every industrial saw manufacturer will sell a bandsaw cutting machine that can cut miters. Either by rotating the saw base or pivoting the saw head at an angle to the workpiece. Without this vital function, cutting a 45° on the saw becomes a clamping trick, causing the material to hang into aisles and possibly aggravating the side of the saw operator. Choose a mitering saw, but be careful since the capacity decreases rapidly as the angle increases.


Top Brands Selling Bandsaw Cutting Machines At Moglix

FERM: The FERM band saw combines unrivaled jig saw accuracy with a solid table saw stability. FERM band saws would provide precise and simple cutting of curves in various materials, from ornamental edges to templates. Its small size and strong cast iron build allow it to function with long-term steadiness. These saws may be used by both DIY homeowners and professional employees to complete any heavy cutting operations rapidly.


MEC: The MEC Band Saws are ideal for anybody who needs a quick and straightforward method to fill their band saw. These bandsaw cutting machines include a rapid-release mechanism that makes loading and unloading your band saw simple, as well as a built-in scale to help you keep track of your cuts. Looking for a band saw with metal-cutting capabilities? Take a look at the MEC band saws. Finally, the low price makes this saw affordable to practically anybody. The saw is built of mild steel and exceptional quality, making it ideal for any woodworker.


Makita: Makita Band Saws are pieces of strong and flexible equipment that can be used for a number of tasks. These saws are intended to endure, with a strong motor and tough construction. Makita Band Saws are versatile instruments that may be used for various tasks. For added peace of mind, the Makita Band Saw comes with a guarantee.


Ingco: The Ingco Band Saws are a strong and flexible instrument that may be used for a range of tasks. These bandsaw machines are intended to endure, with a strong motor and tough construction. Ingco band saws are strong saws that can quickly cut through wood and other materials. These have a lot of cutting power.


Why Buy Band Saws Online from Moglix?

We have developed many bands saw models and specs online to meet the ever-changing demands of industry-based customers. For example, wood-cutting band saws and metal-cutting band saws. Our power band saw collection is suitable for achieving the appropriate output while working with wood or metal, depending on your needs. Furthermore, we deal with a wide range of industrial necessities. Are you seeking a worry-free shopping experience? A band saw may be purchased online. You don't have to go from store to store looking for a band saw; instead, go to Moglix and choose from brands like FERM, Dewalt, Makita, and many more.