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Ingco 185mm 1400W Circular Saw, CS18538
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Ingco
₹8,99955% OFF
  • Lighter Weight & Versatile Tool

  • Adjustable Bevel Cutting

Bosch 20mm 1400W Professional Circular Saw, GKS 140
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Bosch
₹11,60034% OFF
  • Cutting depth at 90 deg: 67 mm

  • Saw blade diameter: 184 mm

Makute M1380W7 1380W 7 inch Circular Saw Machine
4.2 (10 Reviews)
By: Makute
₹13,83065% OFF
  • Rubberized Front Grip Handle Provide Added Comfort

  • Well-Balanced & Lightweight for Superior Handling & Performance

Black+Decker 185mm 1500W Circular Saw, CS1500
4.9 (10 Reviews)
By: Black & Decker
₹10,75048% OFF
  • The Machine Enables the User to Apply High Physical Force....

  • Ergonomic Handle for Maximum Control & Comfort

iBELL CS85-71 1400W 4800rpm Circular Saw with 6 Months Warranty
4.6 (9 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹5,00014% OFF
  • Powerful & Compact Tool for Cutting that Works Quite Precisely

  • Blade is Spindle Mounted so we can Fix & Remove...

Stanley SC16 190mm 1600W Circular Saw
4.5 (13 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹8,89039% OFF
  • Ergonomic Handle Design & Excellent Power to Weight Ratio for

  • Spindle Lock Allows for Quick & Easy Blade Change

Gaocheng GC-C72600 350mm 2600W Circular Saw
4.7 (10 Reviews)
By: Gaocheng
₹15,66843% OFF
  • More Efficient

  • It is Used for Cutting Wood & Plastic

Bosch 20mm 1400W Professional Circular Saw, GKS 190
4.3 (12 Reviews)
By: Bosch
₹15,90036% OFF
  • Also Suitable for Left-Handers

  • Powerful & Robust Tool

Bosch 5000rpm 2100W Hand-Held Circular Saw, GKS 235
4.6 (13 Reviews)
By: Bosch
₹19,65032% OFF
  • Closed anti-snag aluminium die-cast lower guard w/o riving knife for

  • Cutting depth at 90 deg: 85 mm

Dongcheng Electric Circular Saw 1100W FF02-185
4.4 (10 Reviews)
By: Dongcheng
₹5,70034% OFF
  • Sawdust Separation from Users

  • Powerful & Efficient

Makita Circular Saw, N5900B, 2000W
4.1 (17 Reviews)
By: Makita
₹17,10022% OFF
  • Double insulated

  • Handy guide rule allows operator to do extra-accurate straight cuts

Bosch GKS 235 Turbo Heavy Duty Circular Saw 2,050 W
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Bosch
₹20,65036% OFF
  • Strong turbo blower gives a clear view of cutting on

  • Ergonomic design for user-friendly operation

Wokin 1300W Circular Saw Set, 787313
By: Wokin
₹4,99914% OFF
Voltz 10 inch 120 Teeth TCT Blade Miter Circular Saw
Gaocheng GC-1850C 185mm 1450W Circular Saw
4.7 (12 Reviews)
By: Gaocheng
₹7,15336% OFF
  • Full Power & High Performance

  • The Best Combination of Power & Weight

Hillgrove HGCM099 1050W 12000rpm Saw Cutting Machine Set
Pro Tools 255mm 2400W Circular Saw for Wood with 3 Months Warranty, 1255 A
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Pro Tools
₹21,92069% OFF
  • Lightest Weight in Class for Fatigue-Free Work

  • Durable

Makita 185mm 1600W Double Insulated Circular Saw, HS7010
  • Ergonomic Rubberized Front Grip & Handle Provide Added Comfort

  • Up to 70% Faster Cutting than HS7000/HS7600

Makita Circular Saw, M5801B, Capacity: 185 mm
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Makita
₹9,77027% OFF
  • Pivot portion of blade case is assembled with screw and

Makute 185mm 1380W Electric Circular Saw, CS003
By: Makute
₹13,83062% OFF
  • Safty Guard, Angle Adjuster & Assist Handle

  • Switch, Sawdust Out & Deepth Adjuster

Progen 9185-HG 1500W 185mm Circular Saw with 6 Months Warranty
4.3 (4 Reviews)
By: Progen
₹8,09333% OFF
  • High Quality & High Performance

  • Quality Assurance

Gaocheng GC-255C 255mm 2400W Circular Saw
4.1 (10 Reviews)
By: Gaocheng
₹12,54643% OFF
MEC 3HP Steel Semi Automatic Circular Sawing Machine, 70SA CSM
  • Auto Return of Cutting Head After Completion of Cut

  • Electrical Control Panel with Quality Switch-Gears

Ralli Wolf RCS180 185mm 1400W Circular Saw
By: Ralli Wolf
₹8,68527% OFF
  • Teak Wood & Ply Wood Cutting & Woodworking Industry

Makita 16-5/16- inch Circular Saw 5402NA
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Makita
₹80,90022% OFF
  • Customer Care Number: 8590432003

DCA AMY02-185 1100W 5600rpm Electric Circular Saw
  • Light-Weight Model

AEG 190 mm Circular Saw 160 W, KS 66-2
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Aeg
  • Powerful Motor

King 7Inch Circular Saw, KP-338, 1250 W
5.0 (2 Reviews)
By: King
₹6,95030% OFF
King 10Inch Circular Saw, KP-339, 2260 W
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: King
₹11,35030% OFF
Kisankraft Aryantra AY-PCS-185N 1400W Circular Saw
By: Kisankraft
₹6,99918% OFF
Hillgrove HGTCM2B1M1 1050W 1200rpm Carbon Steel Saw Cutting Machine
Hillgrove HGCM096 1050W 12000rpm Saw Cutting Machine Set
Hillgrove HGCM094 1050W 12000rpm Saw Cutting Machine Set
DWT 235mm 2100W Circular Saw, HKS21-79
By: Dwt
₹9,24939% OFF
KPT 180mm 1250W Circular Saw, KCS190N
By: Kpt
₹9,25538% OFF
Hillgrove HGCM093 1050W 12000rpm Saw Cutting Machine Set
Hillgrove HGCM095 1050W 12000rpm Saw Cutting Machine Set
Hillgrove HGCM102 1050W 12000rpm Saw Cutting Machine Set
DCA AMY185 1100W 4900rpm Electric Circular Saw
Hillgrove HGCM097 1050W 12000rpm Saw Cutting Machine Set

Buy Best-in-Class Circular Saws Online at Moglix with Best Offers

A circular saw is a machine or a tool with a blade that helps in cutting different types of materials through its rotatory motion. It can cut materials like wood, tiles, marble, etc. This circular saw is a must-have tool for DIYers. You can use this circular saw machine for various applications in different industries. Moreover, this machine comes with a heavy-duty motor that requires a decent amount of power with a power source as well. In addition, At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical, best-selling, as well as durable circular saws from renowned and the best brands such as Bosch, Black & Decker, and many others brands as well.


Various Types of Circular Saw Machines Available to Choose from Online

Abrasive Saw: These types of circular saws are also recognized as cut-off saws or chop saws as well. It is a type of circular saw, basically, a part of the power tool family. Moreover, it is typically useful for the process of cutting hard materials, such as tiles, concrete, metals, etc. The cutting is done by an abrasive disc which is comparable to a thin grinding wheel.


Biscuit Joiner: A biscuit joiner is also known as a plate joiner. It is a woodworking tool that you can use for the purpose of joining two wood blocks together. Moreover, it takes the help of a circular saw that is tiny in size and then it cuts a crescent-shaped hole known as a mouth in the reverse edges of two wood blocks or panels at the same time.


Carbide Saw: These types of saws are mostly used by carpenters and the workers that work on the wood and wood panels or blocks. They use it for cutting the wood and giving it a proper shape and size according to the need of the customer. You can get this type of saw machine for wood cutting at Moglix with the best offers and rates online.


Essential Factors to Checkout Before Finalizing a Circular Saw Machine Online

Warranty: Warranty is an important point that should not be ignored while purchasing a circular saw cutting machine online or offline at the same time. Moreover, with a warranty, you can get the solution if there is any fault or manufacturing defect in the product. However, the chances of defects are way too less or negligible.


Brand: Brand also plays an essential role when buying any electronic appliance or device online or offline. You should always consider good brands that have positive feedback from users and are well-known in the market. There are various types of circular saws from all the top-selling brands online at Moglix.


Blade Diameter: Blade diameter is different in different models and it also has an important role in the functioning of the circular saw machine. While purchasing these circular saw machines online, you should always check the diameter of the blade. The necessary details about the product are mentioned in the product descriptions on Moglix’s website, where you can check the blade’s diameter as well.


Weight: Weight makes the circular saw machine much more stable so that it doesn’t displace from its place and never causes any damage to the operator or to the input placed under the saw. Moreover, there are various types of circular saw machines for wood cutting online at Moglix with different weight measures.


Top-Selling and the Best Brands to Buy Circular Saw Machines Online

Stanley Circular Saws: This brand was established in the year 1843. This brand has worked hard to reach here and create its name in the market. You can get all types of products from this brand in the category of tools and machines. Moreover, Moglix offers the best-selling models of circular saw machines online with the best quality and reliability at the same time.


Bosch Circular Saws: The Bosch Group is a well-known and established name in the market, globally. This brand needs no introduction as everyone already has heard about this brand and the products offered by this brand. Moreover, you also get a warranty with the Bosch products, depending on the different models. This brand has various reliable distributors as well as dealers for providing the customer with what they need.


Black & Decker Circular Saws: the company was established as a brand in the year 1910, and now it has been more than a century to this brand. It is a well-known and popular name in its segment. Moreover, this brand is one of the best sellers in the category of circular saw machines and various other professional tools in the power tool family.


Pro Tools Circular Saws: Pro Tools is a brand that is doing well and maintaining its sales and presence in the market with its unique and top-quality products available both online, as well as offline at the same time. Moreover, this brand uses the best materials to manufacture its products so that the product can last for a longer period of time.


We also offer a huge number of other popular and renowned brands in this category of circular saw machines, such as Voltz, Aimex, KEN, and so many other brands as well.


Get the Best Circular Saws from Top Brands with Best Prices Online at Moglix

Moglix is a one-stop if you're looking for dependable, high-performance, and durable circular saw machines for cutting wood or for various other applications at the same time. Moreover, Moglix is one of the best e-commerce businesses in India that sells almost all types of products from the most reputable, known, as well as successful manufacturers. In addition, Moglix offers an all-around pleasing experience along with premium products, special deals, and a seamless online shopping experience. Get additional discounts on bulk orders and enjoy your happy shopping with us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Circular Saws

Why does my circular saw burn the wood?

It will be challenging to cut fast with a dull blade, and the slower the saw's feed rate, the more the blade will rub against the wood, increasing the chance of scorch marks. Saw blade burn is frequently caused by overly slowly advancing the stock through the saw. A blade that feels dull sometimes just needs to be cleaned.

Can you use wd40 on saw blades?

WD-40 has a variety of applications. The excellent rust-prevention product WD-40 will efficiently shield your saw against rust accumulation. Once you have this product in your possession, use a clean, dry cloth to put a thin, even layer of it on your saw blade. Any excess can be removed using the same cloth.