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Buy the Best Fire Hose and Hydrant Valves at Moglix

A hose or hydrant valve is basically used to control the flow of water at the scene of a fire in an industrial setting. It is just like a pipe fitting that helps to regulate, direct and control the flow of fire suppressing agents. This can be done by opening, closing or partially obstructing passageways in the hose connectors. The non-return valves stop the fire suppressing agent from flowing the wrong direction.

As per the job, you can find different types of fire hose and hydrant valves in the market. In these types, you can see deluge and dry riser valve types. There are some other types of hose valves that include:

Angle Valves: Used in conjunction with rack hose assemblies and automatically drains and vents.

Ball Valves: Used in pumper discharges, gated wyes, and fire pump piping systems.

Gate Valves: Used to control flow from a fire hydrant or on large pump intakes.

Control the Flow of Water with Fire Hydrant Valve

To direct and control the flow of water, you can use hose valves and wyes that mechanically open, close or partially obstruct the flow of water from either a fire hydrant or large pump intake. These fire protection adapters are appropriate for municipal, rural as well as forestry hose applications. These fire protection valves must be superior in construction. These should be lightweight and easy to work with.

Best Brands of Fire Hose and Hydrant Valves Available at Moglix

Palex: Palex is a well-known brand that offers fire protection products and services. You can find a vast range of these products from this brand at the best price.

Zedex: Zedex Fire Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company engaged in the manufacturing of fire safety equipment and supply of a range of fire detection and security systems for personal and industrial use. They offer a great range of these reliable and durable products.

Why Buy Fire Protection Products Online from Moglix?

Moglix is a one-stop solution for those who want to buy one of the most reliable and long-lasting industrial products online. It is an online platform that offers a wide range of industrial products. From safety equipment to home appliances, you can find everything here. So, you can buy the best fire protection hose and valves from this website at the best price.

Top Selling Fire Hoses and Hydrant Valves & Adapters Price List in India

Fire Hoses and Hydrant Valves & Adapters - Price Range

Fire Hoses and Hydrant Valves & AdaptersMin PriceMax Price
Palex Fire Hoses and Hydrant Valves & Adapters₹2124₹12500
This data was last updated on 9/24/22.