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Direction Signs

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Direction Signs for Better Navigation on Road

The direction signs (डायरेक्शन साइंस), can be defined as wayfinding signs, directional signs or indication signs. These signs are used primarily to give information about the location of the driver or about the road conditions. These signs are considered as a part of the group of informative signs. Direction signs are commonly found in places where it is easy to get lost. These signs, when placed in a planned way, make a difference to the people trying to get around without getting lost.

It is very important for these signs to be easily understandable. Directional signposts come in different styles and shapes. There are signs which are meant to guide movement, and there are signs which are meant to provide options, like arrows. All these signs have their own significance. Road signs primarily ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists

The directional signs have variety of types used internationally than other classes of signs; there is no directive for specified sizes, colors, symbols or positions of such signs.

Importance and Significance of Various of directional signs

Road directional signs have three basic categories – regulatory, warning, and guide signs.

  • --> Regulatory Signs: known as traffic control sign, these are more directorial signs. They include stop signs, yield signs, turn and lane use signs and traffic signal signs.

  • --> Warning Signs: most likely to save life in a vehicle. They warn drivers about upcoming hazards, lane merges, or necessary speed changes. Almost every warning sign is symbol-based, with little to no text.

  • --> Guide Signs: They are also called wayfinding signs. These signs include diagrammatic guide signs, roadway junction signs, destination distance signs, and mile markers.

The use of colors on the directional sign post The colors used to design these posts have separate significance for each color. Red and white signs indicate rules you MUST follow. Yellow signs are meant to be cautionary. Green wayfinding signs are used as destination distance signs, which display the driver’s distance from the nearest major cities. Blue wayfinding signs help motorists to find basic services like restrooms, gas stations, food joints. Brown signs signify public recreation. Like historical place, parks, cultural points.

Top Brands for Directional Signs to Buy

These signs are instrumental and play a significant role in the smooth functioning on the road. Any wear and tear can lead to chaos on the road. This is why it is very important that these signs are long-lasting and better quality. There are several brands that offer direction signs at great prices. Some of the brands include – Asian Loto, Mediateckboards, Rax, Safety Sign Store, SKP and more. These brands ensure that the signs are made from the top-quality material and last long.

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Asian Loto Direction Signs₹1850₹2234
Ladwa Direction Signs₹5250₹5250
Rax Direction Signs₹2950₹5500
Size - 64x64 Cm Direction Signs₹5250₹5250
Size - 83x63 Cm Direction Signs₹5250₹5250
Size - 900x900 Mm Direction Signs₹1850₹2234
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